25.10.2020, 09:47

Venezuela-Vietnam Friendship Association debuts in Caracas

The executive board of the Venezuela-Vietnam Friendship Association made its debut during a ceremony held on October 22 in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, with the group marking the upcoming 31st anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic ties on December 18.

Upon addressing the event, Vietnamese Ambassador Le Viet Duyen stated that the formation of the friendship association is designed in a way to boost development and take part in exchanges of initiatives. Indeed, experience can be shared with regard to the foundation of the comprehensive partnership between the two countries, thereby contributing to mutual security, peace, happiness, and development.

Ambassador Duyen went on to express hope that the board will take advantage of co-operation opportunities between both nations across a range of fields, based on long-standing solidarity and friendship, therefore boosting bilateral relations to new heights.

In response, Carolus Wimmer, chairman of the association, praised efforts by the Vietnamese Embassy to reinforce the friendship and fraternity between both countries.

Furthermore, in his role as the head of External Relations of the Communist Party of Venezuela, Wimmer pledged to launch more activities aimed at boosting bilateral ties moving forward.


Source: https://vov.vn/en/politics/venezuela-vietnam-friendship-association-debuts-in-caracas-788302.vov