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Gold price at the end of October 19: SJC gold turned up sharply

Gold price at the end of October 19: SJC gold turned up sharply

The domestic gold price rebounded sharply at the end of the day. Photo: Linh Anh

Ending the trading day October 19 Saigon Jewelry Company (SJC) pushed the price of SJC gold to 55.9 million dong /purchased volume, 56.4 million dong /sold out, up about 230000 dong /tael volume compared to the morning opening price.

This is also a quite strong increase of SJC gold price during the day.

The difference between buying and selling prices was also expanded by SJC to 500000 VND /tael.

Meanwhile, some other businesses increased the price of SJC gold but at a lower level. As at Eximbank, SJC gold price is 55.9 million dong /buying volume, 56.2 million dong /selling volume, up about 150000 dong per tael compared to morning.

Gold jewelry and ring gold prices of all kinds also increased strongly with the same trend as SJC gold, when at the end of the day, the business was commonly traded around VND53.5 million /purchased volume, VND 54.1 million /tael sold out, up 250000 dong /tael compared to yesterday.

Domestic gold prices increased sharply following the rise of world prices. Precious metals on the international trading floor after fluctuating in a narrow area around 1900 USD /ounce has increased in the afternoon.

By 19 o’clock, according to Vietnam time, the world gold price is being delivered immediately at 1913 USD /ounce, an increase of more than ten USD per ounce compared to the opening price at the beginning of the week. Compared with the closing price of the previous week, precious metals increased to 15 USD /ounce, equivalent to an increase to 400000 VND /tael.

Currently, the world gold price converted at the listed exchange rate is about 53.7 million dong /tael, about 2.7 million dong /tael lower than SJC. Although the domestic gold price went up, it was still not equal to the strong increase in world prices, helping the gap to shorten compared to opening hours.

T. Phuong

Source: nld.com.vn – Translated by fintel.vn