19.10.2020, 08:24

Masteri Centre Point wins at PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2020

With a great reputation in Vietnam’s real estate market, Masterise Homes has once again reaffirmed its status and standard at the PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards.

The prestigious developer received two outstanding awards for its newest project, Masteri Centre Point in District 9 in Ho Chi Minh City. 

PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2020: Honoring real estate’s ‘big guys’ 

The Vietnam Property Awards by PropertyGuru is an annual ceremony to honor the year’s leading real estate developers.

Evaluated by respected experts in the field, the property awards are among the most respected and sought-after distinctions for top real estate companies in the country. 

The sixth annual awards panel included Thien Duong, chairman and general director of Transform Architecture and CEOs of such esteemed companies as Cushman & Wakefield Vietnam, Legal Transactions WT Partnership (Vietnam) LLC, OJS Investment & Consulting Ltd., HAYSOM Architects Vietnam, CBRE (Vietnam) Co. Ltd., Archetype Group, Savills Hotels APAC, and more.

This year, Masterise Homes, the successful company behind Masteri Thao Dien, Masteri An Phu, Millennium, and other key projects in the city, won eight awards across multiple categories for projects in their pipeline.

Masteri Centre Point, the company’s District 9 project, was recognized as Best High-End Condo Development (HCMC) and Best High-End Condo Landscape Architectural Design, highly commended.

Masteri Centre Point passed a rigorous evaluation process to receive the award for Best High-End Condo Development (HCMC).

Masteri Centre Point: The new pride of Masterise Homes

Masteri Centre Point is a high-end residential apartment project in the largest urban center of District 9.

It will be a civilized hub for experts, professors, and intellectuals in the east creative center of Ho Chi Minh City.

Passing a rigorous evaluation process to receive the Best High-End Condo Development (HCMC) award, Masteri Centre Point was judged on strict criteria, including project location, design concept, utilities, value, sustainability, and a few other considerations.

Centrally located with many advantages built in, Masteri Centre Point – a compound apartment complex – offers buyers luxurious, sophisticated spaces which are in harmony with nature.

Designed and built by Masterise Homes, Masteri Centre Point inherits and maximizes the strengths and prestige of the developer’s previous projects.

With 5000 apartments spread across ten towers, the apartment complex will become an icon in the vibrant urban landscape of District 9.

The facilities found at Masteri Centre Point are such that residents will find great pleasure in time spent with family and friends.

The project sits at the heart of Vinhomes Grand Park and notably benefits from a unique ‘dual utility’ system.

In minutes, residents can reach the area’s 36-hectare Great Park – the largest park in Southeast Asia – international schools, hospitals, office towers, and bustling shopping avenues.

Focusing beyond creating a high-end living space, Masterise Homes carefully considered the visual esthetic, ensuring more than 70 percent of the land area is reserved for landscapes and greenery.

With more than 70 percent of the land area devoted to green spaces, Masteri Centre Point was awarded the Best High-End Condo Landscape Architectural Design (highly commended) title.

This is among the reasons why Masteri Centre Point was awarded the Best High-End Condo Landscape Architectural Design (highly commended) prize.

With the cooperation of such international giants as Tange (Japan), studio HBA (USA), Mace (UK), and Land Sculptor (Thailand), Masterise Homes brings international standards to Masteri Centre Point.

“Homebuyers choose our project for three reasons: trust, transparency, and Masterise Homes’ prestige,” said Gibran Bukhari, head of sales at Masterise Homes.

“Whether it’s to live or invest, buyers want something whose value will increase over time, meaning they will choose an apartment that meets the highest of requirements.

“Masteri Centre Point serves both of these purposes well, even exceeding expectations.”