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Masteri Centre Point: A symbol of outstanding class with a centralised philosophy

Masteri Centre Point sits in a strategic central location within Vinhomes Grand Park – a heavily anticipated megacity at the heart of District 9 in Ho Chi Minh City receiving much government attention.

International-standard project stimulates potential of District 9 

Together with District 2 and Thu Duc District, District 9 is a hot topic.

A plan is in place to establish the three as the ‘East City,’ with iconic architectural projects and some of Vietnam’s largest high-tech centers as its backbone.

The location as it stands today in tandem with its future potential has drawn the attention of many leading international technology corporations, such as Samsung, Schneider, and Intel, as a strategic destination.

From an investor’s perspective, District 9 is anticipated to gain a lot more momentum in the future.

It is surrounded by major rivers which ensure cool breezes and fresh air – something hard to find in cramped urban areas.

Similarly, the planned infrastructure, which has received adequate investment, will make commutes easier and more seamless.

Once the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Highway is complete, District 9 will become a dynamic ‘nuclear’ area with its own vitality.

Recognizing the area’s great potential, prestigious project developer Masterise Homes, with many successful projects in other strategic areas of the city, brings Masteri Centre Point to District 9 further elevating the local market landscape.

Real estate’s ‘central’ philosophy – Position Comes First

Commenting on the importance of the location, Mr Stephen Wyatt, General Director of Jones Lang LaSalle Vietnam Company, said, “‘Location, location, location’ will always be an essential factor in deciding price. At the same time, projects with convenient infrastructure, such as new roads, highways, and metro routes and stations, will have no problem attracting the masses.”

Location is always among top considerations for buyers in search of a house or apartment, according to real estate experts. For a residential project to be successful, the surrounding area must have convenient, reliable infrastructure and the potential to be developed further; a community atmosphere is a significant bonus. Also, the location of the apartments themselves is carefully considered, based on available views, harmonious feng shui, and provided landscape. Because of this, apartments which boast a central position will always be preferred for their atmosphere, convenience, and unbeatable connectivity. 

Masteri Centre Point is home to many exclusive residential benefits.

Drawing from the success of Millennium, Masteri Thao Dien, and Masteri An Phu, Masterise Homes cleverly incorporates all of the benefits found at these projects into Masteri Centre Point. More than impressive design, a sophisticated layout, and carefully planned landscapes, Masteri Centre Point enjoys direct views of the Dong Nai and Tac Rivers as well as the artificial sand lake sea, and Vinhomes Grand Park panorama.

Central Position Enhances Residents’ Lives

Many would agree, Masterise Homes cleverly selected the most appealing area of Vinhomes Grand Park to build a genuine community compound. Masteri Centre Point has received a lot of attention because of its location at the ‘centre of the centre’. Home to ten impressively designed towers with 5000 resort-style apartments built to international standard, this new project from Masterise Homes is sure to awaken the potential of District 9. Masteri Centre Point’s quality living spaces and unmatched lifestyle are a major draw for buyers.

Masteri Centre Point: A symbol of outstanding class with a centralised philosophy

At the strategic center of Vinhomes Grand Park – a megacity considered to be the heart of District 9 – sits Masteri Centre Point.

From Masteri Centre Point, residents will have easy access to the project’s internal amenities, as well as those of Vinhomes Grand Park. In minutes, residents will be able to reach Vinhschool and Vinmec Hospital, as well as the area’s shopping boulevards, office towers, and more. Likewise, residents of Masteri Centre Point will enjoy the luxury of ‘dual’ facilities, such as the ‘spaceship’ swimming pool, Jacuzzi, mini-terrain golf park, and other exclusive privileges found within the compound. As a people-centric development, the residence subscribes to the live-learn-work-play philosophy.

Thanks to its unbeatable central location, Masteri Centre Point will soon become a secure, exciting place for elite residents, ensuring an elevated community lifestyle while drawing even more attention to District 9.

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