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10 Best Anime Super Products of 2020

In addition to other entertainment segments, 2020 marks a strong return, promising a breakthrough Anime season, diversity of genres, spoiled for choice. Not only diverse topics, but the producers also put a lot of effort into the content and images. Through this article, I would like to introduce the Top 10 great anime products in 2020. Big fans, don't miss it!

Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World 2

10 Best Anime Super Products of 2020

Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World 2 (Image: Internet)

Nagatsuki Tappei's light novels served as inspiration. Season 2 of Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World follows Natsuki, a high school student who lives a typical life like everyone else his age. He was unexpectedly transported to another world and rescued by a young woman. Natsuki resolved to stay in this realm to repay the girl. Unfortunately, both of them were killed when the enemy attacked them. Natsuki realizes that he has the capacity to travel through time at this point. Back in time, he hadn't visited another universe.

Tower of God

Tower of God (Image: Internet)

It belongs to the top of the finest anime in 2020 that many young people are looking forward to, and it will be released on April 2, 2020. It tells the story of Twenty-Fifth Baam, a young child who is stranded underneath a massive structure. He had spent most of his life trying to get out of this situation. Rachel, a close friend of his, is the only one who can get him out. She's like a ray of sunshine in Baam's otherwise bleak existence. His only desire is to remain with Rachel. Rachel, on the other hand, longs to see the sky. So they decided to depart the tower, abandoning Baam. Nonetheless, he refused to give up, attempting to conquer the tower's obstacles to locate his best friend.

Fruits Basket 2nd Season

Fruits Basket 2nd Season (Image: Internet)

Is the best anime in 2020, airing in the summer and bringing vibrant colors? The second half continues to show each zodiac sign's curses. What effect do these hexes have on the lives of the zodiac signs? The anime's ensemble of characters is fantastic. The author has woven the characters together naturally to form couples. Colorful in relationships, expressing numerous emotions. It forces us to pay attention to every detail and the evolution of each character.

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected (Image: Internet)

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected is another 2020 anime series worth watching. The story centers on Hikigaya Hachiman, a high school student. An antisocial student. Viewers can get a sense of his personality just by listening to him speak like this. He had a skewed perspective on everything. Therefore, he did not have any close friends. One day, Hiratsuka Shizuka, a classical literature teacher, forces him to join the Service Club. There, he met the school's beautiful girl, Yukinoshita Yukino. How does the story go after that? Everyone, keep an eye on it!

The Misfit of Demon King Academy

The Misfit of Demon King Academy (Image: Internet)

The anime series The Misfit of Demon King Academy is a must-see for fans of fantasy genres. The demon lord Anoth is reincarnated with the desire to live a tranquil existence. However, life does not provide simple access to all one desires. Anoth's reincarnation and journey into the future. At this point, his descendants are extremely weak. Another must attend the same school as his descendants to find a suitable person to become a demon lord. Will Anoth be able to find the right person to succeed him?

No Guns Life season 2

No Guns Life season 2 (Image: Internet)

Another good anime series in 2020 on the theme of fiction is No Gun Life season 2. Set in human society after the war. Extended exist on every street. They were originally humans, but they were transformed into dangerous weapons. In season 2, the story is about Juzo, a person who has lost his memories. Currently, a mercenary specializing in solving problems related to Extended for a living. However, his life begins to change when he recruits an assistant named Tetsuro Arahabaki. Tetsuro Arahabaki is protected by an Extended rebel who asks Juzo to protect him.

The God of High School

The God of High School (Image: Internet)

Anime The God of High School is based on the same-named manga series. Integrating various genres, such as humor, martial arts, and literature, enhances the content's creativity and appeal. Living in a world where humans, demons, and gods all coexist. Jin Mori, a 17-year-old high school student, is known for his invincible status. He was invited to participate in the God of High School martial arts tournament. Having to fight monsters with overwhelming power. Will he be able to defend the invincible title?

Rent A Girlfriend

Rent A Girlfriend (Image: Internet)

Kazuya Kinoshita is a 20-year-old college student with a great girlfriend, Mami Nanami, bright and sunny. But all of a sudden, he doesn't. Mami abruptly ends their relationship, leaving him distraught and lonely. He hires a rental girlfriend using an online app to help him cope with the pain. Chizuru Mizuhara is his partner, and she manas him with her unrivaled beauty and adorable personality. However, after reading about previous customers' negative experiences with Chizuru, Kazuya believes her pleasant smile and caring personality are really a ruse to play with his emotions. As a result, he gives her a low rating. Chizuru, enraged, slams him for his shameless hypocrisy, showing her true pert and fiery personality. However, Kazuya's one-sided conversation is cut short when he learns that his grandma has passed away. They race to the hospital, where they discover Kazuya's grandma in good health. Chizuru's presence perplexes her, so she inquires as to who this girl is. Kazuya claims that they are lovers on the spur of the moment, compelling Chizuru to play the part. But how long can this tough client and reluctant rental girlfriend keep up their act if Kazuya is still hung up on his former connection with Mami?


Gleipnir (Image: Internet)

Shuichi Kagaya is a character that lives in a mundane rural town yet suffers from a peculiar curse. When a classmate was trapped in a blazing warehouse, he discovered this. He transformed into a beast, saved this girl's life, and told her his secret. When she discovers his secret, she intends to use his talent to track down the person who murdered her family.

Brand New Animal

Brand New Animal (Image: Internet)

Beastmen, a species capable of changing shape due to their hereditary "Beast Factor," has been at odds with humans throughout history. Beastmen have been pushed into hiding as a result of this warfare. Anima City provides a secure sanctuary for these persecuted people to live their lives without interference from humans. However, Michiru Kagemori, a human who turned into a tanuki unexpectedly, discovers that Anima City is far from paradise during a festival commemorating the town's tenth anniversary. Shirou Ogami, a supposedly indestructible wolf and sworn guardian of all Beastmen, confront her after seeing an explosion in the square. As they hunt down the bombers, the two discover that Michiru isn't your average Beastman, and they set out to learn more about her unusual past and strange talents. Could she be the missing connection that connects Humans and Beastmen? Above are the introductions to the Top 10 or 2020 anime that are highly sought after, which anime fans should not miss. Wish you have moments of fun-filled with entertainment!