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Top 10 directors in the world

We can see a lot of excellent TV or movie works in our lives. These bring us spiritual life and joy. Of course, the reason why we can see so many excellent works can not be separated from the director. Important role, a great and successful director can produce very great works, he can improve the spirit of the actor, the soul of the story. We will talk about directors today, so who are the top ten directors in the world?

Jean Renoir

Top 10 directors in the world

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Jean Renoir was a French film director. His father was the famous painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. In his works, many romantic poetic realism can be seen. However, his specialty is not a director. He studied mathematics and philosophy, and once joined the army to become a soldier. However, he became an infantry after being injured. He not only experienced the cavalry infantry air force, but also tried the business of making pottery, and later became a famous director.

Alfred Hitchcock

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Alfred Hitchcock is a director, producer, screenwriter and actor born in London, England. He entered the film industry in 1920 as a subtitle designer. However, he was very talented as a director, when he discovered this, he started directing his first film.

Akira Kurosawa

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Akira Kurosawa is a Japanese film director, producer and screenwriter who shot Dersu Uzala in 1927 and won major awards such as the Gold Medal of the Moscow National Film Festival. We can see his films have many delicate features.

Stanley Kubrick

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He was born in New York, USA, and graduated from Columbia University, he once directed the shooting of the horror film "The Shining". This film has promoted the development of horror films.

Ingmar Bergman

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Ingmar Bergman was a Swedish director, writer, and producer who worked in film, television, theatre and radio. He has won the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Venice Film Festival.

Zhang Yimou

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I believe we are most familiar with Director Zhang Yimou. He is a very good director in China. He was born in Xi'an, Shaanxi in 1950, and is a PhD student at Boston University and Yale University. Every work he shoots brings us a great influence, and in 2014 served as the director of the Winter Olympics promotional film.

Ang Lee

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Ang Lee was born in Taiwan in 1954. He has won many awards during his directorial career. He is the first person received Oscar in the history of film.

Pier Paolo Pasolini

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He is a well-known Italian film director and has produced many excellent works. Unfortunately, in 1975, a 17-year-old prostitute male used a stick to kill him. This incident also shocked the European.

Federico Fellini

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Born in Italy in 1920, he was an Italian film director, producer and screenwriter who shot the romantic film "Fellini's Casanova" in 1976, among which we can see many personalities about his features.

David Lean

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David Lean is a director born in a family that is not rich. His father is an accountant. In the movies he shot, we can see very spectacular and magnificent scenes. He has shot many excellent movies in more than 40 years.

The above is the ranking of the top ten directors in the world. No matter what the ranking is, they have brought us many excellent works, and they have also greatly affected our lives.

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