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Top 10 Flowers For Your House

Nowadays, many people grow some plants, whether they are planting small bonsai flowers on the balcony in the city or growing a large flower tree in the courtyard of the village, we cannot live without these plants. So, what are the types of flowers that are grown at home? Topshare has aggregated top ten flowers for your house.


Top 10 Flowers For Your House

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Lotus also make people have a feeling of physical and mental relaxation. When you plant it, prepare a larger pot and fertile soil to make it grow better in a sunny place. Of course, the hottest noon in the summer, still have to put them in the shade, so that it can grow in a more comfortable environment. If some compound fertilizer can be added to the soil, it can make its leaves grow and bloom the more beautiful the flower.

Osmanthus fragrans

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Osmanthus fragran has an pleasant fragrance, which will make the whole body and mind relax when people smell its scent, can dispel all fatigue on our body. Osmanthus fragran should be placed in a sunny place. Add some fertilizer such as potassium fertilizer in care process, it will make flower emitting more fragrance at flowering time.


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Rose is a kind of romantic flower. Its soothing fragrance will make people feel particularly comfortable. Its bright and beautiful colors make the house even more romantic.


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Jasmine also has a very light fragrance. Every time you smell the fragrance of jasmine, it can make people more energetic, and it also has a good effect of helping the brain awake. Keeping it at home can keep us relaxed and comfortable status. Jasmine needs to give it plenty of sunlight during care, and there is not much concern about sunlight exposure in the summer, but after flowering, it is necessary to do some trimming of residual leaves and supplement of fertilizer, especially it can use some fertilizer to supplement nutrients, which will allow it to continue to grow new branches, and the flowers will bloom more and more brightly.


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Clivia is a kind of potted flower that likes light. It likes fertile and well-drained humus soil. Pot should also be breathable and permeable. You can add enough fertilizer to the soil before potting.

Oxalis triangularis

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Oxalis triangularis is a kind of small potted plant. It requires warm, moist and fertile soil. It can be placed on the window sill or balcony, with proper light every day to keep the environment warm and humid.

The high temperature in the summer should be properly shaded, and the low temperature in the winter should avoid freezing. Keep the temperature above 7 degrees, so can peace of mind grow.

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

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Kalanchoe blossfeldiana needs to have fertile and well-drained sandy soil. It likes plenty of sunshine. It can be kept indoors in the shade during the flowering period. It needs a warm environment for growth.


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The daffodil bulbs are germinated and placed directly into a pot. They are fixed with small stones. The water level should not exceed 1/3 of the tubers.To care daffodils, change the water once a day, and change the water once a week after the buds, keeping the temperature between 12-15 degrees.


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Its growth requires a warm and moist environment. It can grow well by giving appropriate light every day. It should be planted in the potting soil slightly moist during the growing period and avoid water accumulation in the potting soil. Now, pay attention to the cold of winter and keep the temperature above 5 degrees.

Cyclamen persicum

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The leaves of Cyclamen persicum are heart-shaped, with colorful patterns on them, and the flowers look like rabbit ears. If we plant it in our home, it needs to be kept maintain a warm and humid environment.

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