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Top 10 best Canadian horror movies

You who love the movies and especially the horror movies should not ignore the most horror films of Canada, these films will give you the most novel and savage experience of each of these horror films. Each of these films with different stories, images and colors all give you the experience of barbarian, haunting, in each sound as well as the plot of these horror films. Not only does the horror movies take you to a virtual world experience space of disgusting and barbarian stories in each of these horror films. In today's article I will send you to read the best horror films from Canada, inviting a mask to read with me.

V-Wars (Season 1)

Top 10 best Canadian horror movies

Canada's best horror movies - V-Wars (Season 1) (Photo: Internet)

V Wars - Official Trailer

The disease turned victim into a bloodsucking monster with rapid spread speed that led two close friends against each other in the fight for the future of mankind.


Canada's best horror movies - Slither (Photo: Internet)

Slither (2006) - Official Trailer

A Strange meteorite has fallen down the Wheelsy peaceful city. A formidable parasite escapes from within this piece of meteorite. It was still long and waited, waiting to find a proper body to be a shelter before implementing the Globe plan. And the bad victim is Grant Grant, the richest and most power of the region.

After having acquired the type of parasite from the cosmos, Grant eats more and more, when he also crave fresh meat. The pets, the flocks and even a lot of people in the region begin to know the lost in a mysterious way. All of the clues show that Grant Grant is the source of these missing. Grant's wife Starla gradually felt suspicious of her husband's strange behavior. But when Starla knows the truth, it seems that it is too late. Grant has become an incredibly horrible creature...

Summer of '84

Canada's best horror movies - Summer of '84 (Photo: Internet)

Summer of '84 - Trailer

The story revolves around summer holiday destined to take place in the year 1984 of a young group. After suspecting the neighbor police officer as the serial killer, the team decided to spend the summer in order to track and gather evidence of criminal death. But coming close to the truth, things are becoming dangerous and out of control.

Ready or Not

Canada's best horror movies - Ready or Not (Photo: Internet)

Ready or Not - Trailer

The film followed Grace, a young bride who followed her new husband and participated in a tradition of her wealthy and eccentric husband's family. Unfortunately it turns into a game full of death and all must fight to defend his life.

Creeped Out (Season 2)

Canada's best horror movies - Creeped Out (Season 2) (Photo: Internet)

Creeped Out (Season 2) - Trailer

Creeped Out is a participating television series by Victoria Diamond, William Romain and Jaiden Cannatelli. Creeped Out is a series of spell, enchanting and compelling stories. Each episode is a different story placed in a different place and...

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Canada's best horror movies - Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (Photo: Internet)

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark - Trailer

Bói cảnh của “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” diẽn ra ở nước Mĩ vào năm 1968. Thời thé đang dàn xoay chuyẻn nhưng dường như sự thay đỏi áy chẳng hè ảnh hưởng đén só đong cư dan ở thị trán Mill Valley. Ở nơi đay, cau chuyẹn đày ám ảnh vè gia tọc Bellows vãn được truyèn miẹng từ thé hẹ này đén thé hẹ khác. Khởi nguòn của những cau chuyẹn rùng rợn này bắt đàu từ căn biẹt thự nằm ở vùng ven, trong căn nhà này co bé Sarah Bellows đã phải chịu đựng mọt cuọc đời đau khỏ, bị tra tán bởi chính người than trong gia đình.

Sarah bién cau chuyẹn cuọc đời mình thành tư liẹu cho tạp truyẹn kinh dị. Tuy nhien, bằng mọt cách kỳ bí nào đó, những cau chuyẹn ma quái này đã trở thành sự thạt với nhóm thiéu nien đã vo tình phát giác ra căn hàm giam giữ Sarah Bellows. Liẹu có cách nào đẻ họ có thẻ thoát khỏi vòng xoáy những cau chuyẹn mà Sarah đã tạo nen?

In The Tall Grass

Canada's best horror movies - BỤI CỎ VEN ĐƯỜNG. (Photo: Internet)

In the Tall Grass - Official Trailer

When the brothers Becky and Cal heard the cry of a boy lost in a bush along the roadside, they risked rescuing him, only to be forced by an evil force that quickly disoriented and separated. them out. Cut off from the world and unable to escape the tight grip of the field, they soon discovered that the only thing worse than getting lost was to be found.


Canada's best horror movies - Crawl (Photo: Internet)

Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer

When a big storm hit Florida, Haley (Kaya Scodelario) ignored evacuation orders in search of her missing father (Barry Pepper). Discovering his father was seriously injured in the basement of the house, the two people were trapped in the fast flowing flood waters. When there was no time to escape the storm, Haley and her father discovered that rising water was just their first fear.

Escape Room

Canada's best horror movies - Escape Room (Photo: Internet)

Escape Room - Trailer

The death room takes 6 players to the rooms with the most perplexing puzzles that the player's failure will be exchanged by life, making the hamster in the fun cage for the sick.


Canada's best horror movies - Overlord (Photo: Internet)

Overlord - Trailer

On the eve of the D-Day assault, American troops were left behind to carry out mission critical to the success of the operation. As they approached their goal, they began to realize that there were more strange things going on in this Nazi-occupied village than a simple military operation. They had to fight against a supernatural force - a thousand-year army, a product of the Nazi experiment.

Tren đay la những bo phim kinh dị hay nhất của Canada. Hy vọng sẽ giup bạn đọc biết them những bo phim nay cũng như có mot trải nghiem moi về cac bo phim kinh dị của Canada. Cam ơn bạn đọc đã quan tam bai viết va nho share cho mọi người cung biết nhe.
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