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Top 15 ways to protect children from Covid-19 when young at home

Currently the Covid-19 epidemic is complex and dangerous, the number of infections and deaths is increasing rapidly in several European countries, the United States. In Vietnam, the number of infected people is also increased to 3 key figures so that the state has announced a 15-day isolation of the society to fight the epidemic. Hopefully the strong measures of the state will quickly run out of service in Vietnam. Before this situation the child also had to take long school days, which surely made many parents wing the concern for their child's health. Especially at the age of the child, preschool age, primary risk of high disease because there is no possibility of self-prevention of the epidemic. So, how to protect your child effectively before the attack of Covid-19 is still a concern for not less parents. But instead of confusion, fear, parents give the children some skills to fight the epidemic. Moreover, parents need to give their child a clear understanding of Covid-19 and ensure that they have the nutrition regimen to increase their resistance, Personal hygiene as well as clean accommodation. This article will sum up for you all ways to protect your child from the Covid-19 epidemic when the child is not on school. You should refer to this article for us to do well, together with the community to push back this dangerous epidemic.

Teach children to wear masks when on the road

Top 15 ways to protect children from Covid-19 when young at home

Is one of the best measures to prevent Covid-19 infection (Photo: Internet)

Wearing a mask is one of the best measures to prevent Covid-19 infection.
Therefore, please prepare medical masks for children and always remind children to wear masks when going out, especially when in public.

Teach your child the correct understanding of the Covid-19 epidemic

Because of the highly infectious-hazard virus (Photo: Internet)

The Covid-19 epidemic is very dangerous but do not make children too confused and afraid, but instead use their knowledge and understanding to teach your children to understand.

It is a highly infectious dangerous virus. It spreads from person to person through three mechanisms: when a person sneezes; on contact with an infected person and through contact with objects in which the virus resides.

When the virus enters the body, it will cause an acute respiratory infection which initially manifests as fever, cough, runny nose, chest tightness, shortness of breath.

Teach your children if you see abnormal body, tell parents to overcome the time.

Give your child enough water

Give your child a regular drink because the virus can penetrate the body if the throat is dried in just 10 minutes (Photo: Internet)

Parents need to give the child enough water, especially warm water (if in the cold climates) to keep warm, moisten the throat and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.
To strengthen the parent's resistance should encourage children to eat more vegetables, fruits or juices, to strengthen vitamins and minerals.
Many medical professionals have recommended that the virus be able to penetrate into the body if the throat is dried in just 10 minutes.

Ensure nutrition, food safety for children

Increase the resistance to children against epidemic (Photo: Internet)

In this time, the enhancement of consumption of healthy foods such as protein rich foods, fresh vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals... Needs to be more focused.
Besides, you should use some foods/spices containing special active substances that help increase immunity such as garlic, ginger, onions, turmeric, lemongrass...
These spices stimulate the immune system through irritation of cytokines, activating macrophages to perform immune function.
Mom Choose the food with clear, fresh roots for the child to use. In parallel with that, you can give your child increased milk intake and additional dairy products such as yogurt.
In addition, it is necessary to carry out the rule of eating cooked boiled, to maximize the use of prepared food sold at stalls, not eating exotic food.

Make sure your child eats sleep on time

Important to the development of young children both in health, the mind, against the epidemic (Photo: Internet)

Sleeping, punctuality is very important with the development of children both in health, the mind and the physiological mind.
Also contributes to increased resistance to children against illness.

Parents should feed me 3 meals, eat enough nutrients, greens and fresh fruits containing vitamin C to help increase resistance.

Sleeping habits should be used before 9pm. Can stimulate the baby to sleep soundness by soaking foot ginger lemongrass oil 15 minutes before bedtime.
Just stimulating good sleep and disease prevention very well.

Ensure your child is washing hands properly, regularly

Pay attention to the washing of your hands more than ever (Photo: Internet)

At this point, parents should pay attention to the washing of their hands more than ever.
You should teach your child to wash their hands properly with soap, hand wash or dry hand rinse regularly and restrict the hand to touch.
Especially in the current translation season, it is necessary to remind and give the child the time to be washed hands as before eating, after going to the toilet and after touching the items that are not clean or when out about.
With small children, you need to make sure the child does not suck hands, nose, eye, do not let the child touch the surface in public (the stair handrails, elevator buttons, into chairs...).

Ensuring the environment in the family is clean

House, indoor items need clean cleaning (Photo: Internet)

You should regularly wipe the home, the door handles and the surface of the objects with soap or conventional disinfectant solution.
Since the virus can survive 1-3 days on it.
This is also a good time for parents to teach their children to work

Avoid being in a closed house, air-conditioned

In more contagious viruses (Photo: Internet)

There is the view that closed the door, in the air-conditioned room, avoiding out the road is the safest to avoid infection Covid-19.
However, many scientists indicate that when it is sunny, the temperature is above 20-25 degrees Celsius, bacteria and viruses are less developed, spreading.
We can therefore take advantage of the temperature factor to reduce the strength of the virus, avoiding in the closed rooms with a temperature of too cold and must keep the house ventilation.
To avoid spreading the plague, we should not let the child go to crowded places, but this does not mean "sealed" in the house.

Avoid giving your child contact with pets

Protection from bacteria E. Coli, Samonella often transmitted from pet to person (Photo: Internet)

According to information from WHO, there is no proof of pet in the home (such as dogs, cats...) nCoV infection.
However, experts are still recommended, people especially children should wash their hands with soap and water after contact with the pets.
It is a way to protect from the bacteria E. Coli, Samonella often spread from livestock to humans.
If children are out, parents should wear warm, wearing full-screen, should give children home dining with hygiene and hygienic food, adhere to cooked food.
When a child has a cough, fever, a child is required to study, quarantine, and visit medical institutions.

Limit your child's exposure to crowded places

Problems necessary to protect the child in front of the epidemic (Photo: Internet)

Restriction of direct contact with persons with signs of acute respiratory tract inflammation (fever, cough, shortness of breath).
In the case of having to go to the crowded places of focus, it is right to wear a correct page, keeping the distance when exposed.

Teach the child to cover the mouth when sneezing

Teach the child to cover the mouth and use a towel when sneezing (Photo: Internet)

Most of you are up to hand to cover your mouth when sneezing, but that is in normal conditions.
But at the time of the epidemic, parents should teach children to use a paper towel or hand to cover their mouth when sneezing rather than using hands.
Because the bacteria enters the hand will increase the likelihood of infection and transmit the disease to others.

Teaching children to exercise sport

Sport exercise to improve your child's health (Photo: Internet)

You need to avoid watching televisions or gaming for long periods of time, need to promote children to perform physical activities such as jumping rope, bracelets, cycling, walking up the stairs in the house, play hide and seek...

Teach me not to touch the eyes. Nose, mouth

Eyes, nose, mouth is where Covid-19 most inhabited (Photo: Internet)

Eyes, nose, mouth is where Covid-19 most occupied.
So absolutely you are not touching your eyes, nose, mouth. Furthermore, when approaching a child, you should leave the page to avoid infection.

Teach the child to not spit saliva, turn the nose

These substances are discharged that will transmit the pathogen to the outside and transmit the disease to others (Photo: Internet)

Parents should teach children that the Covid-19 spreads through the respiratory tract and when these substances are discharged will transmit the pathogen to the outside and transmit the disease to all people.
If you see your friends also spit saliva, deflate the nose, remind your friends to keep hygiene school, to protect your own health and everyone else!.

Monitor your child's health regularly

Monitor your child's health regularly for early detection of existing signs of a plague (Photo: Internet)

It is required to monitor the health of the child regularly for early detection of existing signs of a plague.
When children have symptoms of fever, cough, breathlessness..., it is necessary to immediately notify the medical authority.
At the same time, information about the symptoms and schedules has moved in recent times so that the medical authority has the correct support measures.

There are now cases of positive children with Covid-19. Although the number of children is currently infected much less than adults, the new Covid-19 infection needs to be monitored more closely by weak resistance. Parents should spend a lot of time caring for their children. Hope this article will help you protect the young pre-epidemic Covid-19 evil monsters.
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