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Top 12 Code of Conduct on Vietnamese dining tables

The rules of conduct are correct and have a culture of important meals with everyone, not to distinguish age. Whether you are a young person or a senior, you must follow these rules. Because it is the culture of his Vietnamese people from far past to the present. This is a respectful attitude to people around and cultivate ethics in living and lifestyle. The behavior of many young men today is "less civilize" than the standards in the past. In order to be a polite person, having a culture and a ceremony in the eyes of people around us, we must know to behave in the right way. Especially on the dining table. There are simple things that we have to make, which will cause immediate loss of points. Let's find out how the rules of conduct the name of the dining table before going home to launch your boyfriend/girlfriend with family.


Top 12 Code of Conduct on Vietnamese dining tables

Eating the pot, sitting in view

"Eating the pot, sitting in view" is what his father teaches his children when they eat with others. On the dining table can present a lot of delicious and attractive. But if you just eat what you like without giving others the chance to taste them, this behaviour is not graceful and correct.

Sneezing in an unconsciousness manner

If you want to sneeze, go back to the food or the opposite. Photo Source: Internet

When you taste a spicy dish and have a mark, the flu is not over yet, sneezing is an inevitable one. But if you are facing the table and you are a little sneezing, this action is incredibly vulgar.
You need to pay attention to the feel of the opposite person and sneeze as discreetly as possible to avoid having people feel unsanitary when you are on a meal.

Seating and sitting position

Sit in the right place and be polite when dining. Photo Source: Internet

Usually, if you are dining with your parents, older people or your superior, then you should let them choose a seat and invite them to eat in advance. Choose a place or forget to invite the opposite person to represent a lack of respect.
You should also not take overly relaxed or unreasonable fit when chatting with them. Today when eaten, people usually put elbows on the table, but the former is only allowed when you take the dishes.

Blow to soup or hot food

Blowing in the soup/soup is extremely polite. Photo Source: Internet

Blow to the soup or bowl of soup is considered one of the most unpolite actions on the dining table. Instead, let the soup cool and eat slowly.

Dung thìa của mình để lấy gia vị

Do not use the spoon to eat the price/fill/soup. Photo Source: Internet

Each vial or salt should have its own spoon. Despite the use of its own spoon to quickly make a spoon look convenient, it is very clean and will cause the spice to be broken, fast.

Do not notice the words of speech during the feast

Do not talk sensitivities during meals. Photo Source: Internet

Today, we can be imperfect to exchange any topic when eating rice from work, family, love to talk... Neighbor's house.
But previously, the rule of conduct was much stricter. You need to make sure conversations happen clearly and in line with ethical values.
Each person should carefully consider the words that should be said during the meal. Because the tools often teach "to avoid eating pieces". Saying unnecessary or contradictory words will cause the feast air to be stressful. The feast should be the time to gather and recharge after the hours of tired labor.

Drinking/water/talking when food is full in the mouth

Talking about eating/chewing is a lack of courtesy action

You must have at least one drink or alcohol when food is still full in your mouth. This "natural" habit sounds normal, but it shows the rush and is not polite in how it behaves. Food scrapers can be adhesive on water glasses, causing hygiene and lack of aesthetics.
Moreover, most people use alcohol when eating rice with the purpose of enjoying. The unreasonable combination of food and wine mixture will take away the spirit of the whole meal.
The habit of talking with food is unpolite behavior and makes it difficult for others to hear the content you want to say. So you need to eat out of rice and say what you want right after.

Bad habits while eating

Do not chew loud when eaten with others. Photo Source: Internet

There are some bad disabilities that many people are prone to when eating like accidentally having a chews or a lightning rod out of the lip because they think only to hit a little, very quickly so there is no problem. Also, sometimes you can because you missed a piece of meat that you do not like as much fat for example, so you skipped the pieces and scratchy other pieces. All of this will cause you to lose a serious point when others look at them.

Invite older people to dine

Do not eat before inviting adults. Source: Internet

Waiting for another person to sit on the dining table before hitting the chopsticks is a minimum courtesy. You should do this, not just outside of society but for both family member people. Let's wait for everyone to freeze and then start making meals.
When you do, you do not have to eat food before the landlord or the feast. This only happens except if you are offered a pre-proposal because otherwise you will be rated as taking a meal and not respecting others.

Use your phone for meals

Source: Internet

Everyone who knows the use of a phone at the dining table is behaviour that is not polite. You should focus on your meal and the same people you eat with you. Also, you shouldn't leave unnecessary items on the dining table to avoid disturbing others, such as a handbag or roughly papers....
The use of the phone while eating will cause people around discomfort, they are dominated by the phone. Not to mention that you have heard the phone or use the phone will affect your stomach, health.

unconscious food island

Source: Internet

When you sit at the dinner table with everyone around you, you should watch and observe what food you should eat, and which pieces you have, and crash.
Not a shimmering food is not so abstinence for what is sacred, it is simply the expression of the courtesy of each individual when sitting together on the table. If you keep on shimmering the dish, the other person will feel uncomfortable.

Do not type chopsticks into cups

Source: Internet

Meals people are happily eating talk, accidentally knocking you into the bowl makes the atmosphere lose fun, but also shows what a minimum courtesy. You probably don't want to, but let's see why it is.
When you type chopsticks in the bowl, not to mention it is very unpolite and noisy, it also has another reason to call the soul, call the dead, very abstinence.

Gestures, actions on the dining table, are simple but reveal a lot about a person's personality and lifestyle. In order not to be deemed to lose courtesy or lack of culture, you should keep in mind the principles of conduct. Especially for the brides who are on the husband's meal, noting the above code of conduct will help you to score the perfect point in the eyes of parents. Pay attention to the taboo above so as not to destroy the warm fun atmosphere of the meal.
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