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Top 10 best vampire movies of all time

The vampire film is one of the many genres of film lovers. The vampire film gives viewers new feelings. Through each of the actors ' performances, the scene of the film, the image, the character's makeup, and the footage of the directors make the vampire films attractive and always the viewer. These films are very popular and are loved by many. You like the vampire movie genre, you should not miss the best vampire movies of all time in this article. Will be the movie or give you the moment of viewing the most interesting and wonderful movies.

Blade 1998

Top 10 best vampire movies of all time

The best vampire movie - Blade 1998 (Photo: Internet)

Blade Official Trailer

In a world where vampires live on Earth, Blade – a person carrying two vampire bloodlines and human beings with one goal. His goal is to eliminate the world of all the vampire demons. When the Blade saw a vampire biting Dr. Karen Jenson, he fought with them and brought Jenson back to his hideout. There, Blade and Abraham Whisstler try to heal Jenson. However, the vampire name Quinn after being attacked by the Blade and looting the fatty prey should have reported back to the owner of Deacon Frost, who always cherished conspiracy to destroy mankind, dominate the earth.

Bram Stoker's Dracula 1992

The best vampire movie - Bram Stoker's Dracula (Photo: Internet)

Bram Stoker's Dracula - Trailer

Vlad Dracula – A former heroic general who defeated the invading army and returned to victory. However, things waiting for him on the way to win a return to not the silver bullion but rather the death of his beloved Elisabate. More resentment when he realized that her death was related to the church, he made a contract with the devil. After his death, Dracela became a vampire with supernatural powers by sucking his blood into an immortal man. Until one day in 1957, the fateful encounter with the young solicitor Jonathan Harker, he saw the beautiful fiancee of Jonathan – Mina. Believing that Mina was the latter of her beloved wife, Dracula sailed to search for Mina with the desire to arouse old memories within her.

From Dusk till Dawn 1996

The best vampire movie - From Dusk till Dawn 1996 (Photo: Internet)

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) - Official Trailer

The film follows the two most infamous criminals in the United States, after a crew-run robbery of the two fled to Mexico. In Mexico, a shrine of the Aztec tribe was buried deep underground. Above the main temple is a tavern, the home of vampires who are thousands of years old. During the rest of your stay, you have a cause for those in your inn. When they realized that all the people who worked in the bar were vampires, it was too late. What's happening, what do they have to do to survive the dawn?

Fright Night 1985

The best vampire movie - Fright Night 1985 (Photo: Internet)

Fright Night 2011 - Official Trailer

For young Charley Brewster, there is nothing better than watching an old horror movie late at night. When the two friends moved to his side, Charley with his experience of watching horror movies discovered his neighbor – Jerry Dandridge was a vampire. He was incredibly confused, rescuing to friends, police but all just believed he had a wild imagination and refused to help. What would Charley have to do, what's going to happen to you?

Hotel Transylvania 2012

The best vampire movie - Hotel Transylvania 2012 (Photo: Internet)

Hotel Transylvania 2012 - Official Trailer

In 1985, Dracula built a resort in Transylvania, hiding himself from humans to raise her beloved niece Mavis. Currently, Transylvania is a hotel where monsters often take their families to vacation, away from scary people. In Mavis's 118 birthday, Dracula invited many of his friends. When the party prepares to begin, Jonathan, a boy of 21-year-old, has accidentally stray to the hotel. To hide Jonathan from the guests, Dracula disguised him as a monster. But this accidental encounter caused Mavis to be the heart of Jonathan.

30 Days of Night 2007

The best vampire movie - 30 Days of Night 2007 (Photo: Internet)

30 Days of Night (2007) Trailer

This is the story of an isolated Alaska town that sinks in the darkness for a month each year as the sun sinks down beneath the horizon. When the last light rays fade, the town is attacked by a group of bloodthirsty vampires that are bent over a non-stop crowd of destruction. Sheriff Eben Oleson and the last survivors in town had to hide in a sentry to wait until the next sunrise. But, each of the people in Eben's team began to fall, what would you have to do to save lives?

Dracula Untold 2014

The best vampire movie - Dracula Untold 2014 (Photo: Internet)

Dracula Untold - Official Trailer

At the beginning of the century, the young Lord Vlad and the family lived a peaceful life ruling their little kingdom. But, when a Turkish warlord asks Vlad a thousand of boys including his son to create an army. Not to be upset but understanding that the forces between the two parties were too disparity, Vlad sought a terrible power hiding in the Brooken Tooth mount. Here the vampire power has given Vlad the terrible power that allows him to defend his kingdom and family from the Turkish army with a grim covenant. Since here, a myth is born.

Twilight 2008

The best vampire movie - Twilight 2008 (Photo: Internet)

Twilight (2008) Official Trailer

Bella Swan, a beautiful girl, is always a little different from fellow friends. She never ran under the crowd, not interested in being in harmony with the trendy girls at the school she attended. When her mother remarried, Bella chose to live with her father in the small town of Fork, Washington. But things have changed as she meets Edward Cullen – The boy who bears the mystery, brilliant, equally spooky. Edward is not like any guy she had ever seen before, and he was smart and witty, so she and his feelings arose. But, what Bella does not realize is as close to Edward, she and the people around her are in danger. As Edward became mysterious, Beklla was determined to discover his people, but when Bella learned Edward's secret was too late to turn around.

Daybreakers 2010

The best vampire movie - Daybreakers 2010 (Photo: Internet)

Daybreakers (2010) - Official Trailer

In 2019, the vampire occupied the majority of the population, while only 5% of the population were human. This sets out special challenges when human blood sources – the amount of food is depleted. More and more vampires due to the lack of adequate blood supply are turning into wild creatures, vile attacks on anyone, anything that can survive. The destiny of the vampire world is placed in the hands of a vampire and a professor of hematopoiesis Edward Dalton, who has been researching purple for the artificial blood supply to meet the social demands of vampires.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 2012

The best vampire movie - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 2012 (Photo: Internet)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 2012 - Trailer

As a child, Lincoln was obsessed with the image of vampire gods. At the age of nine, Lincoln witnessed his mother be killed by a vampire – Jack Barts. Since this, he began to work on his studies and dedication with the sole purpose of destroying the zombies from all over the world.

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