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Top 10 exotic rules of some countries in the world you should know

Each country has a distinctive cultural and legal touch. That creates diversity and abundance for the world culture. When it comes to any country, you should see the culture, the way that the country's communication is important is a necessity to note. I will give the top 10 weird rules of some countries, I think it is also quite a problem if you want to study and learn more about a certain country.

Do not add salt to food in Egypt

Top 10 exotic rules of some countries in the world you should know

Mysterious Egyptian Country

Egypt is a very force country with great tourism in culture and history. The pyramid in Egypt is very well-known. The country has a lot of mysteries that the world or the scientific place has tried but still has not discovered.

But if You have one or several times go to travel land this mysterious water warehouse. In, acquaintances or into a restaurant. Polite, you should eat normally, otherwise the taste also try not to remove salt in the dish. Eat.
If you leave the salt you believe that the food is not delicious, it is a good thing for the station or something... You actually did the most hurt..

Do not finish your food in China when invited to your home

This rule is very strange and somewhat inverted, but sometimes it is customary to enter the country.

In China, if you travel and are invited to a friend's home for dining. If the food is really tasty and fits your taste. You should also try to leave a little leftodish, which is a respect for the master.
Because the middle person finds that your food plate is clean, the food is very small and insufficient for guests to use, causing the guests to be hungry. The real danger, if you haven't read this good food rule I'll try to cast the food in the home. What a reverse.

No tattoos Buddha pictures up people in Thailand

No Buddha tattoos come to Thailand, if you have to hide...

Thailand is famous as a country of Buddhism, many pagodas in this country. Young anyone who almost once visits the country is famous for travel policy.

But if you have the idea of tattooing the Buddha image to make love for the country or Buddhism is completely wrong.
If you have tattoos on your hand or any part of a Buddha image, then the indigenous people will be incredibly uncomfortable, and they won't love you. Remember..

Do not chew gum in Singapore

Do not chew gum in Singapore

You like chewing gum, consistently bearing in person a chewing gum chewed for fun or for other reasons.

But if you go to the beautiful Singapore country, you should temporarily leave it. The country is prohibited to import gum, if VI Pham will be fine even in prison.

A person chewing gum only when there is a certain reason for health or medical..

"Overweight" is not allowed to work in Japan

You see how it's done! But the act must have a separate reason for that water warehouse.

When going to work or applying for work in Japan, the local government will park the waist of you in 40 to 74.

If you unfortunately fall into the waist status "exceeds the limit", then the company may be subject to administrative penalties.

The sound of Koreans eating

This is an old-fashioned culture of welding, they very seriously consider food. They always thanked before and after eating it is quite normal because some countries also like that.
But there is a "culture" when eaten by Koreans that a few countries, some people do not accept for very much.

In Vietnam if you go to eat that sounds too big when eating is also seen by people and viewed as unpolite.

But in South Korea, it's a very normal thing to play weird sounds when you eat. It is very tasty and you have a very delicious attitude to enjoy the meal...

Go late in Brazil

Đất nưoc xinh đẹp thật

Beautiful country, famous for this football has something or cough to discover not.

If you have a chance to visit this country and get a local appointment to eat, out or do anything... Then you can comfortably go late.

You know "to the party on time is an incredibly unsightly act in this country". When you're appointment, you can listen to them saying I'm on their way to the bathroom, but they just got in the bath.

Going late is a culture that is extremely special in this country, if you have a disease-like margin, this is an ideal country to study living and tourism when it comes to age...
If you go early is to present you are a miserable person in Brazil, so there is no need to rush too much to come to this country. .

After wedding not used bathhouse for 3 days in Indonesia

What is it that I know this information does not understand so they will not bathe and go to the toilet always for 3 days or they solve all problems besides the bathroom..

But this is the culture for the couple after the latter in Indonesia. During 3 days they will not be in the bathroom. And it will be closely monitored by those who line them, family, if the law will be bad luck and break the tradition of this country.

Wearing pink trousers in Australia after 12 noon Sunday

Wearing pink trousers in Australia after 12 noon Sunday

This law must have only the country of the rat pocket. I do not know if the students have heard, or are being phat because of this problem.

But the truth is that if after 12 noon on Sunday you wore pink pants in the country, it's an illegal thing.
Remember this when traveling anymore, miss out on the road that is caught to understand the reason.. If not until the penalty and still do not understand what is guilty...

Choosing the most random food in the UK

You are interested in a buffet breakfast, you do not like to choose the dishes. You go left to right, right to left unliked, to think about and choose to continue the favorite dishes. Or on a party you also choose.

The British have traditionally been to choose dishes from the left front. If you choose to do it anyway, it's a real unpolite job in their country. Try not to be polite!!

Culture, tradition, law is something that every country in the world is valued at. There are "custom joins" that are quite obvious if we come to a country indigenous. You should try to blend in with them. You don't have to be distinct because it can give you a lot of undeserved hassle.

There are many exotic cultures, but also very characteristic of other countries.
Hopefully the top 10 rules can help in your travels or journey to a country that is unfamiliar.

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