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Top 10 Vietnam's exotic tet celebration of ethnic minorities

Vietnam, with many customs, many traditional festivals, and the Lunar New Year, is the customary from ancient to present from north to south all Tet. Tet is the family day of the meeting, together go to the temple, the first year... And many different activities during the new Year. Together with these are the traditions of Tet holiday in Vietnam, the customs are transmitted to the present day in the regions of the Highlands and the northern mountains. The peoples of this place carry a very exotic tradition , but every customary has a profound and practical meaning. Want to know what that weird customary is? Please read the article below for a better understanding of Vietnam's bizarre Tet customs.

Water bowl of the Pa Thẻn

Top 10 Vietnam's exotic tet celebration of ethnic minorities

Every altar of the Pa Then in Ha Giang has a bowl of water that is used to worship year round. This bowl of water must always be tightly sealed and never run out of water. Must wait until 6 months, the new landlord opens the bowl to add water to it. On New Year's Eve, the house will be closed, from doors, windows, backstage,... Carefully set and seal out the openings. In the house, the owner will lower the water to clean and replace fresh water to welcome the New Year. The above actions must be kept confidential in the home. Who the Pa Then conceptually, if the things above are exposed or who else see, the whole family years later will meet with bad luck, strenuous, and sick with hypnosis,...

Spanking of the HMong

The "spanking" practice associated with the Hmong's spring day was long ago. It is a unique culture and an inconspicuous expression of the Hmong. On the Tet Day, under the foothills of the mountains often gather the young men of the Hmong to together happy spring. When a son feels like a girl, he will pat the girl's butt, hold hands and lead him to a private, romantic, and discreet place to love the night all the time.

Tet Dance of the Dao peoples

Ethnic knife for New Year's Tet dance with the notion that Tet is a time to have fun, visit and praise the children, villages. This TET is designed to help people train and martial arts to have a new year full of vitality. In the Tet, each person must dance to hundreds of turns in the Bell, the drums. Attendees of Tet Dance will be constantly dancing day and night, who tired of the holidays, others will replace, so for the duration of the new year jumps.

Rob the husband of the Central Highlands

On Lunar New Year, several ethnic groups in the Highlands such as the Rag, Cil, Churu,... Organizing the Pirate Festival. The robbery must take place at night. When I like a guy, the girl notices the family and the line they know. The family will come to ask the son. If both of them agreed, the girl would come wearing rings in the hands of the son on a beautiful night. If the son does not like to be able to return but until 7 days later, the girl chooses a nice night to wear a ring for the boy and so repeatedly until the boy accepts it.

Welcoming the New Year with the thunder of Thai people

Traditional tet of some Thai Fellow in Nghe An, Thanh chemistry does not rely on the specific date calendar that largely depends on the natural nature of heaven and earth. When she moved the season after she had harvested the season, with the first thunder echoing it was also the time to New year. At this time, all the preparations of the Tet holiday in the country are officially started. After hearing the Thunder, the landlord will call the family members to wake up and touch the household items to awaken them and welcome the New Year. Based on the Thunder itself, the old village will make forecasts about the following year. The greater the Thunder proved the following year, the more the crop, the more saturated the rain.

Awakening cattle together to welcome Tet of Lo Lo ethnic group

Awakening cattle together to welcome Tet of Lo Lo ethnic group

On the night of 30 Tet, all the fellow plot plots to wait for the first rooster to sound in the copy. According to locals, the rooster is the point of starting a new year. At that time, the landlord would dispatch people to awaken the animals in the house and welcome Tet with their families. At the same time, a sacrifice is also held at the lot's house to wish for health, money for the whole family. Here, men are made of cocks, and women will use their chickens to worship.

Go steal the luck of the Lo Lo people

Go steal the luck of the Lo Lo people

Ethnic plot in Ha Giang the notion that the moment of the new year, if someone brought home was a little something for the new year will meet many luck, eating should make out. Therefore, they go to steal the bridge but do not take much or take the items of value. With a lot of people living in Dong Van District will often steal every 12th one, symbolize 12 months of the year. With the backpack in Meo vac, Lucky number 3, can steal 3 garlic, 3 vegetable leaves. It is interesting to steal on the eve, they will not have each other but quietly not to the landlord to catch.

Pick up the chicken voice of Pu Peo ethnic

This is a rather interesting customary of the Pu Peo. On the radiance of the eve, they will watch out for the rooster. When the chickens are clapping preparing to take their voices, they will throw the cannon into the barn that is startled. Then they will jump on radiation and nape each other. Immediately at that time, everyone's dating is singing. The Pu Peo conceptually who sings loud, gets a chicken, the new year will be healthy, sing well, meet many luck and happiness.

Sticky red paper of the Cao Lan

Before Lunar New Year for about 2 days, the tall people will bring red paper to paste everywhere, from the entrance, the house gate, altar ancestors to the Buffalo Barn, chicken coop,... Once there, every house of tall people is stained with brilliant red color. According to the conception of the tall people, the red paper symbolizes joy, goodness. They will paste the red paper in important places with a desire for a prosperous new year, experiencing much luck.

Stick ashes and throw sticky rice to the roof of the Gie Thieng

The ethnic Gie Thieng (Quang Nam and Kon Tum) has been on the Tet in a relatively new way. It's the usual father, that means stick charcoal. On the 26th, 27th of the year, the big, healthy boys of the village will burn wood into ashes and bring them back. The people at home will prepare the sticky rice by grasping the dried plants to burn for burning into coal. All these ashes will be rolled up, and everyone is on the back to get as much ashes as possible. They are the most happy people who will be lucky, happiest in the coming year.

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