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Top 9 tips for reducing the most effective postpartum belly fat

Postborn women always have biological changes from inside the body to the outside physique. One of the most visible and large changes is the change in the abdomen. After childbirth the abdominal skin will become poorly flowing sagging which makes the sisters sad and lacking in confidence, especially fear of losing points in the eyes of the husband. Being a mother is a wonderful thing that sisters are eager to have so much to live happily and more happily after her baby is born, her care for her looks is also something that needs to be focused. There will be nothing too difficult to regain a slim waistline if you find the right method and persist with that method. Understand how the Topshare's psychology would share some of the most effective decrease in belly fat.


Top 9 tips for reducing the most effective postpartum belly fat

Breastfeeding is much more then the body will be more neat because the process of creating milk and breastfeeding, sucking out the milk will burn quite large energy. This will help the uterus to rapidly shrink the normal size, and the consumption of the body's calorie intake is quite common without activity. So, don't you ever be afraid to give your mother a nun.

Roasted salt makes your tummy tighter

According to some maternity, they used salt to make the abdomen more toned.
How to do it: take the roasted salt, then wait for the salt to warm in a towel and apply to the abdomen. Applied daily will bring practical effect to the abdomen.

In addition to using roasted salt, you can also add ginger or roasted wormwood and salt and apply to the belly to help the tightening ring quickly and have an air circulation effect and relax to help you feel more refreshing and pleasant.

Abdominal belts

This is the traditional and quite effective way to quickly shrink the abdomen. They also help you support back pain and resolve postmortal posture problems. You can try it out with a regular canvas or other common type of market. However, do not wrap too tightly, you need enough looseness to breathe and not obstructed blood vessels.

Limit stress

Avoid stress because stress causes the release of the hormone cortisol into your bloodstream, cause, fatigue, ease of resentment, weight gain or keep the whole weight. High cortisol levels can also increase libido with sweet and high-fat foods.

Do abdominal exercises

Because when the newborn is finished, you cannot exercise or intense sports, so let's try the exercises for the abdominal muscles quickly retrieve the belly bag for your sturdy, slim!

Belly concentration: You fill the air into the abdomen then slightly out slowly. If hard-working episodes like that many times it will be very good for your abdominal muscles. Thanks to continuous operation, You will no longer be Aspiration fat is capacitor in the abdomen increases "bag 2 " anymore.

– Regular abdomen: in daily activities, even when You are in a conversation or waiting for someone, You also need to remember your belly. Make this your constant habit and be as realistic as possible. This is also a simple exercise that strengthens the abdominal muscles to work efficiently, dissolves excess fat and collapse "Bag 2 " of you.

Apply ginger wine

1 kg of fresh ginger and 1 litre of white wine. For 1 month, take this mixture of belly and massage daily. Gingerol is in ginger that will heat, which helps to pepper the abdomen locally. Alcohol as "the substance" of ginger essential oil penetrates into the subcutaneous fat increases the breakdown of fat. This will help the belly ring become hunted, tidy quickly. You can also add turmeric to the mixture to brighten up the abdominal skin after birth.

Use green tea

Green tea is a good choice to reduce belly fat. Importantly, it contains antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals, enhancing the body's metabolism, thereby helping to lose weight.
After exercising, drinking green tea can dramatically improve your round 2 measurements


Massage rất hữu ích trong viec giảm tập trung vao chính xac nơi cần giảm. Massage cũng tac dụng cải thien sự trao đổi chất va chuyển hóa cơ thể, có nghĩa la đốt chất dinh dưỡng voi tốc đo nhanh hơn. Massage sẽ hieu quả nhất nếu nó được len kế hoạch sau khi tập thể dục.

Eat lots of cabbage

Supplementing vegetables in the diet can help you to reduce belly fat after pregnancy in many ways, as this is the best source of fiber that improves nutrient absorption and at the same time maintain health. In addition, it also has low calorie, rich in essential vitamins such as riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and thiamine

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