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Top 8 main causes of dry skin in women need to know

The skin is the first protective barrier of the body against external effects. Dryness of the skin is very easy, especially in women. Normal dry skin only causes discomfort or for women, dry skin will lose more confidence. Dry skin phenomena can appear anywhere on the body but most commonly on the arms, hands, legs and abdomen. If not properly cured, can lead to dermatitis, swelling or infection. Therefore, to prevent dryness of the skin and to keep the skin smooth, we need to know the main causes of dryness of the skin.

The air is too dry

Top 8 main causes of dry skin in women need to know

This is the most common cause. The best way is wearing hats, scarves and gloves every while you're out. It is especially recommended to bring your feet warm throughout the winter because cold air can make the skin dry and cracked.

The body is dehydrated

There are many possible causes of the skin to lose moisture and one of the main causes is by not drinking adequate water. You should take a minimum of 1.5 – 2 liters of water/day. Adequate drinking of water always plays an important role. Lack of water will not only make you feel thirsty but also cause the skin to dry and itch.

Take a hot shower often

Water is good for the skin. But only good when you drink water. Water can actually dry out the skin because when it evaporates, it takes away the natural oils on the face. Swimming, especially when swimming in a pool of chlorine, and taking a very hot bath together can make the skin drier than usual. The more often you take a hot bath or come in contact with water, the more the oil will be lost, making the skin more irritated and uncomfortable.

Use soap

The soap "cleanses" natural oils on the skin very well. Therefore, only use soap for the legs, hands, groin, armpits should bathe with bath oil. Except for those working in a very dirty environment, soak off with soap. Note that washing your hands often with soap can also make your hands dry.

Having some health problems

Often, dry skin is caused by external factors. But sometimes, it can be a sign of a certain illness in the body including a natural physiological change or a specific illness. This is true for patients with diabetes and people with hypothyroidism. The skin darkens and becomes red, inflamed, itchy, especially in people with eczema and psoriasis. The process of dry skin care requires patience and can be difficult for some people.

While dry skin condition is not an overly disturbing problem, it may be a sign of a number of more serious potential health related problems. If using a moisturizer or lotion does not make the skin better, please consult a doctor about the problem. Dryness of the skin can become more severe if it causes you to lose sleep or appear cracks and cause bleeding. This is when you need to check out the hospital.

Due to the use of some drugs

Some medicines treat diseases such as high blood pressure, diuretics, allergies, acne medications... Can cause the skin to become drier. We can mention a few medicines such as diuretics, Retin-A, cholesterol lowering drugs like Pravastatin and Simvastatin and Accutane acne treatment pills. If you see after taking the drug 1 time but have dry skin manifestations should be exchanged with the doctor prescribed to be exchanged.


Age is also another factor that prevents the skin from drying. When older, your skin will lose away the slime that has the task of maintaining the necessary moisture for the skin. In addition, the skin should also be supplemented with collagen − a protein that helps the skin to stretch and stretchy.


Exposed to tanning in any weather can cause dry skin. UV penetrates deep into the surface of the skin, creating wrinkles and sagging along with a dry assembly. Heat from the sun also dries the skin by reducing the amount of natural oil on the skin.

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