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Top 10 causes of stomach cancer you need to know

Gastric cancer is now growing in danger to human life. More noticeable is that the disease is prone to rejuvenation. The day before stomach cancer is detected only in people aged 50 and older but in today's fact there are cases of detection of gastric cancer in the age of less than 30 years. There is a remarkable fact that Vietnam is one of the countries with a high incidence of gastric cancer and mortality from the highest stomach cancer in Southeast Asia. Sure that the causes of gastric cancer are becoming increasingly common disease. So what is it that we take a look at the article below. Top 10 Causes of gastric mail you need to know

Infection with HP bacteria

Top 10 causes of stomach cancer you need to know

HP bacteria (Helicobacter pylori) is a bacterium living in the mucous layer that protects the gastric mucosa. To weaken the mucous protective layer of the stomach, HP bacteria have secreted gastric stimulants to produce more acid, while creating some toxins that injure the cells located beneath the mucous layer. This effect causes the gastric mucosa to be easily corroded by the acid that is in the digestive fluid of the stomach, thereby causing an inflammation of the gastric-duodenal ulcer.

HP bacteria mainly spread through sugar, saliva, feces, digestive juices in families with a common eating habit. The infectious process occurs when the use of food or drinking water does not guarantee hygiene, containing bacteria.


This is the major cause of gastric cancer. Salty diets, many salts, especially dishes such as pickled cucumbers, fast food, prepared foods make the intake of salt into the body too much, causing overloading for the digestive system. In addition to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, salty foods increase the risk of stomach cancer by salt boosting the activity of HP bacteria, the type of bacteria that cause ulcers of the gastric mucosa.

The habit of eating too fast also causes the stomach to suffer serious damage because the food is not thoroughly chewed, the enzymes in the saliva have not yet been secreted to lubricate and decomposition food before being taken down to the stomach. As a result, the stomach also does not keep up with the adequate intake of the epidemic to timely digestion them causing stagnant food, the stomach active overload causes acid reflux, ulcers and gradually leads to gastric cancer.

Drink beer

The abuse of alcohol increases the risk of liver disease, cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal diseases, most dangerous is gastrointestinal cancer.

People with chronic gastritis

People who suffer from chronic gastritis without timely and radical treatment are at a very high risk of stomach cancer due to inflammatory marks, ulcers becoming more and more severe.


It is possible that many people do not know that smoking leaves increase the risk of stomach cancer. The reason is that cigarettes contain large amounts of nicotine. This is the poison that destroys the respiratory system as well as the digestive system. When the person breathed the smoke, the cortisol is produced more than causing more severe ulcers, the gastric mucosa is weakened.

Genetic factors

Stomach cancer has the cause of the disease due to genetic factors. The incidence of disease in people with a relative suffering from gastric cancer is quite high. Therefore, if there are people in the family who have a disease, regularly check their health and periodic screening to be able to detect the disease soonest.

Due to blood type

According to many studies, the blood group is also the cause of the increased risk of suffering from certain diseases. Exclusively for gastric cancer in particular and diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract in general, the O blood group has the highest risk, the higher the blood groups to more than 30%. The reason is that the group O cell membrane structure appealing Helicobacter bacteria causes damage to the stomach.

Have had gastric surgery

People who have used gastric bypass surgery, partially cut the stomach at a higher risk than others for the possibility of stomach cancer. Therefore, if there were ever gastric bypass surgery, please regularly visit and check the health to timely detect the disease.

There is no routine health check

Many patients discovered gastric cancer when it was in late stages. The major cause is due to no routine health check habits. This is the only way to detect the disease early or to detect from the presence of peptic ulcers so that early treatments, not to the disease turn into cancer.

Malignant anemia

According to the survey of medical specialists, malignant anemia is also a major cause of gastric cancer.

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