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Top 10 ways to have an absolute sleep

If the night you're struggling with thoughts is going on in the head to win a sleep when it's almost bright. Don't skip this article. The article shares you ways to have a good night's sleep just by small changes before you sleep.

Do not use electronics

Top 10 ways to have an absolute sleep

Most anyone before bedtime are in focus to check the social network or to be entertaining. Phones, televisions and computers attract us. They brainstorm and should be wary. So, for easier sleep, you need to greet your beloved phone. It is necessary to evade these devices before bedtime because of the light from them as the quality of sleep decreases. Resist the Internet if you wake up many nights because they only make your insomnia more severe.

Turn off the light

Dark environments are the perfect space for sleep. When there is any light source, they send a signal to the brain, making it difficult to sleep. Darkness is absolutely essential because light suppresses sleep hormones as well as raising body temperature by producing cortisol hormones, causing you to "provinces as flute".

Choose the right posture when sleeping

Lying back when sleeping is the best way to reduce insomnia because at the beginning, the neck and spine are accommodated in neutral posture. Although not many people sleep with this posture, experts recommend that this is the best posture to have a good night's sleep.

Practice meditation

Research in 2009 at Stanford UNIVERSITY (USA) showed that meditation people sleep 2 times faster than those who do not meditate. This method has always been a way of resting your mind and avoiding the stress that many people prefer to transmit from life to life. However, to be able to meditate properly, you need to learn and practice more.

Limited napping

A lot of people have thought that daybed is the best way to compensate for the lost sleep from the night before but that is truly a mistake. For a more restful sleep at night, you should avoid long sleep during the day. According to experts, it is not recommended to take a lunch lasting more than 20-25 minutes.

Studies have shown that people who are sleeping for more than 2 hours or a lunch from 3 – 5 p.m. have poor sleep quality at night. Therefore, if you want to be easy to sleep in the evening, sleep in time (between 12 and 2 p.m.) and sleep up to 30 minutes.

Use lavender essential oil

Lavender not only smells pleasant but also has an advantage in therapy – used as a trigger for sleep. According to the study, smell smell 2-3 times/10 minutes can sleep faster and deeper.

Listen to gentle music

Researchers in Hong Kong detect listeners at a certain rate from 60 to 80 beats per minute, in 30 to 45 minutes before sleeping each night for quick sleep, deeper sleep and more comfort in the morning.

Control eating

Limit the amount of food consumed in the evening as it can make you full of belly and not sleep well. Avoid drinking things that contain alcohol or caffeine right before sleep as they will cause sleep disturbance. Instead, you should bathe the warm shower, make people clean, relaxed and drink a glass of hot milk.
If eating foods that are rich in energy, or supplementing 1 large amount of food before sleep makes our digestive system more work, so it's hard to have a good night's sleep. It is necessary to have a gentle dinner, and finish the meal at least 1 hour before bedtime.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are useful in treating insomnia, helping to soothe the nervous system. You can do it with following steps:

First, you sit comfortably and keep your back straight. Put the thumb into the right nostrils and ring the toes on the left nostrils.
Use your thumb to block the right nose and inhale it through the left nostril. Close both of the nose, counting 5 counts and then breathing out through the right nostrils.
Next, you breathe through the right nostril, holding the breath and breathing out through the left nostril. You can inhale longer with each new cycle of exercises. Perform this exercise about 9 times.

Do not try to force yourself to sleep

Listening through seems odd but keeping the spirits awake will make you easier to sleep. An cognitive concept called "paradoxical intention" is used to treat various psychological problems, including insomnia symptoms.

According to this method, be awake instead of feeling anxious in trying to sleep. So, the next time you have a sleep problem, choose a book or turn on some good music for listening. This can help you to feel fast asleep and easier to sleep.

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