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Top 10 wonderful uses of walnuts

Walnuts are known to be a nutrient rich grain, very good for health. With these essential nutrients such as containing double antioxidants compared to other particles, rich in energy, fats, Omega 3, abundant mineral system enriched, this type of nuts bring the benefits to extremely large health. With these rich nutrients, we can believe that the use of walnut in nutrition regime itself and the family is extremely helpful. So what's the great use of the walnut as the uses, let's take a look.

Walnuts are good for heart health

Top 10 wonderful uses of walnuts

Walnuts have been regarded as nuts for heart health. Studies over the past decades have pointed out, walnuts have a multitude of benefits over the heart and more effectively than any fruit on earth. This is because the walnut has many omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Walnuts reduce the risk of certain cancers

Some of the nutrients that are in walnuts can help control cancer cells and their growth.

Scientists noticed that eating about 6-16 walnuts/day to be supplied with Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidant and phytosterols, Alpha Linolenic acid... May reduce the risk of breast cancer, prevent and slow progression of prostate cancer, pancreas... Slowing the growth of tumor cells.

Walnuts help control diabetes

According to research at Harvard Public Health school, every week eating around 30g walnut nuts for at least 1 year, will reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 by nearly 30% compared to those who rarely or never eat nuts. By unsaturated fats in nuts is good for insulin sensitivity.

With the obesity and the risk of diabetes is quite high, Dr. David Katz is advised to eat walnuts as a nutritious food, as it is practical for health, supporting the healthy body, against being more ill.

Walnuts help keep bones strong

One fact everyone knows is that the bone weakens with age. The mineral density in the bone decreases will lead to osteoporosis. Abundant nutrition in walnuts will help your bones be healthy until old age. Those who regularly eat walnuts will not face a decrease in minerals that cause the bone to be weak in age.

Walnuts are good for pregnant women and babies

One notable benefit of walnut nuts is the ability to suppress the nausea during pregnancy of the elected mother.

Use walnuts during pregnancy helps to supplement Omega 3, amino acids L-Arginne, Phosphorus and Vitamin E. In which the content of Omega 3 three times in salmon, help the brain of the fetus and young children develop comprehensibly. According to the Faculty of Public Health Nutrition in the U.S., use of walnut when pregnancy will decrease 50% of the risk of allergic diseases in children.

Walnuts help prevent gallbladder stones

Scientists have researched data from more than 60,000 patients with a walnut diet and spent 10 years of assay time showed that walnuts help prevent gall stones very efficiently. Therefore, walnuts will be an effective method to help you prevent and cure this unbearable illness. Just add a few walnut daily diets in a 3 month continuous period that you will see that difference.

Walnuts help prevent constipation

If you suffer from chronic constipation, the walnut will help you make a difference. Walnuts have a high content of fiber, so they are effective as laxatives. Chew the shoulders of walnuts every day you will immediately see its amazing results.

Walnuts are good for the brain

Studies have shown that Omega 3 fatty acids are in walnuts to help maintain structural fat, which makes up 60% of the brain.

Adequate nutritional supplements will help to enhance memory, while reducing the risk of depression as well as behavioral problems.

Walnuts help reduce blood cholesterol

Walnuts contain essential fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and essential minerals that help to reduce bad cholesterol in the body, reduce the absorption of the small intestine for cholesterol, remove the "dirt " that cling to the vessel, purifying blood plasma.

Walnuts are good for gentlemen's semen

Researchers at the UNIVERSITY of California, Los Angeles (USA) conducted a study on 117 men aged 21 to 35. Half of these will be eaten according to the Western diet accompanied by 75 g of walnut particles per day, during 12 weeks. The remaining males also eat with the same diet but do not add walnuts to the diet.

The results showed that the number of men with walnut particles per day improved the number as well as the quality of sperm. While the remaining number of sperm quality does not change.

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