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Top 7 Kinds of Healthy Carbohydrates Not Afraid of Weight Gain

Researchers have said, starch is the main culprit that causes the appetite because of the mechanism of production of insulin hormone, starch also reserves fat, the cause of which directly leads to the weight gain. Therefore one of the effective weight loss methods now is to boycott starch, eat a variety of vegetables of fruits, beef, chicken,... However, starch is not always bad and our body still needs to starch by starch helps us balance hormones, plays an important role in the metabolism of energy, provides B vitamins and nourish the brain. To ensure a healthy diet but still full of nutrients, you need to know the good types of starch good for health, not only rich in energy but also support the weight loss process. Here are the kind of energy-rich starch, not weight gain and extremely useful that Topshare wants to share to the readers.

Pasta made from wheat

Top 7 Kinds of Healthy Carbohydrates Not Afraid of Weight Gain

Compared with steamed rice or noodles, the common Burmese, which contains too many starch to increase the weight, wheat pasta will be the perfect replacement. Food made from wheat contains a lot of fiber and through less processing, so a small amount can help you get longer. The amount of starch that will be burned is slower, abundant intake of vitamin B is also a factor for boosting the body's metabolism.


Oats are not only effective beauty ingredients but it is also a very positive weight loss material. Although oats are also foods that contain a lot of starch but it is still used for weight loss because starch in oats is a good type of starch for health, is the type of starch is not soluble, hard to turn into fat. At the same time, oats are rich in fiber and proteins are feeling a long time and ensure adequate nutrients for the body.

Cereal bread

Other than normal bread, starch in cereal bread is the type of slow-moving. Therefore, when you eat this kind of bread you will feel more energetic, no longer, limiting the feeling of hunger between the day. Cereal bread contains a large content of fiber and proteins and many other minerals that support the weight loss process.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is a golden food in the village of weight loss, most, in the Diet menu weight loss, everyone loves to use sweet potatoes. The reason is that the starch in the sweet potato is the hard-soluble starch, that is, the starch is difficult to convert into fat like with starch in white rice or bread. At the same time sweet potatoes are also rich in fiber, this is a substance that promotes the body's metabolic processes, which will burn fat faster. Not only that, the fiber in the yam also creates a longer feeling of belly so it will limit appetite.


According to the results of some studies of starch and fat in very little pumpkin. Average 1 kg of pumpkin only offers 40 calories. Fiber In the pumpkin creates a feeling of belly and helps repel blood sugar absorption process. In addition, pumpkin contains large amounts of beta-carotene, vitamins A and vitamin C, which are good for vision and also help your skin to resist wrinkles anymore.

Kinds of bean

Almost all legumes are very cheap and good for our health. Although beans are powdered starch, it contains many dietary fiber, folic acid, potassium and magnesium. These legumes can lower blood sugar, improve cholesterol levels and protect the intestinal tract. Thanks to high fiber intake, eating beans will help you for long and not eat snacks. Wendy Leonard, a dietetic expert and founder of the CURRY Nutrition method, encourages people to eat black beans, chickpeas because they contain folic acid and fiber. Legumes can also lower blood sugar, improve cholesterol and maintain a healthy body.


You will surely find it surprising that fruits are grouped into starch. In fact, the main ingredient of the fruits is glucose-1 crystalline powder. Fruits are plentiful foods of vitamins and minerals, not only do not cause weight gain but also help bright skin beautiful, toughness resistance. Everyone rumors that the fruits are too sweet as grapes, Mango... Will make you fat, but in fact they are sources of vitamin A, C abundantly and even the sugar they bring to the body are also natural types that do not cause fat.

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