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Top 9 wonderful uses of guava for pregnant women

Đối voi cac ba bầu thì luon có nhiều thu phải kieng khem nhiều thu để tranh ảnh hưởng đến suc khẻo của mẹ va be. Nhiều người cho rằng nếu ba bầu ăn ổi trong thai kỳ khi sinh con ra sẽ bị tróc ghẻ. Tuy nhien quan niem đó hoan toan sai lầm bởi ổi la mot laoij quả giau chất dinh dưỡng rất tốt cho suc khỏe ba bầu. Xem top 8 cong dụng tuyet vời của quả ổi danh cho ba bầu chắc chắn sẽ khiến bạn ngạc nhien va thay đổi suy nghĩ về quả ổi voi ba bầu.

Helps boost immunity

Top 9 wonderful uses of guava for pregnant women

To take care of the pregnant woman, strengthening the immune system is a matter of special note. Besides substances such as vitamin E, carotenoid, polyphenols,... The content of ascorbic acid vitamin C in the guava is very high, even more than citrus fruits. Therefore, it is an important fruit to play in strengthening immunity to the elected mother. In addition, this is also a Vietnamese fruit with good nutrients that help eliminate the disease pregnant women often encounter when pregnant like toothache, gums, tooth bleeds, ulcers...

Support fetal neurological development

Not only good for pregnant mother, guava is very good for the fetus. In amniotic contains the intake of folic acid and vitamin B9 – very important for the development of the nervous system of the fetus.

Canxi additional

Moms elect to care for their good health care, it is definitely necessary to know that a large amount of calcium is beneficial for the development of fetal teeth and bones. Use 1 guava or drink each cup of daily guava juice will help to provide sufficient amount of calcium.

Add fiber

A large-sized guava can provide 36% of the daily fiber intake for the body. Using regular guava can help pregnant women have enough nutrients because in the guava there is a large content of fiber has the effect of treating hemorrhoids, constipation effectively.

Treating diarrhea

The guava has a very good therapeutic effect because in the guava have astringent (chemical compounds tend to shrink other components in the body). In addition, the alkaline compound in the guava has the ability to prevent and inhibit bacterial growth during dysentery. In addition, the guava has the carotenoids, vitamins C and potassium that support the healing of cases of gastritis.

Reduce the risk of anemia

During pregnancy, the mother's body has many easy transitions that lead to anemia that causes dangers to both mom and baby. Meanwhile, the nutritional components present in the guava work to promote blood hemoglobin help minimize anemia during pregnancy. Simply taking each day a glass of guava juice is able to help prevent the situation.

Relaxing nerves

The magnesium found in the left of the nervous system and the muscles of her pregnant body is relaxed because during the period of gestation especially the late gestational mother's body regularly feels aches, edema. Besides quickly getting into weight, hormonal changes, psychophysiological heart is also the main reason for pregnant mother to feel stress, nervous tension. Use of guava or juice from guava will be a very effective cure for pregnancy stress.

Blood pressure stable

One of the special things to be noted when pregnancy is the first trimester is avoiding the condition of high blood pressure. Although there are many high blood pressure products, the birth of children remains healthy and safe. However, it does not mean that the condition is absolutely harmless during pregnancy, since after the 20th week, the mother of a serious high blood pressure can lead to preeclampsia and a possible loss of indigestion or even a miscarriage. What does it mean to be eaten by the pregnant woman? The answer is that the abundant potassium content in the left guava helps to resist the phenomenon of high blood pressure, cardiovascular stability.

Preventing germs

In the guava has a large amount of antitoxin, antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C, carotenoid,... It is used to help the body to elect against bacteria, bacteria that protect against any type of illness. So the guava is good for the elect not you can be assured of this problem.

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