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Top 5 ways to help develop the maximum height for children

The height of the child develops depends only over 20% due to genetics, remaining as close to 80% due to other factors such as nutrition, living habits, sport... Due to maternal measurements, there are ways to help develop the maximum height for the child. Topshare would share to parents the following ways.


Top 5 ways to help develop the maximum height for children

Environmental and social factors have a huge impact on the development of children's fitness, especially height development.

Children prone to low-malnutrition whistle when living in underdeveloped socio-economic conditions, polluted environments, insufficient clean water, food that does not guarantee hygienic safety and poor care quality.

Pregnancy and childbirth

During the period of gestation, maternal nutrition affects the weight and length of the fetal growth. Therefore before the period of pregnancy, during pregnancy, the period of breastfeeding, the mother must eat full of vital nutrients that are protein, iodine, iron, folic acid, the fatty acids not No (DHA, ARA)... To develop healthy children.


Nutrition contributes up to 32% to the development of the child's height. Nutrition should have enough energy to suit each age. If too few babies will be malnourished but too much cause obesity.

Children's meals need to ensure a full range of 4 food groups: protein (up to 10-15% of total energy), starch (up to 60-65% of total energy), fat (up to 10% of total energy) and vitamins and minerals. Do not eat anything too much, cause imbalances.

Physical fitness

Bone cartilage is the element that forms the height of the baby. In order for healthy bones to grow, exercise, sport is the most essential thing. Some good sports for height development such as swinging, swimming, basketball, stretching exercises such as cat-style long, Cobra type, leg stretching exercises...

Get enough sleep

With children, sleep plays an extremely important role and affects height growth. Infants usually sleep 22 hours, 2-6 months to sleep 15-18 hours, 6-18 months of sleep for 13-15 hours, 18 months to 3 years old should be sleeping 12-13 hours and children aged 3 to 7 years should sleep 11-12 hours per day.

It is recommended that children go to bed before 22 p.m., a deep sleep between 22 hours and 3 a.m. at the body at the highest growth hormone.

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