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Top 10 best Songs of Momoland

Momoland is a 7-member South Korean girl group that includes: Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Daisy, Ahin, Nancy founded in Nov. 2016 by Double Kick Company (now MLD Entertainment) through the reality television show Finding Momoland aired on Mnet's television channel. The group debuted on 10 Nov 2016 with the debut mini album Welcome To Momoland. After two members left the group, MOMOLAND officially returned to a lively track in the late days of 2019. MOMOLAND released her second single album "Thumbs Up", which included the MV for the title track of the same title. This is their latest music product in his hometown after 9 months from the 4th mini album "Show Me" with the exciting hit "I'm So Hot ". This was MOMOLAND's first re-export with a 6-person squad after Yeonwoo and Taeha left the group, which was Daisy still managing a contract with the governing company. In the same day showcase, the group is quite sad because the team is less members but will try to bring out the enthusiastic performances. Topshare points back to the best songs of the South Korean family of MOMOLAND.

Thumbs Up

Top 10 best Songs of Momoland

Thumbs Up - Thumbs Up

MV- MOMOLAND(모모랜드) _ Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up is the song that marks the return of the Momoland group. In MV, the girls became intimate with the MomoExpress service staff. In MV "Thumbs Up " There is a segment of our country that runs across the screen with the Philippines, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

I'm So Hot

Momoland - I'm So Hot

MV- Momoland - I'm So Hot

"I'm So Hot " is a product of Shinsadong Tiger's manufacturer. The song bears the familiar colors of the producer with their earrings, addictive drop-in, which makes the listener dance to the melody.

Banana Chacha

Banana Chacha- Momoland

MV Banana Chacha- Momoland

On 17/9/2019, the MV Banana Chacha of the Momoland girl group reached over 35 million views, making up an unprecedented record of the animated music VIDEOS of the current groups. Banana Chacha is the theme song of Pororo-the beloved animated film worldwide. The song became a hot topic to be performed by Momoland, who was a favorite of all the people. Momoland's Banana Chacha is now attracting the attention of elementary students and babies in a boisterous manner thanks to the playful hip shaking of the banana shells and lyrics that are easy to remember and sing.
In particular, imitating the Banana Chacha song and Dance of Momoland became a popular activity among elementary and kindergarten children. The video series and cover content on this track are constantly appearing.


Holiday - Momoland

Holiday Lyrics

Holiday is a song released on 3/2019 by the group. The song has a playful melody.


Freeze- Momoland

MV- Freeze- Momoland

Freeze la mot ca khuc dễ thương được phat hanh ngay 22 thang 8 năm 2017.

What You Want

What You Want- Momoland

What You Want- Lyrics

What you want – is the fifth song in MOMOLAND's fifth mini album, Show Me.

Wonderful Love

Wonderful Love - Momoland

MV- Wonderful Love- Momoland

Wonderful Love Released Apr 25, 2017

BBoom BBoom

BBoom BBoom- Momoland

BBoom BBoom - Momoland- MV

BBoom BBoom is the main song on the Great album!. The song was released on Jan. 3, 2ndh018 by the Dublekick Company and distributed by LOEN Entertainment. The Japanese version of the song was released as a CD on June 13, 2018 by King Records.

The song was nominated for the first time in the music program Inkigayo for 12 consecutive weeks.


BAAM- Momoland


The girls have taken the cultural identity of many countries in the world into their new MV. As a result, fans are very excited to see the Vietnamese long-sleeved MOMOLAND members and show the very adorable choreography.

Jan! Koong! Kwang!

Jan! Koong! Kwang!- Momoland

Jan! Koong! Kwang!- Momoland- mv

On Nov. 9, 2006, MOMOLAND finally debuted after a survival audition process on long television.
The group released a colorful music video for their debut theme, J Jjan! Koong! Kwang!

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