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Top 10 good food for people with diabetes

Each year, the population of the water test increases diabetic people also increases, what they eat is also limited. Here are the top 10 recommended foods doctors use every day to balance the sugar in the body does not cause other complications especially heart disease.

Fatty fish

Top 10 good food for people with diabetes

It is known as an indispensable food in the family with different types of fish. But the fish is very good for people with diabetes with fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring are all supplies fatty acids omega3 DHA and EPA for strong heart system. Diabetes with people who are suffering from heart attack eating fatty fish will ensure the nutrients retention of the DHA and EPA protects the cells in the blood network, reducing the risk of heart death, heart failure. Fatty fish is a very high quality protein rich food you can eat more fish, eat no without fear of being fat.

Leafy green vegetables

Leafy green vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are known to be an indispensable food for every daily rice feast in every family. Green vegetables provide many levels of chlorine, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals very large, especially vitamin C. To minimize blood sugar scientists have researched the content of vitamin C in vegetables to help minimize the likelihood of inflammation and increase blood sugar, good for people with type 2 diabetes. With the best vegetables for diabetes, such as vegetables, kale, spinach, spinach... Provide good nutrients to the body. In addition, green vegetables are also known for the use of eye protection such as cataracts, gold spot attitude.


Cinnamon is a very characteristic spices, with a very fragrant smell that works in beauty and health as well as not least other healthy foods. A lot of scientists have researched out that cinnamon helps to reduce blood sugar and increase the sensitivity of insulin also to that cinnamon can lower cholesterol and fat in the body. On the other hand, Ceylon cinnamon (true cinnamon) contains fewer coumarin. Every day you should take note of only a small amount of no more than 2, 5g cassia per day.


Eggs are a very simple and too familiar dish for you and are also good food for people with diabetes. People with type 2 diabetes should use 2 eggs per meal daily. Eating eggs is also not too many calories that make us no belly to be easy. Eggs can help you antioxidant improve the eyes while lowering the risk of heart disease, reduce inflammation, improve in-Su-lin sensitivity and increase the amount of cholesterol in the body and reduce cholesterol levels.

Chia seeds

A very low profile of sugar starch helps to limit the incidence of blood sugar in the patient's body. Chia seeds are good food for people with diabetes they help to reconcate glucose levels in the body. Helps the body lose cravings for sweets, thereby reducing the amount of fat in the body as well as avoiding the diabetes. People with Level 2 diabetes show that chia seeds can reduce blood pressure significantly.


Known for its many uses as beauty, is one of the spices in the kitchen.. Turmeric is also very good for health reducing the likelihood of infectious inflammation, sugar level, risk of heart disease thanks to the curcumin composition in turmeric. Is a very good spice with health enhancing the absorption up about 2,000% with piperine nutrient composition.


Chestnut, almond, cashew,... Are all foods that dry snacks a lot much love. Not only has the attraction but also a lot of very good health levels that help reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar, HbA1c and LDL. People with type 2 diabetes eating more than 30g walnuts in daily meals help to improve the physical, reduce weight and level of in-Su-lin in the body, avoid the diseases of the mind, cancer.


Strawberries are capable of reducing cholesterol and in-Su-lin intake after meals. Anthocyanin antioxidants in this fruit help improve blood sugar and reduce the risk of heart disease in people with diabetes 2. Provide adequate intake of vitamin C in each meal and the anti-capsules beneficial for strong heart system.



Is spices in the kitchen but for garlic health with people with type 2 diabetes
May reduce inflammation, blood sugar as well as bad cholesterol, LDL, effective in lowering blood pressure.


Squash as well as other vegetables that provide a variety of oxidizing fish, the content of lutein and zeaxanthin is in the pumpkin that prevents cataract diseases of macular degeneration. The word pumpkin has researched the fat loss effect as well as people with diabetes will reduce its sugar significantly.

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