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Top 12 low sugar fruits for your health

Most fruits are good for health, especially those with normal health and not applying any of the Khem diets. However for those who are performing weight loss regime or suffering from diseases that need to limit excessive consumption of sugar, it should be noted when eating fruit. Excessive consumption of sugar is also the habit of eating negative for your health. You therefore need to have a proper diet and a choice of healthy, low-sugar fruits. Top 10 good fruit less sugar for health.


Top 12 low sugar fruits for your health

As a daughter nobody is unaware of the great uses of Kiwi, the fruit that helps to beautify the skin, and helps to lose weight quickly. Because, in Kiwi are full of vitamin C, minerals, antioxidants, potassium... It should be a fruit snack that provides adequate nutrition for the daughter but it contains very little sugar.


This is the number 1 choice in these low-sugar fruits without worrying about weight gain. Grapefruit has a mild sour sweet taste and helps to limit the appetite for snacks or junk food. In addition, grapefruit also contains abundant vitamin C content, which effectively burns excess fat.


Is a fruit that is not only juicy and easy to eat but also contains many uses for the skin. With high fiber content, guava is not only the ideal fruit for the person who wants to lose weight but also provides adequate nutrients for the body. In addition, guava is also known as foods rich in crude, vitamins, proteins and minerals, without cholesterol and low in carbohydrates, making you feel good and tasty.


Avocado is one of the most nutritious food and is called by global nutritionist "Perfect food" by the avocado fruit containing very little fat and less sugar. Avocado is especially rich in fiber and minerals such as potassium, copper, and essential vitamins such as E, A, K, B6 and C. Avocado fruit also contains folate, copper and protein. Avocado brings a lot of benefits to health and is frequently used in skin care and hair.


Papaya is a fruit that contains many nutrients and brings many health benefits. Papaya enhances digestion by papains-chemicals in papaya helps stimulate digestion process. Papaya is also rich in essential vitamins; Especially vitamin A. Substance carotene in papaya helps prevention and prevention of cancer. The low amount of sodium in the papaya is especially good for people with cholesterol problems. Papaya helps to improve skin tone and prevent pigment and discoloration. Papaya contains antioxidants that help to slow down the aging process. Papaya is the fruit that helps prevent baldness very effectively.


This fruit possesses a large amount of vitamin C, antioxidant and dietary fiber. Therefore, strawberries can support the immune system, reduce inflammation.
A study came from the city of Memorial Sloan-Kettering at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York (USA), which has shown that anthocyanin compounds in this fruit help prevent insulin resistance. This is one of the causes of diabetes 2 and cardiovascular diseases.

Red raspberry

The raspberry contains a substantial amount of fiber 8g/cup-and only 5g in sugar. Fiber is good for digestion and can help you feel no more with fewer calories. The raspberry is perfect in size to enjoy each and every fruit, and they are not bad with a little cream and a spoon.


It's great when the flavor and satisfaction are wrapped in an average melon slice just with 5g sugar – and 23 calories. Try enjoying with a hint of cottage cheese and few salt grains.

Black raspberries

Black raspberry contains only 7g of sugar in 144g so you do not have to feel guilty to the body when using this dark fruit to eat snacks. In addition, they also contain many antioxidants and dietary fiber.


The peach is quite sweet but in a left size only 13g of sugar should still be seen as a fruit with little sugar content.

These 12 fruits only have sugar from 0 – 13g but you should pay attention to the amount of food when eating these fruits. 128g of watermelon is only 10g sugar, but if you eat 3 or 4 times that amount, the sugar content will be higher than the equivalent of a freshwater cans!


The fruit is well-loved by the sweetness, pleasant and cool. This is just a fruit that contains less sugar and a relatively high nutritional content. So, if you want to eat beautiful skin, you can not ignore melon. This fruit contains a full range of vitamins that the body needs, especially the content of vitamin A and C is extremely high. Therefore, with the girls who want to eat delicious, newly beautiful skin, anti-aging, then melon will be the ideal fruit.


With high nutritional content, apples are also one of the less sugar fruits that you should supplement daily. Can take advantage of apples to make juices, salads... And appetite helps to weigh steadily. Moreover, this type of fruit is rich in fiber, helps no longer, effectively supports weight loss.

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