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Top 12 beautiful Golden leaf sights in the world

Nature is great when you give a picture of four seasons of excellence. Spring tree fruit sprouts bounce, summer instead of leaves, winter are white leaves Frost and autumn is a magical season when trees all over the world together show off the red, orange, gold is extremely spectacular to captivate people. From the mid-8th to the 9th of March, the tourists in the world were looking for, choosing the golden-season viewing spots to enjoy a great holiday and to mark up the magnificent moments. In the following, let's join Topshare points through several locations "Autumn Leaves Bay" beautiful and magical than elsewhere.

Paris, France

Top 12 beautiful Golden leaf sights in the world

The autumn flavor is flooded with the streets of Paris. Being able to say autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year for tourists to visit Paris, by perhaps at this time the cost is cheaper, less crowded and even more beautiful natural landscapes.
It is also a great time to admire the Palais-Royal Garden or the Versailles than when these places are clothed with the fiery red colors of the foliage.

Nami Island, South Korea

The scenery on Nami Island is beautiful despite being a season of the year, but only if the autumn of you has a chance to walk under the trees filled with falling gold foliage, romantic as in the "Winter Love Song". Nami Island became famous as well thanks to the film, which was also the film of many other romantic films.


The ancient capital of Japan attracted a great island of tourists due to its unique cultural and culinary features, the quaint temples bearing Japanese colors, but perhaps the more wonderful thing is autumn leaves, especially the brilliant red of the foliage covered around the temple of Daigoji will make you overwhelmed.

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley Vineyards

Napa Valley is renowned as home to a wide range of sobbish wines, but it is also a place where the golden foliage of dreams in California.

Lake Hallstätter See, Austria

Hồ Hallstatter See

From Lake Hallstatter See, guests can admire the panoramic view of the Austrian Alps. The autumn leaves are blended into the blue waters of the lake, creating an unspeakable beauty.

Budapest, Hungary

Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungarian capital

Autumn is the most wonderful season to visit the beautiful Budapest city. In late March, the city was dubbed "The jewel of the Danube" becoming more brilliant with the vivid colors of the foliage.

London, England

Peeking the Big Ben watch tower through the autumn foliage

Autumn in the United Kingdom lasts from Sept. 11, then the brilliant golden red of the leaf-changing foliage is everywhere. For those who love to picnic under the sky, then Hyde Park is a place not to be missed.

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, China

Located in Sichuan Province, China, Jiuzhaigou National Zoo is famous for nine Tibetan villages. As a UNESCO World Heritage SITE, coming to Jiuzhaigou, visitors can be able to admire the rare animals such as pandas, Sichuan yellow monkeys, and Sichuan antelope Goat , as well as red, orange and brilliant gold of leafy plants during the autumn months.

Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany

The castle of Neuschwanstein inspires Disney's Cinderella castle even more fanciful as the autumn colours cover it. The castle was once the residence of King Ludwig II, and is now one of the most attended palace in the world.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Whether it's a way to visit Amsterdam by road with bicycles or waterways on the canals, the beauty of the golden autumn foliage will overwheld you so much to forget that this season of the city's daytime period lasts only 9 hours.

Plateau in Scotland

The Scottish Plateau is the site of the most magnificent landscapes of Scotland, and its beauty is more overwhelmed in the autumn weather. Autumn is also the best time for you to explore the wild world of animals such as red deer, gray seals, Bell Goose and Swan.

Quebec, Canada

From the middle to the end of Sept 9 is the most ideal time to admire the rampant autumn in all of Quebec with red, orange and yellow foliage interspersed. For a more unique experience, take a rest in the Hobbit houses located in the woodland.

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