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Top 10 most beautiful cherry blossom viewing spots in Seoul

Just like Japan, every year Korea is busy with unique cherry blossom festivals. Cherry blossoms are also grown in many places in the land of kimchi, while still to visit the capital Seoul. Cherry blossoms in Seoul bloom most beautifully in the 2nd week of April. In the Korean capital alone, there are 4 festivals dedicated to this flower. If you are planning to have a trip to Korea to see cherry blossoms in the future, please refer to this article to have more information about the most beautiful place to see cherry blossoms in Seoul.

Seoul Grand Park

Top 10 most beautiful cherry blossom viewing spots in Seoul

If you don't want to be in the cherry blossom festivals in the capital, you can head to the great Seoul Park, which is located in Gwacheon City, bordering Seoul. True to the big park, here are the cherry blossom streets and brilliant spring flowers, and there are spaces for tourists to camp, rest and have a zoo, which is a very interesting visit for the children.

Yeouido Park

The small island of Yeouido, located on the Han River, is one of Seoul's most famous sites for you to immerse yourself in the space of the cherry blossom. Annually, the place "Spring Festival Yeouido " attracts a large amount of tourists and local people to attend. With over 1,600 cherry blossom trees scattered across the island, Yeouido really became a paradise of cherry blossoms. Try enjoying a light snack and walk along the Han River to see the delicate yet enchanting cherry blossoms.

Seoul Forest Park

Properly named Forest Park, to the Seoul forest you will see the atmosphere become fresh, pleasant and feel natural ecological in the most obvious way. All species of green plants and wildlife live here. In addition, the park also has small flower gardens lined up in the long row, the park also has an ice-skating area, holiday rooms around the shore, water play area and a family playground.

Seokchon Lake

It will be flawed if you ignore the wonderful flower viewing site by Seokchon Lake. Located in eastern Seoul, Seokchon Lake is a place where you can easily gaze at the cherry blossoms and soak in the bustling atmosphere of spring. Along with that, you can plan the nearby Lotte World theme park to unleash your play.

Seonyudo Park

Seonyudo Park is South Korea's first regenerative ecological park built from the water purification zone in 2002. In the spring, in addition to cherry Blossom Street, you can also watch the rich vegetation in the park and enjoy the panoramic view of Han River.


Located in the heart of the city, the 262m tall Namsan Mountain is the location of the famous Namsan (or N Seoul Tower) TV Tower. The tower became a symbol of Seoul since its first opening in 1980. From the top of the tower, guests can easily enjoy panoramic views of Seoul from above. It is also the ideal route for you to see the beautiful cherry blossoms. The nature of Namsan appears with vegetation that is extremely rich and varied, with distinct attraction that cannot be mixed or comparable. Spring is dressed in a bluish green of the tree buds and the brilliance of the sugar flowers, the thin cherries flying along the wind throughout the mountain path.

Kyunghee University

As one of South Korea's top universities, Kyunghee's highlights are Gothic-style buildings, the campus is shaded by trees, and now the school is holding the throne as one of the most beautiful universities in Seoul. In particular, in the spring more than 200 cherry blossom trees bloom along the road from the main entrance to the school grounds is an interesting highlight for tourists.

Seoul Children's Park

Seoul Children's Park is a place to play, camp, and see the spring flowers extremely ideal for families with little kids. Just prepare the tent, the canvas and the rice box is that we can camp all day here. There is also a game area in the park for both adults and children.

National Martyrs ' Cemetery

Seoul National Martyrs ' Cemetery is not famous for foreigners, especially with the Vietnamese, as its name may be misleading. But with the capital people, this is one of the most amazing park spaces to rest. Here comes the great high-tech cherry trees down the ground, coming to see the cherry blossoms finishing you will find no more beautiful places.

A cherry blossom line by the Yangjae stream

The two sides of Yangjae streams are walking, daily exercise of the people of Gangnam area, one side of the Golden Bell Gaenari, one side of cherry blossom, also airy space and less people than the central area.

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