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Top 10 hottest foreign tourist destinations of the year 2019

"The world is a book, and those who do not go experience just have to read a page". To discover this endless book, people aspire to conquer and set foot in distant places with clean air and beautiful landscapes. Tell me the land you have set foot! In the following, Topshare introduces you to the most recent attractions this year.

Maldives Vacation

Top 10 hottest foreign tourist destinations of the year 2019

Hotel Muraka-The first underwater hotel in the world

Maldives Beach

The Maldives (full name Republic of the Maldives) is an island nation in the Indian Ocean with more than 1192 islands including over 26 atolls and about 200 inhabited islands.
Maldives is famous for its sea and luxury resorts. Sea Maldives "Rat very beautiful" sand min, the blue sea water can be seen at the bottom. The Maldives Resort is a 4, 5-star luxury hotel with full facilities suitable for tourists.

Live Virtual Paradise Bali-Indonesia

Uluwatu Temple

Bali Travel Experience

Bali is the name of an island and a province of Indonesia. The province comprises the Bali main island and several neighboring small islands, notably Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. Not only famous as the paradise of couples, Bali also captivates tourists thanks to the pristine attractions, cultural diversity and the amazing natural scenery can be named Uluwatu Temple, the Palace of the Aquarium, the Temple of Heaven, the Sky Gate...

Fenghuang Phoenix -China

The Phoenix is the name of a Chinese ancient town located in Fenghuang County. Fenghuang is located next to the river of Da Giang, the ancient city also houses many cities, the streets, Old House, Gia Trang, Van Mieu, Temple. Its age has led the Phoenix to become one of the cultural living museums. It used to be the school film of popular Chinese films. The unspoiled and casual scene of Chinese colors makes the painting attract tourists.


Lijiang China Ancient Landscape

Lijiang is one of the most famous ancient towns of Yunnan province in China. To Lijiang is to come to a beautiful ancient city both in terms of landscapes and history, inhabited by ethnic Bach (Bai), Western refills (Naxi) and Tibet (Zang); The place of friendship and the traditional cultural values of different ethnic groups mingle into a ancient landscape with outstanding values.
The Old City is located at 2,400 m, on the Van Noble Plateau, less than 500 km from Kunming and an area of 3.8 km². It is famous for its waterway and sewer system, which is also known as the "Venezia of the East". Lijiang has 354 bridges (averring 1 km² of 93) north of the Emerald River system in the inner city, with quaint street corners mixed with curled canals, every corner of the street, the house is quiet and calm.


Zhangjiajie is located in Hunan Province, China which is considered to be the first place in the world. The place is attractive by the scenery of non-green, water knows, feng shui friendship. Come here, you will admire the sights that only this place can gain: Watch over 3000 columns of rocks, cliffs with diverse shapes; Sandstone Forest, the majestic book Valley, Poetic.... This place is the film's film "The West" is famous to this day.

DuBai-United Arab Emirates

Burj Al Arab-The world's first 7-star hotel

Beauty of Dubai

Dubai is a city and is one of the Seven Kingdoms of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai is famous for its great architecture, the skyscrapers "City on Clouds", bustling commercial center, hotel 7 * Lavish and extravagant, game speed rides Land Cruiser in the desert. In addition, Arab cultural relics remain deposited in the golden markets, spice markets, Bastakiya Old Town, fortresses and the Dubai Museum.

Bhutan-Happy Country

Bhutan-Happy Country

Discover the world's happiest country-Bhutan

Bhutan is an inland country in the eastern Himalayan Mountains of southern Asia. Bhutan is called with many different names such as "City on Clouds", "the happiest country in the world", "the Thunder Dragon Kingdom" to Bhutan you will have a chance to dive into secluded villages and visit ancient temples and monasteries located deep in the mountains to feel the peace and The most distinct lives of Bhutan's people with other lands.

The land of the Warriors-Inner Mongolia

Travel tent in Mongolia

The animal life of the Mongolian tourist

Mongolia is a central-East Asian country. The country is famous for its thousands of steppe, wandering people, windswept horses that blend in with each other to create a full and fascinating canvas in the Mongolian country. To Mongolia you will experience the feeling of sleeping tent between steppe, horse riding, eating food from meat, sheep's milk and goats.


Potala Palace

Experiences in Tibet

Located on the Hymalaya range with an average elevation of about 4.900 m, Tibet is considered to be the "roof of the World" with snow-covered mountains all year round. Spring and Summer is the most suitable time for pilgrimage and visiting Tibet, by the winter the temperature of this land can down the sound several tens of degrees. This time is also the festive season of Tibet, pilgrims from around the Qi triumphs on here, in the colorful festive atmosphere.


St Basil's Basilica

Beautiful Russian landscapes and songs

The Russian Federation is not only the convergence of many European cultural streams, Russia is also donated by nature for magnificent and magnificent beauty. The country is named after the great history of birch and the long-standing culture that has made the characteristic of this vast country. The monumental architectural works are modern in Europe, and classic, elegance like the Winter Palace, Ostankino Tower, Red Square,... In addition, you will be able to admire the world-famous artworks displayed in magnificent museums, great architectural works. For those who are passionate about art and love a peaceful, romantic atmosphere, it is impossible not to come to Russia.

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