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Top 10 mental illness in the world

There are many types of mental illnesses, most of which are reflected in personality, emotion, behavior, memory and consciousness. Most of the causes of this disease are due to social and psychological factors. With a gradual approach to physical life, people are increasingly attentive to the spiritual side. However, due to the pressure of social and genetic work, etc., many people are mentally ill. In the list of the top ten spiritual diseases in the world, there are common mental illnesses, and will then explain the insights to everyone.


Top 10 mental illness in the world

Schizophrenia is a group of severe mental diseases with unknown etiology. It has many manifestations. Some people will have auditory hallucinations and delusions, and some people will become deferred and bizarre action. Hallucinations, delusions, irritability, depression and anxiety, and cognitive deficiencies are common symptoms. Most patients with schizophrenia can be relieved by treatment, but 10% to 30% of patients suffering from schizophrenia are ineffective, called schizophrenia.


Depression is a mental illness in the top ten most common forms of disease in the world. Today, many people are depressed by stress of work, habitat and other reasons. Especially in Japan, many workers suffer from depression, so the rate of suicide in Japan is very high. Moreover, the depression is not cured well, and 75% to 80% of patients have multiple relapses and patients need long-term medication.

Lack of willpower

A lack of goodwill is reflected in the patient's lack of interest in the surrounding things, lacking any emotional reaction to the external environment and its changes. Loss of the mind usually occurs at the same time with lack of thoughts, lethargy or deterioration and lack of interest. It will lead to the patient becoming less passionate and lacking in motivation with life, becoming lonely and indifferent.


Autism is more common in children, is more common in men and onset in infants and young children. Common symptoms in children with autism are language and social interaction disorders, stereotypes and intellectual disabilities. At present, the treatment, education and training of autism is the most effective and important treatment method. Currently, drug treatment is still not able to change the course of autism.

Illusion syndrome

The illusion syndrome is similar to paranoia, the patient would love to communicate with strangers and then condemn them and think that they are disguised as relatives, moreover, everywhere to follow themselves. But in fact, they think their family and friends have been replaced by strangers, and they live in a plot.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a very common mental illness, and is more common in young people, obsessive-compulsive disorder has become one of the 20 diseases that young people 15-44 years of age often acquired. Do not think obsessive compulsive disorder is not a serious problem. If you do not diagnose and treat promptly, obsessive-compulsive disorder will greatly affect your life.

Cotard syndrome

Most patients with Cotard syndrome think that they have died or the body is stolen, outside for that remain healthy, but they think they suffer from serious diseases. 69% of patients refused their existence, but, paradoxically, 55% of patients had illusions about eternal life. The disease is most common in patients with schizophrenia and head injuries.


As a type of sick object or certain situation that creates a feeling of intense fear, for example, fear of high, fear of living alone, afraid of private space, etc. in general, adolescents and elderly and women are more common. The available personality of the patient tends to be naive, timid, shy, dependent, and high internal living.

Memory decline

Common memory impairment is Alzheimer's disease, a mental illness by the gradual loss of neural and synaptic neurons in the cerebral cortex and some areas under the casing. 5% of those over 65 years old have memory impairment and people over 85 years old rate increased by 20%. People with memory impairment will suffer from impaired memory, emotional extremes, personality disorders,... In severe cases, they will not be able to take care of themselves.


Anorexia is a mental illness, mainly eating disorders. Most patients with anorexia can not maintain normal eating. In severe cases, they need to rely on the drug to sustain life. If it is not treated promptly, it will cause the body to be extremely weak and fatality if severely damaged. 5% to 15% of patients eventually die of cardiac complications, multiple organ failure, secondary infection and suicide.

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