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Top 10 fruits that help lower blood pressure effectively

High blood pressure is a common disease in our country, most of them are in older adults and pregnant mothers. This disease when relapse without timely treatment will lead to paralysis, further aggravation will lead to death. Therefore, daily diet is very important for sick people. In every daily meal you can use more of the fruits below will help you prevent and relieve high blood pressure disease.


Top 10 fruits that help lower blood pressure effectively

Pomegranates are a very beautiful fruit and are often used by Vietnamese families, in pomegranates that contain ingredients that help your blood pressure to be stable and very good for those who are high in blood pressure. Please regularly use pomegranate to eat or squeeze drinking water is also delicious and nutritious, but you take note when used because in pomegranates also have some ingredients that affect the effects of cholesterol lowering drugs and antihypertensive drugs. So if you are using the medicine please consult your doctor if you are abstinence when taking the drug.


Bananas are a fairly common type and are very much loved, the starch content in bananas is quite high along with nutrients such as: VitaminA, B, C, pectin... With these ingredients available in banana so good bananas for those with hypertension, eating bananas daily you will see its use very pronounced.


Eating more apples will help you to improve the blood circulation and the prevention of the dangerous atherosclerotic disease. In apples containing many substances such as citric acid, vitamins A, B, C... will help for high blood pressure and coronary artery patients very well.


In watermelon contains large quantities of amino acids that can help control high blood pressure. It can help your body produce nitric oxide, which is a gas that relaxes the blood vessel and promotes flexibility in the arteries. These effects support more circulating blood flow, which can lower blood pressure. So let's use plenty of watermelon to help your blood sugar be stabilized.


According to research specialists when eating kiwi each day will help patients with blood sugar problems are stabilized. Because the kiwi contains a very good ingredient of Lutein for this blood pressure.


High blood pressure resulting in a stroke is a disease now a lot of people are concerned and worried. In butter contains many potassium content and good vitamins for the body to help the body to be healthy, avoid diseases such as: reduce vision, reduce the risk of heart attack, prevent cancer, anti-inflammatory... and especially to help the blood pressure to be stabilized is not increased erratic.


Pear is a type of fruit that is frequently used by people to heat the body. This is also a very good fruit for people with hypertension and high blood sugar. Make regular use of 1 to 2 fruits per day for a steady blood sugar.

Oranges & Tangerines

In orange and Tangerine contains many vitamins C, citric acid and a lot of other nutrients. Using a variety of these two fruits also helps you to avoid gastrointestinal disturbances caused by increased blood pressure as well as the ability to detoxise the liver and stabilize blood sugar.


Cherries are a delicious fruit rich in Antoxian, this is a very good antioxidant. Use this fruit regularly to help you have a good blood sugar and avoid diseases such as stroke or myocardial infarction Nhe.


Grapes have a very good blood pressure conditioner, in grapes there are not many components of Cali salt, it is very effective to help the disease hypertension is extremely efficient, you can use fresh grapes and raisins are very good. Or you can use the sugar grapes to make delicious drinks, but also to help the disease in the blood.

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