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Top 10 countries should travel in October

October brings a poetic autumn, which is a good weather time for exciting foreign trips. The time of capturing is the moment of harmony of the earth and sky, the spectacular transformation of nature creating extremely wonderful scenery in many tourist destinations around the world. If you have not selected a destination for yourself in this October, then please refer to the country should travel in October in this article.

Japan Travel Oct

Top 10 countries should travel in October

Japan destinations are favored by many tourists around the world. It is famous for its bustling centres, temples with unique architecture. Here you must visit the ancient temples of Fushimi Inari-Taisha (Kyoto), Itsukushima Shrine (Hiroshima),...
The 10th month weather in Japan is similar to South Korea. 10 months both Japan entered autumn. The air here is cool, extremely pleasant. The hardwood turned to gold foil, the red leaves will give you the beautiful picture shot.

Korea Travel Oct

October 10 is the Korean time to step in the autumn. Autumn in this country is the most beautiful Asian. Come here in autumn you will be feeling cool, extremely pleasant weather and stunning views. The hardwood will gradually turn red to create an extremely poetic setting.
If you choose to swing to South Korea in October, you should visit locations such as the beautiful Jeju Islands, Nami Island, Pusan,... To Korea you will have the opportunity to admire the unique ancient architecture and many natural landscapes that bring beauty and grandeur.

Tourism in Bali, Indonesia Oct

Explore the country of Indonesia this Oct. You will not be able to ignore the beautiful island tourism in Bali here. Bali is known for being a scenic tropical island, like paradise. Weather in Oct in Bali relatively cool, pleasant suitable for sightseeing and mountaineering, scuba diving... If you want to have a perfect holiday in Bali as well as participate in outdoor play activities, avoid crowded, cheap, October 10 is the best time to travel Bali.

UK Travel Oct

You will admire the golden and red glow of the beautiful leafy forest. Below, are the best destinations in Oct when you visit the UK:

The romantic Lake District is famous for its lake and mountain terrain, which is also England's deepest and longest lake. Come here, you will be intrigued by the tall rocky hills, the sky of clouds, lake surface in the light sunshine of autumn weather.

Epping Forest is an ancient forest in eastern England, in October 10 it offers fun activities such as horse riding, walking, mountain biking. Along many other attractive entertainment programs.

The Cambridge garden, with its myriad of gardens and botanical Gardens, lies around the colleges or river meadows that make up the beautiful, romantic autumn scene. Besides, the trees are gradient, bringing fresh beauty to new beginnings.

The Peak District's old house lies between the high Peak plateau, which blends rock terrain, the sunken valley and the White Park. You can cycle, walk or admire the ancient houses with a modern style

Thailand Travel Oct

From Oct to 4th of the following, Thailand tourists will have the opportunity to join the 2 biggest festivals in the Golden Temple, which is the Loy Krathong Light Festival (also known as Thai mistress) and the traditional Tet Songkran which takes place in mid-March.

Aside from that, there are countless different great festivals that you can't miss. To Thailand it is certainly impossible not to spend time with unique pagoda architecture, beautiful beaches and attractive dishes.

USA Tours Oct

Your money bag when traveling, there is no better option for us to travel in 10 months. Come to the United States exploring the beautiful scenery in Las Vegas – the "City Without Darkness", Los Angeles – "The City of Angels". Besides, visitors have the opportunity to admire the architectural features: Statue of Liberty, the White House, the House of Parliament.... or the majestic Grand Canyon area with the surrounding pergolas are the distinctive leaves of the autumn-yellow leaves of the United States.

Germany Tourism Oct

Arriving in Germany in October 10 you will be attending the famous beer festival in Munich, the Festival of Light in Berlin and the Weimar agricultural fair that lasts about a few days of sale mainly of local products and practices. The Festival of Lights in Berlin in Oct. Every year also attracts visitors. The capital Berlin is the location of many galleries, exhibitions, museums and music programs of international stature.

China Travel Oct

Oct is the most ideal time for you to visit China. To China in Oct you will be joining many events, festivals,... You can visit cities such as: Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Cinnamon,... Coming to these cities in May 10 you will be admired for the biggest fireworks display on China's national day. Besides, you also witness the Shaolin Kung fu at the Shaolin Kungfuto Festival, shopping at the Canton Fair...

Philippines Travel Oct

Intramuros District: Includes many ancient Spanish architectural works.
The ancient Cathedral: Baroque-style ancient churches are pretty much present in the capital of Manila, including the World Cultural Heritage site.
Malate District: If you want to know how a local Filipino is, go to Malate or take a stroll in Rizal Park

Canada Travel Oct

The Canadian autumn highlights the chilling cold, mild weather, starting from September 9 and ending in Nov. The weather and climate in Canada in the 10th month are quite favorable to travel and visit places. In particular, with some northern and mountainous areas in Canada, snow may fall in October 10. Therefore, if you want to admire the white snow, please go to Canada in the moment. Tourism Canada Oct is a great time to participate in many fascinating festivals such as: Food Festival and Rocky Mountain Wine, lantern Festival, the Pumpkin Festival in Prince Edward Island,... Or visit at popular tourist attractions such as: Explore the Rocky mountains in autumn amid a tranquil setting, the woodland turn yellow and brilliant red

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