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Top 8 best time travel movies not to be missed

Time travel is one of the unique movie themes, but it's not real, but attracts a lot of audiences thanks to its alluring content. Most of the movies focus on the stories piercing the space or the space of the main character's past or present. Following, we will bring you top 8 best time travel movies to leave a lot of deep meaning to the viewer.

Somewhere In Time (1980)

Top 8 best time travel movies not to be missed

Somewhere In Time touched with the timeless love story

Somewhere in Time Official Trailer

Somewhere In Time is a time travel movie that imprests with the audience by the content of the protagonist's timeless love affair.
The film is about the young screenwriter's boy who is pleased to have a young but bizarre woman who appears in a photograph taken from the past. To find his beloved, he had to go to hypnotism about the past year 1912.
In the end, the two come to each other and have a very emotional affair.

Sound Of Thunder (2005)

Sound Of Thunder is the journey of passengers participating in the time Safari travel service

A Sound of Thunder - Trailer

The Sound Of Thunder is the American science fiction film that took the subject of the tourist's time travel. But this trip of the passengers accidentally changed their present.
The series focuses primarily on travel services that are known to wealthy customers named Time Safari. They fell about 65 million years ago from the dinosaur era, from which terrible things began to happen.

Looper (2012)

Looper tells the story of the character Joe, who is not an assassin for future gangs

LOOPER - Official Trailer

Looper is a sci--in-the-world two-point cinema that is the American and medium collaboration co-production.
The film is set in the futuristic world around 2044 to be very chaotic due to the dispute of organized crime gangsters. By the year 2074, the time machine brought the time-travel man into life.
Looper built the character Joe lived in 2044 being the criminal gang from the 2074 back to find and wanted him to be the assassin for them.

Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar fascinated with the secret of the black hole in the universe

Interstellar Official Trailer

Interstellar was one of the films to become a blockbuster with time-travel themes that were awaited by audiences in the year 2014.
The film tells the story of a group of astronaut discovery of the black hole in space to penetrate Earth from the risk of resource exhaustion in the future.

Passengers (2016)

Passenger is the story of the passengers waking up on a train to the planets

PASSENGERS - Official Trailer

Passengers is about the mission of Avalon carrying 258 crew and 5 thousand passengers traveling to distant planet for long periods of distress.
The on-board computer encountered a problem, accidentally waking up an earlier engineer over the planned 90 years. Because she was too poisonous, he decided to wake up a journalist on board but didn't tell her why.
Since then, all problems begin to take place.

About Time (2013)

About time has a profound meaning about cherishing reality

About Time Official Trailer

About Time is a romantic emotional time-focused movie that draws viewers by the script with a novel.
Throughout the series, the story travels through the past to search for the true love of the 21-year-old heart guy on the occasion of the new Year. After the effort, he also finds a goal for him to pursue but whether the guy has conquered the dream girl?

Arrival (2016)

Arrival focuses on linguists capable of looking ahead to the future

Arrival Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures

The front revolves around the possibility of seeing the future of the American linguist Louise Banks, which leads the viewer to many interesting stories.
The climax is that when he predicts the landings of an alien group down the Earth. From that warning the nations are willing to launch a fight to defend the world's destiny.

Series Terminator

Series Terminator revolved around Terminator half-man robot

The Terminator series is an episode that revolves around the story of a robot's Skynet computer system that was defeated by humans. Before being destroyed, the machine system was sent to the past for a terminator to change the future.
The Terminator is a half-human robot with a mission to the Earth to destroy the man who will give birth to mankind.
Top 8 time travel films will surely bring you the most relaxing moments. Let's share and join your "nerd" and practice!

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