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Top 6 Exciting nighttime locations in Da Lat

Dalat is the city can say go forever never bored, cool weather, pleasant, beautiful scenery full of demons. All that can be felt here is wrapped in a great word. If you are going to go to da Lat and take a few days to relax here but do not know the evening in da lat so go in the evening, let's find out the top 6 interesting night games in da Lat nhe.

Forest Ghost Lu Quan

Top 6 Exciting nighttime locations in Da Lat

The scenery is poetic and gorgeous, especially when night

Heard the name seems a bit ghostly and creepy but in reality, it is not scary at all. All you will feel here is a poetic scenery, a lake, a wooden house by the lake, a bridge overlooking the water is a very sophisticated guitar design, trellises of confetti and grass. The tree wraps around. All create a cozy space, extremely suitable for those who want to find beautiful places to photograph at night.

Da Lat Night Market

The night-time picture of the negative market

Speaking about the venue at night in Da Lat, it is not possible to ignore Dalat night market, interesting place for the evening sentence in da lat so go, Dalat night Market is located in the heart of the city with busy excitement, true to the name of many people called the Cho Yin market-ie activity at night. You can drop by the sound market to combine dinner with a night-time stroll. The cuisine is also very varied as the department of grilled, grilled corn, grilled rice... Indulge in a cup of hot soy milk in the cold weather, which is great.

Thai Phien flower village

Standing from the top, looking down at the new beauty of Thai village flowers

Skip the night market with the bustling, bustling and vibrant scene of the city, another suggestion for you if you do not know the evening in Dalat, so where to go to enjoy the beautiful scenery is the Thai flower village Session. The place was dubbed the capital of light with lights illuminating the whole sky of the night. In essence this is a row of garden houses covered with cloth and lighted inside. Seen from above, it is like splendid, brilliant and dreamy palaces.

Lam Vien Square

Lam Vien Square

This can be said to be the most check-in point in the city of Dalat dreaming with the main setting is the beautiful greenhouse. Whether in the daytime or at night, it also has its own beauty. If you are looking for a bustling, vibrant evening promenade with plenty of light and choosing beautiful frames in Dalat, it is not possible to ignore Lam Vien Square.

Bich Cau Restaurant-Coffee

Bich Cau Restaurant-Coffee

If you want to enjoy a peaceful evening, sip a cup of hot coffee, enjoy a delicious meal with melodious music and watch Dalat city at night, you can come to Bich Cau restaurant located right by the lake. Xuan Huong has a beautiful lake view. Sitting in a restaurant, you can see the whole surrounding places such as pedagogical college, city garden or Lam Vien square ...

Dalat Nights

Peaceful moments of Dalat city from above at Dalat Nights

No need to go far away, right in the heart of Da Lat city has a very peaceful and gentle night destination is Dalat Nights. Located in a prime location in the Gateway of da Lat city bordering the Prenn pass. If you have a chance to stay in da lat, do not forget to visit here to admire Dalat from above with the frosted thick dew, and the power of magical electricity, sparkling in the dark night Nhe.

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  • nighttime locations in Da Lat
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