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Top 6 best epic movies of all time in America

Epics is one of the genre of epic choreography with a dramatic historical context. The film often focuses on exploiting the heroes of legends and myths so it is popular with audiences of all generations. Are you a fan of this movie? Let's take a look at the names of the top 6 best American epic movies of all time.

Ben – Hur (1959)

Top 6 best epic movies of all time in America

Ben - Hur is about the life of a loyal hero

Ben - Hur is about the life of a hero loyal to his homeland, Ben Hur and his childhood friend Messala. However, because of his desire for power, Messala followed his obedience to the Roman empire and confronted Ben Hur.
The film made a strong impression on viewers when they borrowed the image of Ben Hur talking about their faith in God. Thereby, the film also successfully conveys the message of altruism, the love of the country.
Ben - Hur became the classic American epic film that caused screen fever at the time with many big film awards.

The Gladiator (2000)

The Gladiator impressed with many scenes of not so skillful arena

In the top of the movies on the epic American epic topic, the audience cannot help but mention The Gladiator. This is a film critically acclaimed by movie critics both for the script and the perfect acting of the main character played by Russell Crowe.
The Gladiator revolves around the life story of the Roman general Maximus who was harmed, accidentally becoming a gladiator. The film deeply impressed the audience with the epic arena, real tiger, real people, not skillful.
Follow the journey to claim justice for the main character through the epic epic The Gladiator.

Kingdom Of Heaven (2005)

Kingdom Of Heaven is a meaningful film on the subject of religion

Kingdom Of Heaven is a film that explores the theme of religion that brings deep meaning about loyalty, love and faith.
The main content refers to the fierce battle between the two religions that had a hundred-year history of confrontation: Christianity and Islam. The climax is the event before the 3rd Holy War and the battle to protect Jesusalem without balance.
The story of the Balian knights and the overwhelming force led by the Muslim king Saladin brings heroic and heartwarming footage to the viewers. Since then, the film went deep into the heart and became the epic epic work of all time.

300 (2006)

300 imprinted with an immortal monument about King Leonidas

300 - Official Trailer

300 is a cinematic masterpiece in American historical epic films that was released in 2006. The film is based on a famous battle in Greek history.
The brutal unequal battle between 300 elite warriors led by King Leonidas fought for 3 days with nearly 1 million Persian troops to protect the country. The film recreates the image of the heroic Sparta warriors, determined to sacrifice themselves to protect the Fatherland.

Immortals (2011)

Follow the journey of saving humanity from the immortal warriors Thesus

Immortals - Official Trailer

Immortals is a somewhat fictional epic film that became a blockbuster legend of American cinema in 2011.
The story begins with the king of Heraklion Hyperion out of hatred for the gods who want to take the bow of the god of war. In order to carry out the plan to rescue the Titans imprisoned by Zeus, he repeatedly murdered innocent people.
Without abandoning humanity, Zeus and the gods atop Olympus taught Thesus to become warriors standing to protect humanity from the hands of Hyperion. The film helps the audience with the fierce battles of the hero Thesus to prevent the conspiracy of the enemy.

Exodus: Gods And Kings (2014)

Touched the fight of the hero Moses to rescue the Jews in Exodus Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings | Official Trailer

Once a blockbuster fever in 2014, Exodus: Gods And Kings impressed the audience with a famous biblical story. It was the 300-year-long battle of the hero Moses to rescue the Jewish people from the Egyptian pharaohs.
The film portrays the psychology of the character that haunts viewers when Moses has to turn away from his brother and those who nurture him. This is considered an epic movie focusing on the hero of the Jewish nation.
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