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Top 10 best and dramatic card games you should not ignore

Playing cards is always a hot topic that filmmakers always focus on exploiting. These films conquer viewers by the game of suffocation, superior card technique ... So, if you are interested in this hot topic, what are you waiting for without listing the top 10 card games? The most dramatic of all time in the article below.

Casino Royale

Topping the list of the top 10 best and most dramatic card games is Casino Royale. This is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name and revolves around the character Chiffre.
He is a gangster boss who always takes advantage of casino revenue to support terrorists. However, in one mistake, he lost the money transferred to terrorists. In return for this money, he took part in a card game competition and Jame Bond appeared to stop him.


Top 10 best and dramatic card games you should not ignore

Maverick film is one of the top 10 best card games of all time

This is a movie about the character Bret Maverick - a gambler would rather fool people than face to face. A big wager is available in the next few days and he needs an additional $ 3,000 to pay the deposit.
He borrowed and participated in several robberies to have money to participate in this card game. Accompanying Bret is a beautiful silver woman named Annnabelle who is also aggressively seeking to enroll in the game. Following in the footsteps of this couple, you will have the most refreshing laughter.


Referring to the top 10 best card games, most people immediately think of Rounder film. This is a movie about the character Mike bet $ 30,000 and wants to participate in a world-class card battle.
Mike asked the help of his old friends Knish and Kinis to advise him not to play for fear of losing his life. Despite his friend's advice, Mike still played and lost to white.
Knish came to him again and let him manage a route to make money. But Worm - an old friend of Mike persuaded him to play cards and use tricks to make money.

Lucky You

Lucky You film is a film about the character Huck

This is a movie about the character Huck Cheever - talented poker player. However, this guy did not know how to control his emotions, so he was plagued many times. Contrary to his character in the card game, Huck is a very good person to avoid emotional bonds. But then one day, he accidentally met Billie and fell in love with this young female singer.

21 (2008)

This is a film about 6 MIT students who have used their super intelligence in an extracurricular activity. With their counting skills and calculations, they defeated every casino in Las Vegas in the 1990s.

A Big Hand For The Little Lady

This movie is about a poor farmer who emigrated to a valley in California. During his travels, he met the mother of casino gambling games. At this time, he was sucked into the match table but because no money should have tried to create luck for himself. However, in the first match, he provoked the heart attack again and forced his wife to play in this position to save his family.

Ocean’s Eleven

This movie is about the main character Danny Occen and 11 other criminals. Together they work out detailed plans to rob the money of 3 casinos in Las Vegas at the same time. This movie conquers viewers by blowing new air and making you sit still.

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid is a film about the character Steve McQueen

This is a film about the character Steve McQueen. In a game in the final round, a player tried to bluff him. At this time, someone accused McQueen of cheating and as a result, he had to jump a window to run away. Then he heard about Howard coming to where he lived, so he prepared money to participate in this exciting card game.


This is a film about two characters Robert and Martin with the desire to own money and position in Las Vegas. The film conquers viewers by the strong assertive personality of these two characters.

Fear anh loathing in Las Vegas

This is about journalist Thompsom when he and his representative went to Lasvegas to report on a racing event. However, instead of fulfilling his assigned task, he took this trip to enjoy all sorts of stimulants.
Above have shared the top 10 best and dramatic movie cards you should not miss. Thereby, to get interesting moments, please select one of the movies to watch offline!

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