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Top 10 most romantic movies of all time

Romantic films often leave many emotions in the hearts of viewers. It is the depth as well as the intense love of couples. If you are a genuine "movie", do not miss the top 10 romantic movies that I summarized in the article below.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

At the top of the list of the top 10 best romantic movies of all time and with deep human meaning is Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. This is a film about the touching story of the students with pure love that made them unforgettable memories.
A guy with a dream to make the best movie in history to make friends with a girl with leukemia. He spends time with her every day until a friend asks him to make a movie for her.

Love, Roise

Top 10 most romantic movies of all time

Love film, Rosie is one of the top 10 most romantic movies

This is a movie about the close friends Roise and Alex. At a Roise's 18th birthday party, Alex kissed her while she was drunk. When she woke up, Roise had missed and made Alex misunderstand that she did not want to further this relationship.
After that, both had their own love affair and constantly encountered many other misunderstandings. This has prevented them from ever being together. At the end of the film, Roise's daughter Kaite brought her best friend to Alex's wedding. At this time, Toby kissed Katie and made her angry. This reminds Alex and Roise of the old story and clears up any misunderstandings.


This is a film about a love story between an intelligence officer operating in North Africa and a French female soldier. They created a fake marriage to unite with each other. However, through many situations of thousands of hanging hair, they gradually fell in love with each other. Upon returning to London, their feelings continued to undergo many other challenges from the pressure of the war.

The Age Of Adaline

This is a film about the main character Adaline, a woman who is in a traffic accident. This has caused her aging process to be stopped and bring her eternal youth. Adaline decided she was going to live a single life, but she bumped into a young man. It was he who aroused the love and romance within her.


Commited is a film about the story between Tom and Jullian

The film revolves around the story between Tom and Jullian when both are running away from love. Tom, a passionate but often troubled guy with his girlfriend. One day, he fled to find peace, then he saw Julian crying in a bridal outfit. Then both of them began to build a new and happier relationship.

Begin Again

Referring to the top 10 most romantic movies of all time, it will be flawed if you skip the movie Begin Again. This is a film about the meeting between Dan Mulligan and Greta. A person who is depressed of exhausted artistic inspiration and a girl who is sad because of breaking up with her boyfriend. The two met by chance and found many similarities in each other.

Winter’s Tale

This is a film about the romantic love between Pete and Beverly. Peter was a thief and once in a while he broke into a mansion. Here, he was conquered by the beauty as well as the talent of Beverly.
Peter was repeatedly hunted by a sheriff and could not save Beverly. Then, a white horse appeared and took him to the future world. At this time, Peter was fortunate to meet the woman and helped him return to the past.

Endless Love

Endless Love is a film about Jade and David

This movie is about two main characters Jade and David. Jade, the shy lady, bumped into the young David who was serving in the motel and fell in love. The love of two people increasingly exploded into brilliant fire.
However, when the Jade family learned of David's dark past, they prevented this affair. Both have tried to overcome all challenges to find eternal love.

Midnight Sun

This is a film about the character Katie, a 17-year-old girl with extremely rare disease. It is possible to die if exposed to heavy sunlight. That is why she is always covered in the house and only goes out every night. When Kaite was 18 years old, in the summer, she met Charlie and their love had overcome all storms.

Tulip Fever

This is a movie about the painter Jan Van Loos hired by an old husband to paint a portrait of his wife named Sophia This accidental meeting made the artist and Sophia fall in love. This has caused them numerous obstacles and the two have decided to experience tulips to build happiness for the future.
Above have shared the top 10 most romantic movies of all time you should watch. Thereby, this weekend, please choose your favorite romantic movie above to watch and bond your love more!

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