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Top 5 American emotional films that impress most

American romantic movies are the genre most Vietnamese audiences receive all time. Most of the movies about love couples focus on the deep inner character and romantic sweet scenes to suffocate. Here, we would like to share to readers the top 5 most impressive American emotional movies that "one movie" cannot miss.

Me Before You

Top 5 American emotional films that impress most

" Me Before You '' is a film that deserves to be in the top of the American romance genre, bringing the most emotional levels to the viewers. The film, released in 2016, became a sweeping ticket at theaters.
Content Me Before You tells the romance of Will Traynor - a rich, handsome man and Louis Clarke - a country girl but optimistic.
After an unexpected accident that caused Traynor to be paralyzed, he completely lost the energy to live and want to give up his life. But destined for him to meet Louis, warm girl with a constant smile to take care of him wholeheartedly as a turning point in life.
Throughout the film, the audience feels the sweet and poetic love of the main characters and a few funny laughter. But the end of the love story between Will Traynor and Louis Clarke will be like?


Sincere love can change everything

Following the topic of American romantic love, you definitely cannot miss the touching film Breathe. The film was premiered in 2017 as a message of vital energy for people with serious diseases and does not forget to click on love.
In every breath tells the intense love story of the couple Robin and Diana. Especially when Robin found out she had a terrible polio, imprisoned in a hospital bed and facing death.
But not discouraged, with sincere love, Diana revived the spirit of her husband to have more faith in life. Finally, viewers are relieved with a beautiful ending when Robin cured thanks to the talented inventor Teddy Hall. Both decided to find a happy life and help other patients who were like him.

Love, Rosie

Answer the question of how close are you in Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie released in 2014 brought great success with the theme of romance. Many viewers see this as the sweet diary page of youth when they miss their best friend.
Throughout the film is the touching story of Rosie and Alex - two close friends who have been close to each other since the age of 7. It seems that there is no boundary between them when everything is told to each other through written letters. hand.
One day, Alex had to move his family away and away from his little girl. On the contrary, at home, Rosie became a single mother when she was pregnant on a gala night.
Will Rosie and Alex's longing to be together again come true? The silent love affair of 2 people will go nowhere.

Endless Love

Overcoming family barriers to find endless love in Endless Love

Back to the topic of family forbidden love, endless love as strength to overcome stormy waves for couples. Especially when they encounter many obstacles because of the family on the road to happiness.
The film tells the story of a beautiful, noble lady Jade Butterfield falling in love at first sight with the waiter David Axelrod on a vacation. The love between them grew as if unable to live without each other.
But the contrary is when the Jade family accidentally learned of David's unfortunate past and tried to prevent them from coming together. Finally experiencing many barriers, both have found a stop thanks to endless love.

Midnight Sun

Did Katie's night sun move you?

The plot of strange diseases always attracts screen audiences in American love films, including Midnight Sun.
The film tells the story of Katie - a 17-year-old girl with many burning desires, unfortunately suffering from a strange disease that is deadly when exposed to the sun. Therefore, she must always confine herself indoors and only go out in the evening and at night when the sun goes down.
Turning 18, she accidentally met and fell in love with a warm guy Charlie. Will their feelings have a beautiful ending? How will Katie's illness change.
Are you ready to invite your friends to "train" right in the top 5 best American emotional movies that we share yet?

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