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Top 12 best movies of Liu Yifei you should not miss

Liu Yifei is a beautiful actress loved by many people, lovingly calling her "the billionaire fairy". In the best films I have played in, Liu Yifei always makes the audience fall in love with her outgoing beauty. Joining acting when he was only 15 years old, so far Liu Yifei has owned an admirable film fortune in both movies and television. If you love this beautiful actress, you should not ignore the best films of Liu Yifei in the following article.

Mulan (2020)

Top 12 best movies of Liu Yifei you should not miss

The movie Mulan is a live-action version of Disney. Photo: Internet

Mulan - Teaser Trailer

Mulan is a famous character in Chinese folklore, portrayed and circulated widely through various art forms such as poetry, novels, plays ... In modern culture, the story of Mulan instead Enemy's father has been adapted to the big screen and the small screen many times, making the character more popular. The film Mulan (2020) is a live-action version based on the 1998 animation of the same name, with the participation of Liu Yifei, Gong Li, Chan Tu Dan, Ly Lien Kiet ... Around Mulan was a filial girl, she enlisted in his father's behalf to protect the country. With a budget of up to $ 200 million, the film is very eye-catching thanks to large-scale epic combat scenes, martial arts and aerial acrobatics. The costume part, setting up the scene are also very thoughtful.

The Return of the Condor Heroes (2006)

Liu Yifei was praised by Kim Dung as the most successful and most beautiful Tieu Long Nu. Photo: Internet

Jane Zhang Return of The Condor Heroes 2006 OST

The Return of the Condor Heroes is a film based on the novel of the same name by Kim Dung. The film revolves around the love story of two main characters, Duong Qua and Tieu Long Nu. This is the film that brings Liu Yifei's name together with the four words "billionaire deity". In the movie The Return of the Condor Heroes, Liu Yifei plays the role of Tieu Long Nu, who is in love with Duong Qua (played by Huynh Hieu Minh). Liu Yifei was praised by Kim Dung as the most successful and most beautiful Tieu Long Nu compared to the rest of the role of Xiao Long Nu, her age and roles were completely matched, making her role widely accepted. This is also a movie associated with the name of Liu Yifei - an escaped Little Dragon Woman, a "billionaire fairy" of the era. Until now, Liu Yifei's role as Tieu Long Nu is still a beauty monument that is hard to overcome.

Once Upon a Time (2017)

Beautiful Liu Yifei in Once Upon a Time (2017). Photo: Internet

Once Upon a Time (2017) - Trailer

Once Upon a Time (2017) tells the story of a touching love story between Senior God Bach Thien (Liu Yifei) and Prince Jiu Trung Thien Da Hoa (Duong Duong). As the only daughter of Bach Emperor Ho Quan, from a young age, Bach Thien disguised himself as a master to study art, through countless lives to become a god. During the three lifetimes full of waves and waves, such difficulties always exist the figure of Da Hoa, who is ready to become the eyes, and is everything of Bach Thien. However, in the midst of all the coincidences of succession and difficulties, whether my fiance is nine thousand years younger than him, can Bach Thien keep his vow of three lifetimes together. Once Upon a Time (2017) - The movie version was made after the huge success of the TV series. However, the film is still very enthusiastically received by audiences and received very high ratings.

Never Gone (2016)

Liu Yifei and Wu Yifan in the movie Never Gone (2016). Photo: Internet

Never Gone (2016) - Trailer

Adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Tan Di O. It turns out that I'm Still Here is the story of the love between To Yun Cẩm (Liu Yifei) and Trinh Tranh (Ngo Yifei). Both from strangers to acquaintances, experiencing many events and trials of their lives, they finally got back together. The two main characters of the story, one who lives too affectionately - Trinh Tranh, the other is too rational - To Yun Cẩm, they both oppose and attract each other. Trinh Tranh loved Su Yun Jin at first sight, from the love of a teenage boy to the love of an adult man, the person he loved was still Su Yun Jin.

The Third Way of Love (2015)

Liu Yifei's painful love in The Third Way of Love (2015). Photo: Internet

The Third Way of Love (2015) - Trailer

The movie revolves around the love story between a beautiful, cold-hearted lawyer Chau Vu (Liu Yifei) and the handsome and talented Deputy General Director Lam Khai Chinh (Song Seung Hun). Although she knew that Khai Chinh had a fiancee, she could not resist the fact that she was deeply in love with him. The two went through an unforgettable time in their lives but ended up breaking up and not seeing each other again.

Chinese Paladin (2005)

Liu Yifei plays Tien's sword match as Trieu Linh Nhi. Photo: Internet

Chinese Paladin (Xian Jian) OST

In 2005, Liu Yifei played Chinese Paladin as Zhao Linh Nhi. With this role, Liu Yifei once again "captured the heart" of the audience with a beautiful beauty. It can be said that she was born to transform into the role of a historical beauty. The Chinese Paladin story was adapted from the popular novel and online game game in China. The content of the film is not only the touching love stories between the main characters, but covers all of the world of humanity, love and nobility in humans. Ly Tieu Dao is an innocent, handsome guy who likes a leisurely life. Although he does not have high martial arts, Ly Tieu Dao always wants to become the first world master. One day, Ly Tieu Dao had to go to Fairy Island to find medicine for his sick aunt. Before leaving, he was given a strange pill by three strangers. After arriving on fairy island, he met Trieu Linh Nhi. Trieu Linh Nhi is the princess of Nam Chieu who is hiding from the enemy's pursuit and she is the mistress of Nuwa. The meeting between her and Li Tieu Dao in a futuristic place tied the two people's lives together. Through the Old Man's help, they had made a young vow of life together.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2003)

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2003)

Demi Gods And Semi Devils 2003, Opening

Liu Yifei joins the Dragon Emperor with the role of Queen Nu Yen. The nickname "a billionaire fairy" attached to Liu Yifei from the role of Vuong Ngu Yen, enough to understand that she is Vuong Ngu Yen, step from the story. The story revolves around the complex relationship between many characters from different countries and sects: Tieu Phong, Doan Du, and Huu Truc. With this work, Kim Dung wants to talk about the cause-and-effect relationship between the characters themselves with their family, society, nation, and country. It happened during the Northern Song period and also included Dai Ly, Khiet Dan, Tho Phon and Tay Ha countries.

The Assassins (2012)

Liu Yifei plays Linh Thu

The Assassins (2012) - Trailer

In The Assassins (2012) Liu Yifei plays Linh Thu, an orphan who is captured by the Imperial Court to become assassins with the ultimate goal of killing Cao Cao. Linh Thu and Muc Thuan have strong feelings for each other. Having spent her childhood in a dungeon, Linh Thu's dream is to one day get rid of the ties with the "destiny of the world" to live peaceful and free days with Muc Thuan. After maturing, passing the life-and-death test, the two were put in the palace with the other assassins. Muc Thuan and his male assassins became eunuchs. Meanwhile, Linh Thu, thanks to her rich beauty with a face, phonetics very similar to Dieu Boat, was tasked with approaching, taking heart and assassinating Cao Cao. With her face and voice, Linh Thu was treated with great kindness by Cao Cao. Linh Thu was always with Cao Cao in two moods, on the one hand, he wanted to finish Cao Cao to complete his mission and run away with Muc Thuan, on the other hand, he didn't want to spare Cao Cao's heart to him.

The Chinese Widow (2017)

Too widow Liu Yifei. Photo: Internet

Hoa Cỏ Chiến Tranh 2017 - Trailer

In The Chinese Widow (2017), Liu Yifei plays a woman named Yingzi who lives in a small town in Zhejiang, makes a living by weaving silk, and raising a daughter. Anh Tu's husband, while still alive, was a KMT military officer, passed away in the Nanjing battlefield. The Chinese Widow is set after the Pearl Harbor event, revolving around the story of Chinese widow, Anh Tu and American officer Jack Turner (Emile Hirsch). In one incident, she and her daughter happened to discover the American pilot was in a coma, Anh Tu despite the danger, brought the Westerner home and treated it. After that, although unable to communicate due to language barrier, by caring action, the two developed feelings for each other. Where will their stories go?

Outcast (2014)

Outcast (2014)

Outcast (2014) - Trailer

In the movie Outcast (2014), Liu Yifei plays the princess Zhao Lianuan of Dai Song. Due to a rebellious plot, the father was killed, so Trieu Lien and his younger brother - Prince Trieu Chieu (To Gai Hang) had to lead each other to flee from the pursuit of traitors. On the way, they ran into two European soldiers, Arken (Hayden Christensen) and Gallain (Nicolas Cage). Meanwhile, loyal warriors of the court also headed straight to the capital with determination to bring the crown prince back to the royal throne. On the side of the beautiful princess Trieu Lien, after being rescued by a foreign soldier Arken on the dangerous escape route, feelings began to arise between them.

The Four (2012)

In The Four (2012), Liu Yifei plays the Innocent, the original character is a man. Photo: Internet

The Four (2012) - Trailer

In the movie The Four (2012), Liu Yifei plays the role of Innocent, this role of Liu Yifei is "scrutinized" carefully by the original character is a man. In the movies, she has shown an Inadvertent with a cold appearance, but suffered many inner tensions that made the audience feel emotional. The film is based on the novel "The Four" by Wen Thuy An, but the content has many changes compared to the original. The film is set in the reign of King Tong Huy Tong, about the four famous ancestors of the God Hau Phu, namely Lanh Blood, Vo Tinh, Truy Menh, Thiet Thu. Each of them has their own nickname and talent. Accidentally known as the king of the secret weapon, Thiet Thu has trained his hands as hard as iron and steel, with a sharp sword. The Orphaned Blood was born from a young age, was raised with wolf's milk, so he had wolf blood, had wolf senses, was a sword wielder. Truy Menh has a knack for the law, high public contempt. All four of them belonged to the God Servant of the Government managed by Zhuge Liang. They together with Luc Phien Mon investigated the case of counterfeit money in the city

A Chinese Ghost Story (2011)

Photography Tieu Thien is a prominent role in Liu DiC's career, as she successfully transformed a ghost with pure beauty, attractive, as well as her sincere love that attracts and moves goods. million hearts.

A Chinese Ghost Story (2011) - Trailer

The film takes place in ancient China in an ancient village, where people live in fear and ghosts and ghosts reside on Heishan mountain. They turn into charming fairies and absorb all of human's aura. One day, the river flowing through the village became dry, the water source gradually dried up and the only hope of the villagers was upstream on the top of Hac Son mountain. The young scholar Ninh Thai Than decided to step into the goblin's den to find a way to free the water source for the villagers. But he did not expect that he would fall in love with Photography Tieu Thien, a fox whose beauty "tilted the water to a side". However, Yen Xich Ha, a cold priestess, also has a deep affection for Tieu Thien. The two boys are subjected to a tough test in the face of the struggle, one side is the enchanting power of love, the other is the responsibility to go into the devil's den to find clean water and save the lives of thousands of people. Photography Tieu Thien is a prominent role in Liu DiC's career, as she successfully transformed a ghost with pure beauty, attractive, as well as her sincere love that attracts and moves goods. million hearts.

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