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The 10 best cheap Homestay in Da Lat

Da lat City thousands of flowers are located in the majestic Lam Vien da lat Scenic Area by a physician named Alexandre Yersin. Dalat has an area of up to 400 km². Is a key economic region of Lam Dong Province. Located in the highlands of Lam Vien, it has a very distinctive climate type that no city has to be. Around five cool temperate climates, the average temperature is not exceeding 20 -21 degrees Celsius including the hottest days, the most distinctive is that Da lat is not too cold too during the winter months the temperature is also not less than 10 degrees Celsius. Da Lat also has a characteristic weather phenomenon that is fog. Da Lat is currently the largest tourist city in the country, in 2018 Da Lat attracted more than 5.5 million tourists to visit. Dalat is known as the tourist Haven. A land of flowers compete in a variety of flowers, in da lat, a lot of precious flower species from other countries enter. Plus many fascinating sights on cultural history such as Domaine De Marie Church, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Dalat Pedagogical college,... and majestic poetic natural attractions such as: Langbiang, Dambri Falls, City Flower Garden, Golden Valley,... Create more for Da lat a beautiful, mysterious and dreamy to the extreme without a city in Vietnam is in the country. Cool fresh air, delicious food, the spots are nice check in, the attractions, Dalat is never running out of hot in a special love mat with young travelers to explore, experience. Tourism development of the type of stay here is also very diverse. And this is the homestay. Will experience the feeling of extreme ideals. Which hotels never bring you to be. With Topshare, the beautiful homestay is cheap for young children!

Nick House

The 10 best cheap Homestay in Da Lat

You need 1 cozy space but not least youthful, go to "Nick House ".
Nick House is located in the heart of the city just a 10-minute walk from BIGC or Xuan Huong Lake.
The capacity of the Nick house is suitable for 2-6 people, vs extremely soft price only from 300-700k.
Around Nick House is a myriad of places such as Dalat railway station, Dalat Pedagogical College, Cake scale, bread siu Hong...
Nick House fulfills your requirements with a small apartment, consisting of 2 beds of 1 living room 1 kitchen and 1 WC.
Besides House also offers full amenities such as Smart TV, refrigerator, water heater, kettle super speed, fan, hair dryer.... And motorbike rental services at affordable prices.
Address: 34c/14 Yersin, Ward 10, da lat CITY.
Magnetic Gía 300-700k/day


If you want to stay away from crowded street, noisy and busy, you can not miss the Homestay Legume Dalat is. By Legume da lat homestay are beautiful hexagonal houses. The design is like the eye-catching, colorful head blocks. Close to nature combined with fresh air, Legume Dalat has occupied all the hearts of visitors when they come here even 1 time. The place is a very hot check-in location of the child when they come to Dalat.
In particular, these hexagonal blocks are placed in rotation and are located in the midst of green pine trees.
As of this time Legume da Lat has up to all 10 rooms to cater to guests. It's just a homestay but Legume has no other Bungolow room at the resort. Next to the Bungolow room is a double and dormitory room.
You can choose for yourself a room like the most. Each room here is very refined and most eye-catching. Giving visitors the most comfortable feeling when staying here.
Legume Homestay Address: Located at 12A Bach Dang Street, Ward 7, da lat CITY.
Bungalow 2 people with Price: 600.000 VND/2 persons.
Price of Bungalow 4 people: 700.000 VND/4 persons.
Dorm room (shared): 100.000 VND/bed/person

Dalat Backpackers Hostel

Featuring a 24-hour front desk, Da Lat Backpackers Hostel offers homely and comfortable accommodation with free WiFi access in the guestrooms. Da lat Backpackers Hostel is just 800m from Xuan Huong Lake. The rooms are simply furnished and clean.
Address: No 11 ha Huy Collective Street, Ward 3, da Lat city
Room rate at Dalat Backpackers Hostel is also a budget.
+ Room 4 persons/268k (per person less than 70k).
+ The bed in Dormitory room is 110k/person.

Thoi Bao Cap Homestay

Thoi Bao Cap Homestay is where you can look for the old months, simple casual life that grandparents, his parents ever lived.
With a nostalgic space, little detail from the white silver limestone walls to the televisions, a teapot, rustic artifacts on the inside, and motorcycles of 90 who come to the table of Sawwood shelves that bring the breath of a miserable moment will help you fill "gaps", away from the intricate noise of the current life. This will be an interesting venue for you.
Located in a sea of only a million VND 20m street, about 1.5 kilometers from the city center.
Period there is also a trading booth-motorbike rental so you can easily move to explore Dalat, small grocery, laundry counter.
The owner is very nice and friendly.
Address: 36/09 million Viet Vuong, Ward 3, da Lat city, Lam Dong Province.
Room Price:
Dorm room: 80,000 VND/person
Single room: VND 160,000/person.

Greenland Homestay

GreenLand is a stunning complex resort. It was voted one of the top 5 homestays for the best vacation.
Greenland is designed to consist of 22 large, different rooms. Each room is designed in 3-Star standard. Includes a high-class restaurant and stunning cafe...
The resort is located in the heart of Dalat city. Located about a few minutes by motorbike from Dalat market. The Homesaty houses here are individually designed and very unique. Giving visitors a sense of incredible novelty.
Each room here will provide you with 1 kitchen, 1WC, air conditioning and a separate resort. There is also a motorbike rental service and a spacious BBQ grill. If you are in need
A gala restaurant can accommodate up to 400 guests. There are also very nice private villas. Tourists who would like to hire can call now.
Address: No. 9B Trieu Viet Vuong Street, P4, Da lat CITY.
Super VIP room rate is 1 million VND for 2 guests per night (including breakfast, free rental of camera, free motorbike rental
Single room for 2 Vip (bungalow) is cost VND 600,000/night.
Vip Double Room rate for 4 people 700,000 VND/night.
Single room for 2 people: VND 400,000/night.
Dormitory room (dorm) cost VND 100,000/night per person.

Cui Homestay Dalat

Ideas are designed into an environmentally friendly homestay. Cui Homestay has captured a lot of good feelings of visitors here. There is an extremely physical virtual living space for tourists. Tuy is located near the city center, but Cui Homestay owns an extremely ideal space. The items here are mostly made of very sophisticated wood.
The highlight of the Cui homestay is the most beloved in peace and clarity. There is a very nice rose garden here, if you arrive at the correct pink season, it's great. The pink trees are going to be heavy, spoiled for tourists to eat always.
Cui Homestay is one of the places you can not ignore when coming to the city of thousand flowers in Dalat.
Cui Homesaty address is located at 79 Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Da Lat city.
Room price for Wood homestay is: VND 330,000/room/2 people, VND 660,000/whole unit.
Dorm room (shared dormitory): 120,000 VND/person/day

House Wind homestay

Location of Homestay is not too close to the center but enough for you to enjoy nature and peaceful life. As a morning place you enjoy a cup of tea or a delicious sip of coffee, sitting in the courtyard garden, reading books and listening to birdsong.
In particular, each room in the wind has cute names such as: The room was small, the room was very little, the room was very comfortable.
The host is very hospitable. As the House should follow the group of more than 5 people, it is OK. In the wind will not have bottled water, shrimp noodles, or the landlord will cook for feeding. But our own self will serve ourselves, to roll up the sleeves to do everything.
Address: 50 Nguyen An Ninh, da Lat City
Room Price:
+ Dorm room: 110k/person/bed/night.
+ 2 rooms (little &): 125k/person.
+ 3 1 Bed room for 2 people: 340k/night.
+ 2 Twin rooms for 4 people: 530k – 650k

House for all Homestay

House For All Homestay is designed in a gentle but not least unique retro style, a gentle, rustic and simple House For All.
The Homestay is decorated with old, slightly-oriented small items, accompanied by a real house design. Give people a sense of familiarity, comfort and ease like living in your own house.
The location near Dalat City Center is very convenient for visiting famous places such as: Dalat Night Market (can walk), Lam Vien Square, Hang Nga crazy House,,... Chicken Church
It is also an easy place to find delicious and cheap places to eat: Banh Canh Xuan An, grilled pork rolls, wet chicken cake, Dalat hot milk,...
It is the ideal homestay to enjoy the holidays in Dalat. Most of the rooms are very nice. We can sit by the frame of the beautiful window of sunrise or the poetic sunset.
The Homestay consists of 5 rooms with 3 single rooms and 2 dormitory rooms.
Address: 43A DAO Duy from, Ward 4, da Lat city.
Single room (3 single rooms): 200k/room/night.
Dorm Room 4 Beds: 120k/person/night.
For 6 bed dorm room: 100k/person/night.

Tre’s House Đa Lạt

Come to Tre – Mu's House you like to be immersed in the friendly nature comfortable near the sky with the Earth, flowers, sunny Wind... More than ever. Tre's House will bring you a feeling that anywhere can be brought. This place is a museum of art and the surrounding are antique items from tables, chairs, televisions,... The owner is re-created and decorated with a very unique style, beautiful, delicate to make the space is artistic and full of flowers.
Address: Located at 149A Vo Truong Toan Street, Ward 8, da Lat city.
Price: 400,000 đ-500,000 đ private room
Shared dormitory, Dorm beds: 150,000 đ/person, bed/day.

Moonrise Garden Dalat

This homestay combines a cafe, simply furnished but extremely friendly and relaxing.
Moonrise Garden Dalat has a total of 3 bedrooms, plus a glass wall overlooking the Green Valley.
Come to this homestay, do not forget to take a stroll around the garden, watch the trees, sit at the landscaped grounds overlooking the valley to enjoy the rare moments.
Address: 3 Bis dong da, Dalat CITY
The rate for 2 people at this homestay is about 300k/night.

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