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Top 10 interesting things about Italian country

In these days the country of Italy is under very difficult circumstances when fighting against the Covid-19, the number of people infected as well as the deaths are increasing dizziness. The whole world is praying for the country. Not only because of the epidemic we pay attention to Italy. Everyone in the world knows about Italy as a beautiful country; Bring a lot of ancient culture, poetic diversity of nature. This is a country that is considered the cradle of European culture, many UNESCO World Cultural heritage SITES and also the most favorite tourists when traveling in Europe. Italy is located in Europe with the full name of the Italian Republic, the capital of the country this boots is Rome. Is an ancient city, with a thick history. They call Rome the Eternal City, because of the beauty of surviving ancient works. Located in eastern Uncle Italia is a city that is filled with romance and is dubbed the most romantic city in the world named Venice. This is where if people can get there once to witness this mystical, romantic beauty. In Italy there is also the city of Milan known as the fashion capital. If you are a shopping follower, you must not be able to not be mad with the famous luxury fashion items here-the famous fashion capital in the world. Milan is renowned for its big fashion shows, where the world's most famous and most renowned family-owned fashion show The climate here is not so harsh, Italian people are so charming, hospitable to make visitors come here to feel like home, living, enjoying with their family. Moreover, with a rich variety of cuisines making this country make tourists travel Europe always choose to be a destination first. If you are an Italian preferred person and want to explore this country it is not possible to ignore this article.

The cradle of European cultures

Top 10 interesting things about Italian country

Cultures of the ancient Roman Empire in Italy (Photo: Internet)

With the culture of the ancient Roman Empire, as well as the roots of the Renaissance movement that brought many genius, the Italians were considered the cradle of European cultures.
There is no country to leave for humanity, such as Italy

Diversity of artistic forms

Italy is a very diverse country of art forms (Photo: Internet)

This is a country with many types of art, such as sculpture, architecture, art, science, language, literature, sport, Ltalia philosophy and music.

Is the fashion capital

Milan is famous for its great fashion shows (Photo: Internet)

There are many famous fashion firms here, with items sold here almost all very perfect, refined, and well-cared for in detail.


Tourists do not forget to visit this image-supported country (Photo: Internet)

It can be said the weather is not too harsh in the winter and is relatively cool when summer about.
So, travel to Europe do not forget to visit the country shaped boots to experience the peaceful feeling of nature and friendliness of the people here.

Human beings

Come in contact with Italian people you will be impressed by the charm, hospitality and subtle manners (Photo: Internet)

People are very seductive, friendly hospitality and subtle manners. Make the visitors feel excited and will promise to come back again.

Diverse food

World-Famous Pizza (Photo: Internet)

In Italy not only is the cradle of culture, the art there is a very rich and diverse cuisine. Referring to Italian cuisine no one does not know Pizza, spaghetti...

Cafe Culture

With the aromatic aroma, the fat of the avocado layer of fatty leopard will make you unforgettable (Photo: Internet)

Coffee is also a well-known culture here. With the aromatic aroma, the fat of the avocado layer of fatty leopard will make you want to enjoy a cup of coffee anymore.
Espresso and Capuchino are two of the many coffees that make up the Italian brand.


(Photo: Internet)

Italy is the second-largest wine-producing country in the world after France with approximately 4.4 liters produced annually, which is the oldest wine-producing place in the whole world.
Italian wines are not only popular in Italy but also famous in the international market. Italian wine is popular in the world.


Italy national team won the World Cup 2006 (Photo: Internet)

Italy has a developed football background, producing many stars, outstanding legends for world football.
The Italian national team with several championships in the World Cup football tournaments such as the World cups or euros has burned the hearts of football fans.


The unique sculpture architecture, ancient and longstanding attract a lot of attention (Photo: Internet)

Italy has a lot of unique sculpture architecture, ancient and long-standing attract a lot of attention of many visitors at domestic and abroad. Some of the most magnificent sculptures, attracting many tourists.

With the interesting things you want to get here? Choose the appropriate time, accumulate enough money to travel to Italy. But this time is not a suitable time, wait when the whole world is controlling the evil epidemic. Thank you for reading your article.
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