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The 7 Best Movies About Assassins

Assassin movies are always a topic that many audience are searching for. Thanks to their dramatic content, climaxes and profound human meanings. That’s reason why in the following article, we will share with you the 7 best assassin movies of all time.

The Bourne Supermacy (2004)

The 7 Best Movies About Assassins

The Bourne Supermancy is the best assassin movie you should watch

The Bourne Supermancy is an unique assassin movie about a chase between an assassin who wants to quit his guilty job with a group of organized agents.
This group of agents is led by Palema but each person’s heading to achieve different goals. Among the agents, there was a covered agent of evil big boss who wanted to kill Bourne to suppress the evidence, the other agent who wanted to cheat on his colleagues to impress the evil boss.

Mr and Mrs. Smith (2005)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) Trailer

Mr and Mrs. Smith was really blockbuster about assassin starring the famous actress Angelina Jolie. The film is interesting when mixing a romantic love story with eye-catching action movies.

A love affair of two people who met by chance, but both were assassins working for two different secret organizations. To make it even worse and dramatic, both were given the same assassination missions.

It made they had a hard time facing with mission and love. Besides the moments of protecting their lover, they also wanted to destroy each other because of their duties.

Wanted (2008)

Wanted Official Trailer

“Wanted” is the story of Wesley - a normal guy who is under pressure every day in both work and life. Because his life is too boring, he decided to change everything and join a professional assassin guild. The reason he could join the guild was because Wesley was the son of the man who was once the best assassin.

Inheriting his father's special abilities, Wesley began to become a professional assassin and taking on the murder mission to kill the one who had killed his father.

Kill List (2012)

Kill List xung đang la bo phim sat thủ kinh dị nhất

Kill List Official Trailer

“Kill List” is a movie that every assassin movie fan can not ignore because of the brutal level of the main character in the movie.

The movie is about an assassin who failed in his previous job, after a while, he received a new mission. Accordingly, he was sent to a quest list with a huge bounty to kill 3 subjects according to the command.

However, in the progress of performing the mission, the assassin gradually lost himself and continuously implemented heartless acts to satisfy himself.

Salvo (2012)

Salvo (2012)

“Salvo” is an assassin film that leaves many impressions with audience with a dramatic plot revolving around an assassin who hired by a group of criminals to kill people.

Salvo assassin only likes to operate independently and obsesses with a cold look, cold eyes and his ruthlessness. But in the one murdering case, he accidentally met a blind girl while he was killing her brother.

The gaze of the blind girl Rita began to make him haunted and moved. Will something happen to them and will he give up his cold-blooded career for the girl?

The Iceman (2013)

Has The Iceman made you excited?

The Iceman Official Trailer

The Iceman is one of the most watched assassin action movies you can't ignore.
The film is set in the United States in the years 60 about the life of Richard – a technician specializing in the production of depraved films. The climax of the film gradually began when the man was arranged by his own boss to perform work as an assassin.
Gradually, Richard is famous for the cruel and cold blood of all the duties he assigned, until he meets a Psychiatrician Robert.

Kill Bill (2003)

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) Official Trailer

Kill Bill is a great and meaningful action movie telling a tale of the ruthless revenge plan of a woman who had nothing to lose.
After being betrayed by her teammates in the group of assassins, the whole family was killed on the day of her wedding. Waking up after 4 years in a coma from being shot in the head, she became a brutal female murderer and executing a bloody revenge plan with her former teammates.

The bloody action in this movie’s sure to make the audience having a good time and unforgettable moment.

The 7 best assassin movies we are mentioning, definitely not let you down. Wish you have the best enjoying movie time.

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