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Top 10 best Greek mythology

Greece is the country known for its mythical stories, with many gods having power. The mythical films of Greece have been based on those stories that appeal to generations of Khan. Films filled with mystery with the boundless Gods of infinite Power will bring the fake Khan to the rich imaginative lands that will entice you from scratch to the film's formula. Here is a list of the top 10 Greek mythology movies to invite you to watch.

Hercules (animated version)

Top 10 best Greek mythology

The film's content is about the character of the hero who made Hercules, the son of Zeus to the people of Alcmene. But in the animated version was the son of the goddess Hera lived miserable by Hades to be murdered. He is the greatest hero of his brothers to establish many of his victories. The film takes place in a fierce battle between Hercules against the evil god Hades to protect the Olympus and the beautiful, romantic love of Hercules with the girl Meg.


The film reappears as the Troy War of a famous fierce battle in history. The film features talented and well-known names such as Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, or Brad Pitt for more power. Because of her blindly love, Helen was married but still loved and wanted to follow Prince Troy as Paris. Lead to her husband's bloodiest battle, Menelaus.
The film features the fiery, dramatic and compelling struggles of the two characters Achilles and Hector. The film has many beautiful, animated characters that depict the portraits of heroes as history draws viewers.


Noi dung bo phim la kể về cuoc chiến giữa vua Hyperion va trang sĩ người trần Theseus. Bởi lòng căm hận cac vị thần đã để gia đình của ong ra đi nen Hyperion quyết tieu diet thế gioi tren đỉnh Olympus bằng cay cung Epirus huyền thoại. Voi cay cung thần có thể giải thoat cac vị thần Titan dưoi địa ngục Tartaros sẽ đưa thế gioi chìm vao bóng đem u tối. để ngăn chặn điều nay thần Zeus chọn Theseus lãnh đạo loai người chống lại Hyperion ngăn cản ý định tìm ra cay cung thần huyền thoại tren.

Jason and the Argonauts

The film tells the story of Pellias toppling Aristo to steal Thessaly. And there was a prophecy that he would be punished by the son of Aristo, who only wore a slipper. To eliminate the illustration of Pellias killing the Aristo's descendants should make Zeus and Hera extremely angry. They saved his newly-pleasing baby Jason, who later performed the task of the Pellias. 20 years later, Jason (Todd Armstrong) accidentally met and rescued Pelias from drowning but dropped a slipper in the pool and caused Pelias to know he'd finish him.

Clash of the Titans (2010)

The story of the hero Perseus is harming the whole family and her lover. His hatred has received a dangerous mission except for Hades before he robs power from Zeus and turns Earth into hell. He has to go through dangerous journey, fighting against the terrifying powers. Perseus only survived if he overcome obstacles in the front, accepting his power as a God and creating his own destiny. The film has many beautiful techniques, creating impressive characters are things that you will have to marvel at watching the movies.


The content of the film 300 is a remake of the famous Thermopylae War lasting 3 days in the history of Greece. When King Leonidas and 300 of the Spartans, Sparta had been executed against the enormous Persian army, nearly 1 million troops were commanded by King Xerxes to state the country of Greece. An unbalanced battle , but with the spirit of great warriors will make you a complacent with the fighting phases of the heroic soldiers.

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief (2010)

The film tells of a teenage boy named Percy who is a son of Poseidon, living in New York. He was suffering from dyslexia but had long-lasting diving talent. He is misunderstood to steal a weapon of the God Zues, which should be attacked by the beast. After escaping, he was sent to a psychiatric camp and he became acquainted with his friends here. Thanks to the help of his friends, he went to find lightning to open for himself. Despite being rated quality at an average level but thanks to the beautiful young ensemble cast, the style of humor and plot is easy to understand, the film is quite crowded with the young audience favorite.

Wrath of the Titans (2012)

Wrath of the Titans is considered to be the second part of Clash of the Titans, which was released in 2012. In this section, the hero Perseus continues to fight alongside the gods against the conspiracy to destroy Kronos and Ares. This film has been rated to own the most "beautiful" Monsters of all time along with the ultra-magical technique.

Gods of Egypt

The movie tells the story of the fact that he wants to avenge Horus, the god of the sky, associated with Hathor the goddess of love and steal the people to carry out the plan. This is a heroic war of gods in the realm of the Gospel, heaven, and both have to go through countless challenges of courage and sacrifice if they want to win.

Wonder Woman

The film is a story about the Amazon of the Amazone region and the country's home island to explore the world and gradually become one of the greatest superheroes in the world. The film tells the past of the legendary female warrior Diana Prince, before she becomes Wonder Woman meeting the Batman and Superman in Batman v Superman.

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