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Top 10 best-of-all-time epidemic films

Long ago The epidemic is the inspiration for every filmmaker. Through these films, people will have a clear view of more infectious diseases. If you are interested in this topic, do not miss the top 10 best disease movies of all time.


Contagion (2011) Official Trailer

Topping the list of the top 10 best epidemic films you should consider to be the infectious disease film. The film tells of a businesswoman named Beth after a Hong Kong business trip that suddenly died of a strange illness.
A few days later, the number of people who died with similar symptoms Beth also grew worldwide. To rescue the human being, a center in the United States was to embark on a vaccination study. In the final minutes of the film, new people find the source of the epidemic.


Top 10 best-of-all-time epidemic films

Doomsday Trailer

This film is set in the year 2008 when there is a epidemic that kills the mass. The British government decided to take uninfected people from the danger zone. They also built walls to isolate people infected with the virus.
25 years later the virus begins to reappear. The government decided to nominate female officers Eden to penetrate inside the forbidden area to find the method to overcome this virus.


Outbreak (1995) Official Trailer

The film tells of a deadly virus in America, initially appearing on himself as a monkey. At this, researchers have performed many trials to prevent the spread. So whether they succeed in the invention of this dose?


Blindness (2008) - Trailer

This is the film that tells about a disease called white blindness. That means those who are infected, their eyes become blind. Initially, the first infected people were placed in the quarantine.
Society blindness is complicated where criminals bully the weak and cause a lot of crimes. However, still in that society, there is an uninfected woman who has witnessed it all. She does not let anyone know this secret and silently take care of her husband as well as guiding 7 strangers on the other hand.

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever Official Trailer 1 (2016)

The film revolves around five friends after joining the graduation festival that held a holiday at 1 cabin. Here, 1 of them is Karen there are strange disease symptoms that are having strange stains on the skin. The group finds it afraid and confines Karen in the depot to avoid infection.


The film tells of a terrible epidemic in Bundang, a suburb of Seoul. This epidemic spreads very quickly and causes chaos for the people of this place. To prevent the spread to other areas, the city was forced by the government.
In this case, Dr. In Hye and the rescue agent Ji had to go into the area to find the serum and vaccine research to prevent illness and save his family.

The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth (1964)

This film is about Dr. Robert – The last survivor on Earth. Due to the special immunity, he was fortunate to live after the devastating plague. As the only one who lived, he felt very lonely and scared. Especially when night falls, the victims leave the fungus and become more foolish.

The Happening

The Happening Trailer

This film is about a kind of bizarre, colorless, odorless plague. They do not cause any symptoms that can be observed on the infected person. From there, they could find their way to suicide. Worse is not in any way to prevent the epidemic.


This film is about the reporter Angela and her cameraman. They were sent to work at night in Los Angeles. When they arrived at the apartment, they discovered there was a woman poisoned and she was attacking several people. At this cell phone, inter net is disabled.
Angela, the fireman as well as the cameraman can not contact them because the door is hard. When the police finally entered this condominium, the proof of life found again was the ice.
Over here have shared top 10 best disease movies of all time. Thereby, to get a fun experience, let your loved ones watch one of the movies!


This is a film that tells of a disease that when one is bitten will become thirsty. Two television reporters went on to do the night guards. Here they were trapped in a dark apartment where the inhabitants acquired a strange illness and had a blood thirst.

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