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Top 12 Locations with 1 No 2 in Vietnam

Not only is the tourist area, the new relic has unique locations, Temples, hotels, coffee shops, eateries... Each one has its own distinct style, impressive concept, architecture with 1 no two. If you have time, give yourself a day to get the experience!

24h Saigon Hotel & Serviced

Top 12 Locations with 1 No 2 in Vietnam

24h Saigon Hotel & Serviced

24h Saigon Hotel & Serviced is a capsule hotel, which gives you a virtual world with sparkling spaceships, just like you are in a spaceship that is about to conquer the universe.

The hotel is equipped with full amenities such as ordinary hotel soft, pillows, mattress, comfortable desk, charging ports, music gadgets, air conditioning and a private closed door.

There is also a airy cafe view overlooking the bustling Saigon Street outside and there are many virtual corners.

Address: 227 Tran Hung Dao Street, Co Giang ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

Am Ty Restaurant

Go away without notice, turning over one is the unscattered soul.

This place is built as a artificial cemetery, visitors will likely have to to heart when otherwise paying attention is seen at a grave. It seems like it is not for those who are weak in heart but only for people who like adventure, adventurous. Instead of going to the "18th floor hell" You can also come here to feel the novelty of drinking water chatting under the artificial brain, surrounded by tombs.

Address: 595 Nguyen Kiem, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh CITY

A Buddha statue hidden underwater

Address: Thanh Luong Pagoda, my Quang Nam Hamlet, An Chan commune, Tuy An, Phu yen.

Thanh Luong Pagoda is built from coral and coconut skull. And here on this occasion, you also get to explore the cool, peaceful view of the temple.

Not only that, visitors to visit the Thanh Luong Pagoda today will admire the statue hidden in the water strange. The blue sky, the water in Veo, the statue as hidden as the current under the water line as a spiritual image that remains in mind every tourist when it comes to the rope.

Address: Thanh Luong Pagoda, my Quang Nam Hamlet, An Chan commune, Tuy An, Phu yen.

Splash Bay Floating Float Bay-Vinpearl Land Nha Trang

Total area 4,200 m2

With a total area of 4,200 m2, overcoming the record of Dubai floating float Park (3,000 m2), becoming the world's largest floating float bay. Therefore, Splash Bay floating float has become a tourist attraction in and out of recent water.

The buoyancy system with design is the signature Vinpearl with a capacity of up to 750 people at once.

There are many play areas suitable for all ages from young children to adults, such as climbing cliffs, huge steam ball, balance bridge, action Tower, swing bar, sliding bridge, swing....

Website: https://diemdenmuahe.vinpearl.com/
Hotline: 1900 66 77
Address: Vinh Nguyen, Nha Trang City, Khanh HOA

Alley50 SaiGon

ALLEY50 SaiGon Style sells wildlife to the wild but also green.

Located right in the alley to the intersection of thi Grapefruit and Dong Khoi Street, with wild design and green space has contributed to make Alley50 SaiGon attract young people to the "hearing" virtual living, to be the location 1 No 2 beautiful in the heart of Saigon.

Address: 49 thi Grapefruit, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Nha Trang Xua Restaurant

Nha Trang Xua Restaurant-where soul Viet back is located in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa.

If you love the ancient architectural style, a place to settle the soul, a place to go back to the village close to idyllic life casual, coming to Nha Trang Ancient restaurant you will be returned to the years 1900 with ancient culture and authentic dishes of the familiar countryside.

Address: Thai pine, Vinh Thai, Nha Trang CITY, Khanh HOA
Operation: 9h-21h
Recommended Price: Chicken on flat 435k, grilled snakehead fish hose 180k, seafood patties 79k, minced frog 155k, grilled chicken lu 435k, shrimp pancake 39k.

Bubble Hotel-Zen Valley Dalat

Zen Valley Dalat is a resort that thinks about the entire campus facing the beautiful Green Valley of Da Lat.

As the location just put into operation a few months ago, Bubble Hotel once again emerged as a space with romantic bubble stay.

Address: 38, Khe Sanh, Ward 10, da Lat city, Lam Dong

Fairy Town

Get the idea from the lovely fairy tale, reminiscent of the Paradise, beautiful castles, cool Green campus. Step into the hotel, we will feel like returning to childhood with dreams of a fairy house, about life in pink as well as returning to the innocence, soul of childhood days.

Address: 29B Mac Dinh Chi, P4, Dalat CITY

Cloud Valley-Homestay & Cafe

It is an ideal stopover in the fog city.

Not as bustling as Saigon, not crowded like Hanoi, Da Lat is always a destination for those who need to rest after a long period of study, work, or go to reduce the daily stress. The Valley of the clouds is probably the place where anyone who visited Dalat must also come once. With the space of peace and scenery as the fairy will help you get relaxed mood, harmony of nature.

Address: Cloud Valley-Homestay & Cafe-181 Huyen Tran Princess, Ward 4, da Lat city

Beer Alley: Lost In Hongkong

Address: 175/19 Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh CITY

It has a quick trend update, with girls who are wearing cheongsam costumes, a shimmering backdrop to detail. The aisle hanging lanterns with the extremely standard space HongKong style, the youth were attracted to the decoration here and especially you are passionate about photography.

Thanh Xuan Time – Da Lat

"The bar of the spring of Qing" deserves a legend Dalat by impressidramatic style, poetic space in a very private way and moreover, this is the common roof of the young... Especially no less. Because of this uniqueness, the restaurant is very satisfied with the children every occasion to visit the city of thousands of flowers and leave little to remember the dream people, romantic love.

The time of Thanh Xuan – Saigon


"The bar of the spring" has clout a branch from Da Lat to Saigon here and is located in Dong Khoi bustling road.

Address: 43 Dong Khoi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City Hcm

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