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Top 9 reasons why women should practice other men

We have seen that men and women have a lot of difference in work or body so the sex is different so the practice must also be different. Why is it that you see from ancient times, women used to do light work that did not require much strength but required flexibility, such as gathering or collecting nuts, men doing things like hunting requires great power. Because of such a huge difference, women should not train like men to know what are the reasons we come to the top reasons why women should not practice like men

Women can exercise with higher frequency

Top 9 reasons why women should practice other men

Intense cardio

Women not only recover faster after a set, they also recover faster after a workout. Women are better able to transport nutrients to muscles, not suffer from more muscle damage, and recover muscle faster.

Women are well suited to a high fat diet

Fatty foods

At the same intensity, women burn more fat and burn less carbs and less protein than men. Because women use less carbs for energy, they also don't store much glycogen when refeeding with carbs.
Because of differences in women's nervous system and endocrine system, including the hormone estrogen, women do not have to rely heavily on glycogen.
For example, the adrenalin hormone burns more fat in women than men. It can be explained that women have a higher percentage of body fat than men, not only in their bodies but also in their muscles, so it is understandable why women use fat as their main source of raw materials.
Basically, the female metabolic system saves glycogen and protein. This means that women do not need as many carbs and protein as energy for every workout as men.
Because carbs are not in high demand, women can spare those calories for fat.
Fat is very beneficial for the strong heart system and hormones in women. The more fat a person usually eats, the more estrogen and testosterone the female body will produce. Both testosterone and estrogen are anabolic hormones.
A low-fat diet will reduce breast size, partly because sex hormones are no longer being produced. The levels of the hormone estradiol and IGF-1 billion increase proportionally to breast size in women who do not use oral contraceptives.
For women, a diet high in fat is also easier to follow than men. Fat food makes women more satisfied.
Women do not have to be afraid of a low carb, high fat diet. Because fat does not reduce insulin sensitivity in women as much as men, thanks to estrogen. Estrogen helps fight inflammation, burns fat, and protects insulin sensitivity. A lower level of inflammation means that polyunsaturated fats are less likely to oxidize, and it can use its anabolic ability (in other words, to help build muscle).
Women often have a better metabolism than men and have a better distribution of body fat.
There is no correlation between fat intake and cancer risk. Fat from sources like olive oil may protect you from cancer. If you are lean, do not smoke, do not drink a lot of alcohol, eat and exercise properly, you should not be afraid of a high fat diet.
Some studies show that women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) will lose more fat and less muscle when they follow a low carb diet, compared to a low fat diet, even when protein intake is control. Another study found that women who ate more fat burned more calories when they exercised, the bench press was bigger and leaner. It can be said that a high-carb and nearly fat-free diet will not be optimal for the majority of women.
Women also do not need as much protein as men for several reasons:
Women oxidize less protein during exercise
Women burn less protein at fasted or after meals
Due to the higher essential fat weight, women often have less Lean Body Mass than men
From an evolutionary perspective, women can better adapt to low protein levels compared to men.

Women are more suited to high reps

A female athlete raises the bar

Those who have never practiced, both men and women, have the same distribution rate of muscle types. When exercising, this ratio will change: in women who exercise strength, muscle fears are switched to type IIa. Women also have a higher rate of type I muscle than men.
As a result, women can train harder than men, even when comparing men and women at the same level of strength. This means women can do more reps than men.
Because women have more slow-twitch muscles, they should focus on type I muscle training to develop to their full potential, by doing more reps at each set.

Women can tolerate higher volumes

Women with more type I muscles allow them to exercise more than men.
This is not the only reason, estrogen hormones have anti-catabolic properties, support muscle recovery, reduce protein breakdown (think about the process of unloading bricks to build a body / body later) during training. exercise, and protection against muscle damage. This allows women to train with higher volumes without being overtrained.
Other research also shows that women can tolerate more stress from practicing whole movement amplitude.

Women should practice less explosive exercises

The woman is running fast

Women's resistance to weight training disappears when weight training is close to 1RM. Although a woman's muscles have a lot of endurance, it doesn't have as much strength as men.
Men's muscles are more explosive, they can release faster. In fact, the motor cortex in men is larger. In intense explosive exercises such as powerlifting, men can perform more reps than women.
The more effective cortex motor is the reason men play better explosive sports. However, this difference becomes small when practicing professionally.
One study compared strength and explosive strength in 840 professional athletes, both male and female, in 31 different disciplines. The results showed that, compared to body weight, women are as strong as men and only a few percent less explosive.
Women have the same potential to build muscles and strength as men. Due to socio-cultural factors we do not see many women participating in professional sports.
Men are only stronger at explosive movements, not stronger than negative or isometric movements, even at high intensity.
So it is not right to say that women can never do heavy exercises. Which women should practice according to their strengths. If only the explosive exercise is done, women cannot do as many volumes as men.
Women also recover less after explosive exercises like athletics. Contrary to women's higher resilience, high-volume track and field work can take 72 hours to recover. This leads to less adaptability to explosive exercises in women.

Women prefer cardio post stabilization rather than HIIT


Because women do not respond well to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), gentle, more stable cardio (steady state cardio) is the more appropriate option. And not just physically, women also tend to prefer aerobic exercise.

Women fit tempo more slowly

Jungger walk

Because women are not as explosive as men, women can do more reps on a more controlled tempo.
Forcing women to practice tempo quickly will not take advantage of their endurance

Women can tolerate metabolic stress better

Stress after eating cuts

One reason women are more resilient is that they suffer less metabolic stress than men. Here both men and women at the same power level are compared to each other.
Women have lower blood pressure during exercise, so they can bring more blood and oxygen to muscles than men. Women also have less metabolic waste (like lactate), so their muscles can work longer with exercise.
This advantage disappears with exercise with blood flow occlusion training (KAATSU). Therefore, when using KAATSU in women, it should be applied more calculated than men

Women don't need to rest too much between sets

The chart below summarizes why women are not as tired as men

Not surprisingly, women recover after a quicker set than men. With the same set of weight, women don't need as much rest time as men to complete the set

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