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Top 15 must-try dishes in Thailand

As a person of eating soul, when traveling to any place, you will also have to experience the food of the country to understand more about the culture of food as well as taste. You may already know, Thailand is well known for its diverse cuisine with a variety of different cuisines, delicious flavors, eye-catching decorations, and affordable prices. For a better understanding, follow your feet to enjoy Thai cuisine.

Pad Thai (noodle soup, stir fried rice noodles)

Top 15 must-try dishes in Thailand

Nhắc đến Thai Lan chung ta khong thể khong biết đến món ăn đặc trưng: Pad Thai. Món ăn được lam bởi cac nguyen lieu như: mì gạo, trung, đậu phụ, gia, tom kem theo cac gia vị như ot, chanh, đậu phong giã nhỏ. Hien nay có rất nhiều quan ban Pad Thai ở Thai nhưng mình khuyen cac bạn hãy thử mot lần Pad Thai Thipsamai vì nơi nay được menh danh la Pad Thai ngon nhất Thai Lan, nếu bạn chưa thử sẽ la mot thiếu sót lon đó. Thip Samai nằm tại quận Pha Nakorn, cach khong xa khu Chinatown va nui Vang. Điểm đặc biet của quan ăn la mở từ 5h chiều đến khoảng 2h sang. Địa chỉ quan la 313 313 Thanon Mahachai, Phra Nakorn. Khoảng 80 baht (gần 60.000 đồng) cho mot phần Pad Thai cơ bản loại nhỏ. Nưoc cam (có những tep cam nhỏ ben trong) có gia dao đong theo mua, vao khoảng 120 baht (gần 90.000 đồng) mot chai. Hoặc bạn có thể vừa đi tham quan vừa thưởng thuc Pad Thai tại Icon Siam voi khung cảnh lung linh tuyet đẹp nhưng sẽ voi muc gia cao hơn la 129 baht mot phần (gần 100.000 đồng), tuy số tiền kha đắt so voi những bữa ăn bình dan nhưng khi thử rồi thì bạn sẽ khong phải hối hận đau ^^

Tom Yum (spicy sour soup)

Tom Yum is also known as a typical Thai dish. Flavor varieties of spicy sour and spicy hotpot and you can ask the chef to add to coconut milk because Tom Yum has two types, with coconut milk or not. Tom Yum is spicy with ingredients from shrimp or shrimp paste, mushrooms, lime leaves, lemongrass, spices, etc. V.. When you eat you will feel sour and spicy harmony from the dish, which will help you increase the flavor when eating with rice. You can find Tom Yum at the majority of Thailand's eateries at almost very reasonable prices from 30,000 to 60,000 dong.

Mango Sticky Rice

With the perfect combination of sticky rice, mango and coconut milk, you will "have to please" this dish. This is a traditional dessert in Thailand that is very pleasing to Vietnamese young people, the flavor is suitable for all ages. The sweetness, plasticity of sticky rice combined with the cool, sweet Mango-a famous delicious fruit of the tropics will make you eat again many times but not to be lost. This is a very famous dessert and worth a try. You can find along the way in Thai, at the food court at Terminal 21 or at the Night Bazaar.

Som Tam (Crab papaya salad)

If you are a person who can eat living dishes then this is a perfect combination. This Som Tam is not only famous for its "divine" appetite but also because it is quite... It's scary because ingredients include live crabs. The main raw material consists of raw papaya, raw, live, mixed with chopsticks, green bananas, toad, green mango, cabbage, cucumbers, roasted peanuts and special spices. This dish is the top 50 of the world's finest food, believe it? So, what are you afraid to try?

Khao man kai (chicken rice)

This dish in Thailand is Hainan chicken Rice the Thai version with familiar ingredients such as sliced chicken, garlic cooked rice, with some special spicy sauce of the people of Golden Temple. Tasty Chicken rice, the price is cheap so guests are crowded and very difficult to find the price of the budget that delicious quality like this. You can find chicken rice at Go Ang rice shop in Pratunam. Very reasonable price only 40 baht for 1 meal (near 30,000 dong), tasty cheap Why not try it right?

Roti Kluai stubs (egg banana cake)

This is a delicious food in Thailand that is popular among tourists. The raw material of this Thai sidewalk dish is extremely simple with bananas, eggs and chocolate. Banana and egg pancakes are heavily sold in the sidewalk eateries as the night market with a deliciously confusing taste, eating very happy. Prices from 20-40 baht (nearly 15,000-30,000 VND) depending on the type of cake, the ingredients you choose.

Thai Milk Tea

Thai milk tea has been a drink that is loved by many young friends today by the greasy scent of fresh milk along with green tea... Referring to Thai who is also aware of Thai milk tea drink, you can try drinking milk tea at the cars at the roadside restaurant, in food court Terminal 21 or, more specifically, suggest you try milk tea at Cha Tra Mue brand, which can be found at BTS or MRT stations , the price from 40 baht (near 30,000 dong) for one glass.

Grilled meats and sticky rice

Grilled dishes are indispensable. This is a medium-sized dish that can also be eaten. When buying grilled meat, the owner asks if you want to use more sticky rice? The two are very rich and delicious, if not eaten you can also enjoy each meat skewers, skewered baking is also delicious. Skewered grilled meat can be found everywhere like night markets, along only the way from 5 to 20 baht (nearly 4,000 to 15,000 dong) depending on the type.

Yam pla duk Fu (Fish Fry)

One of the delicacies in Thailand that you should try over by its uniqueness. Yam Pla duk fu includes crispy fish and spicy papaya salad. Crispy fry eat with spicy papaya salad. As you indulge, you will feel like the meat of the fish is all in the mouth along with the attractive sour taste. It is often given in a separate bowl to keep fish crispy.

Kaeng Khiao Wan (green curry)

Kaeng Khiao Wan (green curry) is a type of curry in the Thai cuisine. The name of the dish is taken in its color. There are also yellow curry and red curry. Green curries are made from coconut milk and green peppers, bringing the colors and smells of gravity. Ingredients such as green curry powder, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, chicken, Thai hung cinnamon, Thai eggplant and the current herbs and roots of Thai dishes (lemons, galangal, lime leaves,...), make the dish a perfect blend.

Tod man pla

Thai fish pies are one of the common appetizers that anyone in Thai restaurants also call. Thai fish pies have a similar way of making Vietnamese fish pies but spices are different, especially with lime leaf Kaffir lime of Thai make fish pies very delicious. Fish pies are crispy, mixed with red curry flour, chopsticks beans, Kaffir lime leaves and sweet sauce dots.

Coconut cream Sticky rice

Wander the bustling markets or you have a tired visit to the attractions. Maybe this is when you need to get a glass of coconut cream to heat. The coconut cream cups made from the fatty coconut milk decorate along with those are the dried fruits, or the peanut seeds Bui Thom will soothe the hot, tired of you before.

Roasted rice

In the specialties and delicious, no belly, roasted rice will be the optimal choice for you, give you more energy to continue the journey to explore this place. Roasted rice Here is made from a variety of ingredients, from pork and chicken to fresh seafood items. The price is also very reasonable only from 30,000-35,000 VND you have got yourself a rice cooker fragrant nose.

Sai krok Isan

This is one of the most famous dishes of northern Thailand, including pork sausage, minced garlic and sticky rice. Sausage was put to ferment many days before baking, creating a very special taste.

Kor moo yang

The pork meat is marinated with spices and charcoal grilling, offering a charming aroma. Soft sweet pork combined with spicy sauce makes you want to eat forever.

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