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Top 9 best movies about dogs

The films about the dogs have always been very quickly and famous in the audience. These films are based on real stories that are about loyal dogs to their master. These films have taken away thousands of tears from the most special movie viewers, making the hearts of animal lovers. Because the film was directed to be overly emotional and excellent through each image, actors and especially the dogs are intelligent and wise. These films became very popular as the public received worldwide recognition. For you to know about the best dogs, please read through the article below.

A Dog's Purpose

Top 9 best movies about dogs

Best movie about dogs - A Dog's Purpose. (Image source: internet)

A Dog's Purpose - Official Trailer

The movie tells the dog Bailey to undergo multiple pregnancies into different dogs of various owners and lives in different circumstances to be able to understand the purpose of life of his life. Among his employer, Bailey spent a lot of time sticking with the boy Ethan, who rescued his uncle in 1962. Although tens of years have passed through several lifetimes, Beiley still finds his way back to his employer.

Hachiko: A Dog's Story (2010)

Best movie about dogs - Hachiko: A Dog's Story (2010). (Image source: internet)

Hachiko: A Dog's Story (2010) - Trailer

While returning home, Professor Parker Wilson found a little bit of Akita's puppy due to the transport that had crashed from the train. Do not know where it will come and the station can not take care of it so he brought it home. Cate Wilson – a hump wife, jealous of the presence of the dog, asks his husband to post the dog's master. Before the love of the dog who conquered Parker from the first glance, she could not ignore her, and accepted the dog to stay at her house. Under the aid of Japanese university friend Parker named the dog Hachiko. Every day, Hachiko will take his employer to the station early in the morning and pick up the master at the end of day. Then, Parker suddenly took a heart attack and lost it afterwards. However, Hachiko maintains the habit of waiting for his employer in the terminal, regardless of how bad the weather is. It only abandoned when the last breath was poured out on the ground.

Eight Below (2006)

Best movie about dogs - Eight Below (2006). (Image source: internet)

Eight Below (2006) Official Trailer

At the Antarctic, after an expedition to Dr. Davis McClanren, the sled dog coach Jerry Shepherd was forced to leave the base along with colleagues due to his close to a large snowstorm. The three men were forced to leave the dog sled pulled back in because of the accident and the weather was too bad. For six months, Jerry attempted to find a sponsor to rescue the abandoned dog. In the cold of the Antarctic, the herd of dogs must struggle to survive until they are rescued.

Lassie come home (1943)

Best movie about dogs - Lassie come home (1943). (Image source: internet)

Lassie come home (1943) - Trailer

The film was directed by Fred M. Wilcox. Lassie Come home was built according to Eric Knight's novel of the same name. The film tells the cruise to find his way home from Scotland to Yorkshire (England) of the dog Lassie. Lassie is a household pet miner Carraclough. Because of the tight economy, Carraclough was forced to sell Lassie for aristocratic families. But what the owner cannot sell away, is the love and loyalty of Lassie for the son-Joe (Roddy McDowall portrayed). In the afternoon, Lassie ran through the town, arriving in front of Joe Tan's school entrance. Later, the noble family moved to Scotland, about 600 kilometers away from England. Lassie decides to make the journey back with Joe's boss. Along the way, "she" confronds many dangers. Finally, Lassie is home to succeed and plunge into Joe's loving arms.
In 1993, the work was chosen by the National Film Institute for Conservation. The character Lassie is also named on the Hollywood Avenue of Fame.

Belle & Sebastian (2013)

Best movie about dogs - Belle & Sebastian (2013) . (Image source: internet)

Belle and Sebastien (2013) - Trailer English Subs

In 1943, in the French Alps, the orphaned boy Sebastian lives in a small village with his grandfather, a shepherd who is an aunt and a bakery. When sheep in the village were discovered much, he was the boy and the other residents of the village discovered that an ugly dog that had a bad appearance killed their sheep so they could be driven out. Sebastian found the dog, naming the dog Bella and becoming friends. When the Germans arrived at the village, the troops were also at his friendship and the dog was challenged.

Megan Leavey

Best movie about dogs - Megan Leavey. (Image source: internet)

Megan Leavey - Trailer

Megan Leavey was a United States Marine Corps who was once an K9 controller of military police. She was paired with the military Working Dog Rex (E168). During the training period, Megan and Rex joined together in dangerous missions, looking for explosive areas before the troops arrived. Both have done a very excellent task of their own. However, in a one-time mission, a random dynamite blast device did they hurt, putting their fate into danger.

Kommissar Rex (1994)

Best movie about dogs - Kommissar Rex. (Image source: internet)

Kommissar Rex (1994)

The film tells of the dog Rex has made contributions to help Moser be difficult. Having saved his teammates during his duties, Moser sacrificed. Later, Rex was adopted by a recently divorced police – Alexandre. Together they solved the crimes in and around Vienna. The film has now undergone 16 sections, and Rex also has to undergo different owners because most of his employer has sacrificed during the task.

101 Dalmatians (1996)

Best movie about dogs - 101 Dalmatians (1996). (Image source: internet)

101 Dalmatians (1996) Trailer

The Pongo and Perdita have a lovely 15-dalmatiine dog. However, Cruella De Ville – The former friend of their employer loves puppies, wanting to buy them to peel a lovely coat. When rejected, Cruella hired some of the thugs to kidnap the puppies and between them at her villa. Will Pongo and Perdita find them in time?

The Call of the Wild (2020)

Best movie about dogs - The Call of the Wild (2020). (Image source: internet)

The Call of the Wild | Official Trailer

The film tells the dog the Buck, a domesticated wild dog who lives on the farm of a wealthy family. However, the Buck has been kidnapped from his employer and must become a tractor dog in the frozen Alaska area for those looking for gold. Here, Buck must learn how to fight survival and become the leader of the dog herd. The primitive nature that has already awakening the Buck's talent, the wild life's talent. Buck is back in the forest and lives with wolves.

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