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Top 9 Most popular tourist attractions in Austria

With its location next to the Swiss country Austria is also one of the countries dubbed an epic and magnificent sporting paradise. Along with that Austria there are many famous tourist attractions with the Hofburg Palace located in the capital Vienna or the birthplace of genius composer-Salzburg is one of the many attractions and attractions in the city. Not only admire the beautiful beauty of Austria but you will also enjoy delicious cuisine here with rich and varied dishes. For you to have the most perfect trip to Austria, in this article you will take you to the most popular tourist destination in Austria for your reference and a suitable choice for the trip in your Austrian country.


Top 9 Most popular tourist attractions in Austria

Tourist Attractions Austria-Vienna. (Photo: Internet)

Vienna is the capital and at the same time a state of Austria. With a population of over 1.7 million, it is the largest city in Austria and the country's cultural, economic, and political center. As the city of the major castles and museums, the hometown of Opera and Beethoven, Vienna is a city filled with culture and grandeur.
The spectacular Hofburg Palace in Vienna has been for centuries the headquarters of the Austrian monarchy, Habsburgs is strong. Now the President conducts its state business in the same room that once belonged to Emperor Joseph II. Nearly all Austrian rulers since 1275 have ordered additions or changes, which resulted in various architectural influences, including Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Classicism. Along with squares and gardens, the entire Hofburg complex occupies 59 acres including 19 small courts and 2,600 rooms. Highlights of a visit include the Royal Silver Collection and a wide range of catering services for a taste of the lavish royal party that has taken place here; The Sisi museum, focusing on the life and era of Queen Elisabeth; and Imperial apartment, a series of 19 rooms were once seized by Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife.
Schonbrunn & Belvedere Palaces luxurious or St. Stephen's cathedral is ornate with architectural works and is a place not to be missed for the art and history enthusiasts.


Tourist Attractions Austria-Salzburg. (Photo: Internet)

Located in the center of Austria, near the German border, Salzburg is perhaps known as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – One of the world-renowned Austrian genius composers. Tourists come to the fourth largest city in Austria to see the sights inspired by the classical music horror.
Salzburg is a charming city surrounded by green meadows, Majestic historical buildings and Mozart music genius. To Salzburg you can not not visit the birthplace of genius composers-also a setting in the music film "The Sound Of Music" won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1965.
Not only that, the old town of Aldsten-where spectacular alpine landscapes like paintings with beautiful baroque buildings is a UNESCO World Heritage SITE and the majestic Hohensalzburg Fortress is proud to be the largest historical fortress in Central Europe that still exists as an extremely attractive tourist attraction when visiting Salzburg.


Tourist Attractions Austria-Salzkammergut. (Photo: Internet)

The Salzkammergut is a resort stretching from the city of Salzburg to the east along the Alpine Foreland and Northern Limestone Alps to the peaks of the Dachstein mountain range.
Sparkling clean lakes, green hills, great mountains, romantic towns like St. Wolfgang and Hallstatt make up the area. To know the area in how you can watch the movie "The Sound Of Music", because this movie is filmed in and around Salzburg (as aforementioned) and the neighboring Salzkammergut region.
This picturesque resort near Salzburg also offers you a memorable experience in Austria, with its sparkling blue lakes, stunning high mountains, charming villages and luxurious spa towns.
Situated by Lake Halstatt and placed on UNESCO's World Heritage List, Halstatt's Fairy village is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Austria. Hallstatt is a small town with spectacular views between the city of Salzburg and Graz, in the Austrian Salzkammergut region. The picturesque architecture of Hallstatt is one of the main reasons why visitors are attracted to the village. When in Hallstatt, go and explore its main roads and side paths. Walking around the downtown area is really an attraction. You will not stop amazed at the colorful and charming wooden houses.


Tourist Attractions Austria-Innsbruck. (Photo: Internet)

Innsbruck is the capital of the western Austrian state of Tirol. It is located in the valley of the Inn with Wipptal (Sill River). It is located between Munich (Germany) to Verona (Italy). With its geographical location in the wide valley with its surrounding mountains, Innsbruck is a world-renowned winter sports centre. Innsbruck is known for its winter sports, where it hosts the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976.
Surrounded by high mountains, Innsbruck has a lot of tourist attractions that make your stay as enjoyable and attractive as ever. Aside from skiing, you can enjoy a leisurely walk through the old Town and marvel at the glittering Goldenes Dachl decorated with over 2500 shiny bricks; Or gaze at the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum-one of the best museums for regional heritage in Europe; Or visit the Hofkirche-where the mausoleum of the Emperor Maximilian I; Ambras Building-where there are collections of paintings and armor and the Bell Museum...

Zell am See

Điểm du lịch Áo - Zell am See. (Ảnh: Internet)

Zell am See is located in the state of Salzburg, a popular tourist destination in Austria. The venue is famous for its high mountains and blue lakes. Once ruled by the French army in the early 19th century, Zell am See hosted several international ski competitions.
In addition to the ski slopes, one of its most famous attractions is the Roman Church of St. Hippolyte, with an elevated walkway from the early 16th century. You can immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery while sipping a coffee in one of the many cafes in the city center or walking the high aisle of St Hippolyte Church for the most scenic sights.
Zell am See is also a good starting point for a sightseeing trip to the Grossglockner Road – a popular street with alpine landscapes. Cycling along the dreamy lakes or swimming in the clear waters of the lake is one of the most challenging experiences in this enchanting, high mountain town.


Tourist attractions in Austria-Wachau. (Photo: Internet)

Located between the towns of Melk and Krems an der Donau and formed when the Danube flows through, the Wachau Valley is a popular tourist spot in southern Austria and also famous for its wine. The area is elegant and is a combination of ancient monasteries, castles... With the urban architecture of the towns, villages combined with lush grape growing areas.
The valley has more than 500 historic sites, so if you come here you will have difficulty choosing the right place to visit. Some of these prominent works are the Melk Abbey, the monumental monastery of the Baroque or Göttweig Abbey, a fortress monastery near Krems an der Donau; About the castle, there is the castle of Schallaburg, a Roman architectural work with Renaissance decorations, the Steiner Tor Tower Gate built in the 15th century in the Baroque style of architecture... And all the grapes could not be lacking.

St Anton am Arlberg

Tourist destination Austria-St Anton am Arlberg. (Photo: Internet)

Along with Innsbruck, St Anton am Arlberg is also considered to be the top ski resort destination in Austria. Located in Tyrol, this village features legendary ski terrain, suitable for many people with different possibilities. Often attract travelers who enjoy adventure, St Anton am Arlberg has a thick snow and the perfect ski terrain. The beautiful scenery here also attracts many visitors to mountaineering and sightseeing.


Tourist destination Austria-Graz. (Photo: Internet)

As Austria's second largest city with six universities and one of Europe's best preserved old city areas, Graz has a lot to attract the attention of its visitors. The area has countless museums from art to arms, Baroque-style buildings & impressive renaissance with a unique hill in the center of the city offering panoramic views.
Known for its reputation as the city of gastronomy, Graz offers a wide variety of local delights. If you can do not forget to bring home a bottle of pumpkin seed oil-a famous local product in Graz, after visiting the summer farmers market.


Tourist destination Austria-Worthersee. (Photo: Internet)

Worthersee is a lake in the southern Austrian region of Carinthia. It is about 16.5 km long and 1.5 km wide stretching from the outskirts of the capital Carinthian Klagenfurt in the east to the Bay of Velden in the west. The lake is located at the foothills of the Gurktal Mountains and the Karawanks Mountains, all covered by dense, distant forested mountains. The water is a characteristic blue and transparent color.
Worthersee is one of Austria's most popular summer destinations. Beautiful Lake Worthersee offers many opportunities for swimming, boating during the summer months.
The venue is not only attractive to those who want to participate in water activities, but also for those who want to explore some mysterious caves here, including the Griffen Stalactite Caves, which are considered to be the most colourful cave in Austria. People who like to visit the mosque will not want to Miss Gurk church, which is from the 12th century, while vintage car enthusiasts can enjoy a visit to Gmund – a place for Porsche or the car Museum of Villach (Villach Automotive Museum) with a wide variety of cars and motorcycles.

The above are the most popular tourist destinations in Austria that you want to send to readers. Hope to help you know more about Austria and have a trip full of fun when traveling in this country. You see what most impressive tourist attractions remember to like and share to everyone.
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