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The 11 best resorts in Hanoi

Hanoi is a great destination in Vietnam, where there are many famous attractions as well as here you can drop yourself into the beauty of peace here. In addition, in Hanoi, there are many delicious dishes, specialties famous for you to enjoy. If you are scheduled to work in Hanoi or simply intend to travel in Hanoi without a rest and are not sure whether to choose the resort is good to rest, please take a look at the following article the best quality resorts in Hanoi , let's take a look here!

Cuc Phuong Resort & SPA

The 11 best resorts in Hanoi

Good quality resort in Hanoi-CUC Phuong Resort & Spa. (Photo: Internet)

From Hanoi visitors can get to this place with only 2 hours of driving, visitors like to a different life, living in the midst of nature, flowers, completely relax, pour away the suffocation of the city industrial, temporarily forget to worry, rush to life, reward yourself with the perfect rest time.
Only 2 kilometers from CUC Phuong National Garden, the resort is located on the wilderness with pristine landscapes and enjoys fresh air all year round.
In addition you can visit many interesting landscapes, many famous caves of Ninh Binh such as Trang An Scenic area, tourist populations spirituality Pagoda Bai Dinh...
Emeralda Ninh Binh is located in Ninh Binh Province, 90 km from Hanoi, located in the populations of Van Long ecological Tourism area-the largest wetland nature reserve in northern Vietnam.
Quiet, fresh space, this resort is close to many tourist destinations and cultural tourism.

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort & Spa

Good quality resort in Hanoi-Flamingo Dai Lai Resort & Spa. (Photo: Internet)

About 80km from Hanoi, equivalent to about 1.5 hours by car, Flamingo Dai Lai is also known as a green resort and has a carefully invested infrastructure. Surrounded by 500ha of water and thousands of pine forests, coming here, you easily feel the rare fresh space in the place of urban.

FLC Vinh Thinh Resort

Good quality resort in Hanoi-FLC Vinh Thinh Resort. (Photo: Internet)

From Hanoi only less than 1 hour by National Highway 2, FLC Vinh Thinh Resort has appeared in front of your eyes peacefully and deposited.

Van Minh Resort

Good quality resort in Hanoi-Van Minh Resort. (Photo: Internet)

Hanoi is just about 30km, the price is quite soft so this resort does not make you think much about the price. Here you can relax exploring nature, fishing or enjoying the views of Shanxi country cuisine.

V- resort

Good quality resort in Hanoi-V-resort. (Photo: Internet)

Located 65 km northwest of Hanoi, a 20km from the peace town, the V-resort is situated on a still pristine, wild valley that promises to give you a short break in for a variety of exciting experiences.
The rooms of the Hoa Binh V-Resort all have beautiful views and full facilities. There are also relaxation services such as Jacuzzi, steam, sauna and foot massage, entertainment area, indoor and outdoor specialized adult and children. Here, you can participate in recreational games such as fishing, mini golf, tennis, cycling, billiard play.

Asean Resort

Good quality resort in Hanoi-Asean Resort. (Photo: Internet)

The resort is located west of the center of Hanoi, along the Lang Hoa Highway, about 35 km, quite airy and green. For those who are afraid to take a quiet, fresh space, this is the ideal place for you to choose your weekend trip with friends and family.

Hoang Long Resort

Good quality resort in Hanoi-Hoang Long Resort. (Photo: Internet)

Located in the picturesque land of the city, 20 km from the center of Hanoi, Hoang Long Resort is located on an area of 2 square kilometers in Thach that district, Hanoi, 700m from Tay Phuong Pagoda.
In addition, Hoang Long Resort also has a children's play area. If families have young children, the open space, green and peaceful in the Fairy garden will make them very enjoyable.

Family Resort (Yen Bai Resort)

Good quality resort in Hanoi-Family resort (Yen Bai resort). (Photo: Internet)

Located in Xom moi, Yen Bai commune, Ba Do district, ha, this resort is 35km from the center of Hanoi, only 40 minutes by car or 1 hours by motorbike, very convenient to travel last week. Completely different from the bustling life of Chengdu, Family Resort is surrounded by mountains, low hills very cool, poetic.

Emeralda Resort

Good quality resort in Hanoi-Emeralda Resort. (Photo: Internet)

The Emeralda Resort Ninh Binh is designed in the style of the North Delta village including 172 rooms, 3 restaurants and 2 swimming pools.
Continuing the unique architectural art and decoration styles that make up the Emeralda brand, the resort is also enhanced by its flexible links with outstanding innovations and high-end comfort systems.

Song Hong Resort

Good quality Resort in Hanoi-Song Hong Resort. (Photo: Internet)

Song Hong Resort 4 star Standard, located in Vinh Yen address, Vinh Phuc Province. Just over 50 km away from Hanoi. The resort is located on the Lake Dam Vac Peninsula, which is considered the green lungs of the city of Vinh Yen Hien Hoa, beautiful.
Song Hong Resort is truly the ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists on every occasion of rest and meetings.

Zen Resort

Good quality resort in Hanoi-Zen Resort. (Photo: Internet)

Zen Resort & Camping is a holiday, dining, entertainment, recreation... The 60 ha wide of Archi real estate Group achieved 4 star standards.
The Resort is conveniently located just 38 km west of Hanoi capital city by Lang Hoa Lac Highway, ecological Tourism zone in Ba Nui because four seasons of fresh green fruit flowers.

On this article are the best quality resorts in Hanoi. Hopefully, with this article will help you readers can pick out for yourself a resort that suits yourself and get a most complete tour. Thank you for taking the time to see the article, if you love this article, don't forget to click Share right away to everyone!
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