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Top 10 marry first love later Chinese dramas

Marriage is not always the end of love. Sometimes it is the beginning for love to blossom. There are people who fall in love passionately and get married, while some others accidentally go to marriage because of matchmaking, forcing or some events. Marry first love later category is highly attractive and expected to contain many challenges and obstacles. What it would be if two strange people, never know each other before, even hate each other, to become a couple? Filmmakers have been inspired and released many interesting marry first love later dramas for the audience. This article will summarize the top best Chinese marry first love later films. Wish you have moments of enjoying great movies.

The Love By Hypnotic

Top 10 marry first love later Chinese dramas

The Love By Hypnotic

Sweet scene in The Love By Hypnotic

The Love By Hypnotic is a drama create waves in the audiences because of interestingness and sweetness. Starring by a cast of talented and beautiful young actors/actresses, the film become even more attractive. Princess Li Ming Yue (played by Ling Mei Shi) was married to Prince Li Qian (Xu Wei Luo) for the purpose of harmony. These two people did not like each other from the first meet. After going through many events, love finally blossomed between them two. A cold and arrogant Prince was also jealous when falling in love, determined to win over his love rival. The drama circumstances are funny, sometimes over sweet that make viewers extremely excited.

Lovely Swords Girl

The beautiful cast of Lovely Swords Girl

Trailer Lovely Swords Girl

Lovely Swords Girl is a marry first love later comedy. The film is about the journey of Yu Sheng You's to find her real love. Because of her passion for men’s beauty, Sheng You was married to Gong Yuan xiu. He is a good man, but when being "stupid", he is extremely cute. The drama is bright and funny at the beginning which creates a lot of laughters for the audience. However, Lovely Swords Girl is still a bit sad, especially when Gong Yuan xiu restored his memory and became a cold man. However, the end of the film still shows their sweet and passionate love. Besides the handsome male lead with his impressive smile, the supporting males are not less excellent. The presence of beautiful faces: Jiang Zhen Yu, Yang Shi Ze, He Yi Qian, Xu Kai Xin, ... makes the audience so excited.

Cuo Dian Yuan Yang (Wrong Match) (2012)

Cuo Dian Yuan Yang (Wrong Match) features Zhao Li Ying


A cut in Cuo Dian Yuan Yang (Wrong Match)

As the idiom “There cannot be two tigers on the same mountain”, the rich Su family and Shi family were always jealous of each other. In order to control the other side, the two families arranged a marriage for Su Huan Er and Shi Wu Ji. However, Su Huan Er did not agree with this marriage. The family had to replace her by Yang Yi Liu instead. Married to the Shi family, Yi Liu was not only Shi’s daughter-in-law but was also a spy for the Su family. Since then, her life experienced a lot of interesting circumstances. Beside that, the love between Yi Liu and Wu Ji had been going well. What would happen to this replaced bride in the wedding first, love later situation? The film is attractive and praised by a lot of audiences.

Legend Of Yunxi (2018)

The drama Legend Of Yunxi

Legend Of Yunxi Summary

Legend Of Yunxi is a drama adapted from the novel Poison Genius Consort by Jie Mo. The loveliness and excellent beauty of Ju Jingyi when playing Han Yunxi really fascinated the viewers. Due to a predestination, Han Yunxi (Ju Jingyi) was arranged to get married with Prince Long Feiye (Zhang Zhehan). Since then, she was crazy in love and followed her husband unconditionally. Feiye and Yunxi were originally intelligent so they supported each other a lot. Despite of being a powerful prince, Feiye also had his lovely side. The drama also has sad scenes, sometimes viewers also follow up the emotions of the characters, both happy and sad. Legend Of Yunxi is very worth watching because of its attractiveness and uniqueness.

Princess Of Lanling King (2016)

Princess Of Lanling King

Trailer Princess Of Lanling King

Princess Of Lanling King is set during the time of the Northern and Southern Qi in China, when two treasures QingLuan mirror and Lican sword were hunted by people because of its relation to reunite the Kingdom. For the purpose of finding QingLuan mirror, Duan Mu Lian was originally a pair with Lan Ling Wang, but was forced to marry Yu Wen Yong under her other name Yuan Qing Suo. Unexpectedly, on the wedding night, she was hit on the head and lost her memories. As time went by, Yu Wen Yong began to realize that he had fallen in love with this unclear origin wife, then led to a complicated love triangle between Qing Suo, Lan Ling Wang and Yu Wen Yong. These two men both loved her, always protected and guarded her. When she remembered everything, she realized her old love Lan Ling Wang, but she also falls in love with Yu Wen Yong. The film content is so attractive, Qing Suo and Yu Wen Yong get married first loved later. It is a complicated love story with both happiness and pain.

The Romance of Hua Rong (One Night Bride) (2019)

Drama The Romance of Hua Rong

Trailer The Romance of Hua Rong

The Romance of Hua Rong is a beloved costume romantic drama telling about the lovely story of a husband chasing after his wife. One time when Hua Rong (Zhao Zhao Yi) got drunk, she accidently slept with Qin Shang Cheng (Yuan Hao) and suddenly became the island owner’s wife. She did not agree at first but later Hua Rong had to accept this marriage to find a chance to escape. Happiness would not last so long, the island owner Qin Shang Cheng had to go finding his wife in pain. From then, the cool guy was ready to set aside his dignity in order to chase Hua Rong. No one had picked up that dignity for him so the drama is expected to contain more and more scenes of grace and sweetness. Forced to marry such a lovely husband, she could not deny her love any more. And things changed with time, with his sincere flirts, readiness to protect his love and fighting spirit for rival, finally love would come to him. Although this love is a bit hard to find, it is worth trying for Qin Shang Cheng. The film is funny, romantic that makes people love to death.

Wrong Sedan Chair Marry The Right Man (Wrong Carriage, Right Groom) (2000)

Wrong Sedan Chair Marry The Right Man

Wrong Sedan Chair Marry The Right Man is a Chinese historical film broadcasted a long time ago but still leaves a deep impression on many audiences. The film stars many actors/actresses such as Huang Yi, Nie Yuan, Li Jia Lin. The two girls: Li Yu Hu - daughter of the dojo Li Yu Hu, who was strong, free-spirited, generous; and lady Du Bing Yan who was highly educated and gentle were set out to get married on the same day. Because of a rain, the two palanquins stayed in a temple at the same time. Yu Hu and Bing Yan just met for the first time but seemed like familiar for long, just like two sisters. In the moment of confusion, they mistakenly wore the headscarves, and got on the wrong palanquins. This mistake led to the wrong husband. It was thought to be not suitable, but it turned out to be opposite. The drama is attractive and funny that received a lot of love from viewers. Wrong Sedan Chair Marry The Right Man has the same content as its name, is one of the typical Marry First, Love Later genre on Chinese screen.

The Eternal Love (2017)

Drama The Eternal Love

Trailer The Eternal Love

The Eternal Love was first broadcasted in 2017 and became a hot issue. It was appreciated by the film-lover community. The Second daughter of the Qu family Qu Tan Er (Liang Jie) suddenly had two personalities after her unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide. Sometimes she was gentle but sometimes she was wild, it felt like there were two different people co-existing in one body. Obeying the request of the elders, Qu Tan Er got married to the 8th prince of Dongyue Kingdom Mo Liancheng (Xing Zhaolin). At first, Liancheng was always suspicious, alert and found ways to try her heart. The open-minded and innocent personality of Qu Xiaotan (the second personality of Qu Tan Er) made Mo Liancheng gradually put aside his precaution and fell in love with her. The conflict between two different personalities inside Tan Er led to many unexpected situations. New actors/actresses, beautiful and young, their good acting together with good script helps The Eternal Love to steal the audience's hearts.

Perfect Couple (2013)

Perfect Couple 2013

Perfect Couple content

Perfect Couple was broadcast in 2013, with the participation of famous and talented actors/actresses such as Huo Chien Hwa and Tang Yang. The two most powerful families in the capital, Jin Family and Jiang family had an engagement. The young mistress Jiang Xiao Xuan ran away to avoid the marriage. The girl Yu Qi Ling wanted to investigate an event then was accidentally misunderstood, becoming the new replaced bride of the Jin Family. Originally being a female wanderer and not familiar to the manners, living a noble life created many funny situations for Yu Qi. However, the film is also emotional due to the suffering scenes between the male and female leads. If you are sensitive, it will be easy to shed tears to watch these scenes. A good, thrilling and charismatic drama is a right choice to enjoy.

Lascivious Lady (2019)

Lascivious Lady Casts


Trailer Lascivious Lady

Lascivious Lady tells the story about a modern girl, Lin Luo Jing, who traveled into the historical game. To come back to her world, she must complete the task of finding the true love of her life. In the game, Luo Jing was a daughter of the prime minister, and was engaged. The film is the wedding first, love later category, that is a factor leading to many humorous scenes. Lascivious Lady does not pay too much attention to the acting. Shining beautiful and handsome characters and amusing situations are the key to creat the attraction for the drama. The lead female Jade Cheng is cute, intelligent, and lovely. The eye-catching male casts with extreme beauty such as Alen Fang, Yu Kai Ning, Li Hao, Qiu Hao Xuan, can satisfy the fan girls, no wonder make the lead female fascinated. Lascivious Lady is a great screen work that brings you moments of relaxation, entertainment and lots of laughter.

Most marry first love later dramas are funny or painful at first but sweet later that makes viewers want to fall in love also. Love is very unpredictable. There are people who seem not suitable, but finally they turn out to be the pieces of us. So, can it be called fate to become husband and wife? The article Top 10 marry first love later Chinese will bring you such unexpected and dreamlike destinies. Have fun watching dramas.
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