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Top 6 touching movies about animals you should not miss

Not only does the emotional topic of human beings have been well received, but also the films that exploit the topic of animals have marked an impression with the audience. Especially when they help humans understand the emotional world of animals and love as their friends. If you are a person who loves animals, don't miss the top 6 animal-inspired films below.

Lassie Come Home (1943)

Top 6 touching movies about animals you should not miss

Lassie goes home to be a film about Lassie dog's loyalty

Lassie Come Home Official Trailer

Lassie Come Home is considered to be one of the best animal motion films of all time, despite being screened since 1943.
The film revolves around the power of the way home throughout a long journey of the dog Lassie when sold to the wealthy noble family when the old owner falls into a distraught scene. With her loyalty, intelligence, the dog also helps the old host family overcome poverty.
The film conveves the message of dog loyalty to their employer and suggests her mind, the power that transcends all difficulties in life.

Free Willy (1993)

Rescue Willy transmitting animal protection messages by returning them to the wild

Free Willy (1993) Official Trailer

Free Willy is a dynamic movie that goes deep into the boy's 12-year-old Jesse and the Willy whale specializing in a marine park.
The great success of the film is the successful transmission of animal protection messages across the globe.
Especially after the film's end has aroused the wave of freedom for the whale to play the main role in the film. In it, many children have also dropped their savings in favor of the project to drop the fish about with nature.

Eight Below (2006)

Eight Below is about the survival war of brave dogs that have been left behind in Antarctica

Eight Below (2006) Official Trailer

Eight Below is the film that touched the viewer by engaging content and charismatic details.
The film tells the story of the three-man meteorological research group and 8 snow dogs to Antarctica to do research duties. Due to a few incidents occurring, although 1 member in the group is out of the air, 8 dogs remain abandoned for the cold Antarctic.
Here, they have been with their courage and intelligence to gain a life of over 175 days. Even trying to break the chain to easily flee from the snowflakes and search for scarce food, unite with the living days later.

Hachiko – A Dog’s Tale (2009)

Hachi - A Dog’s Tale tears viewers' eyes with its faithful dog image

Hachiko is a movie inspired by a true story in Japan taking away many of the eyes of the viewer. The Japanese people also erected Hachi Ko's live monument at the station where he waited for his employer and held the annual memorial ceremony.
A dog's Tale is a movie about Hachi produced by Hollywood Cinema of the loyal dog of Professor Parker. Every day when the professor went to the train station always had the dog go behind to greet goodbye, time about Hachi to the station and pick him up.
Until one day, Professor Parker died of a sudden heart attack, Hachi left to eat many days after his funeral and still came to the station to wait for each dimension. Despite being through many new owners, the dog would still sneak to the station to wait for the former owner.
Finally, after many years, one day he discovered that he died in the alley near the station.

War Horse (2011)

The horse promotes affection between humans and animals despite sacrificing oneself

War Horse (2011) Trailer

The battle was built during World War I in western England. The film is mainly about the affection of the boy Albert and his horse Joey as two companion.
But one day Joey was sold to the army for the battlefield. Not dropping his friend, Albert also sacrificed himself in deciding to enlist to find his friend Joey.
Eventually with sincere affection, the two were reunited after many war winds split. The film is a view of the emotional loyalty behind an animal after the brave sheath.

Dumbo (2019)

Dumbo touched with the maternal love of animals

Dumbo Official Trailer

The elephant of Flying is an American film inspired by Walt Disney's work as well as the debut of the year 1941.
The film revolves around the 1 circus after World War 2, a man who used to be the point of the circus back from the battlefield to the lost arm. He was tasked with caring for a pregnant elephant.
More dramatic, the elephant born Dumbo is capable of flying with a strange pair of ears discovered and becoming the new point of the circus.
It is a high-altitude film between the mother-elephant Dumbo when they are separated by the desire for human money. From there, it gives viewers a perfect sense of the emotional cord between the animals and draws the lesson for animal protection.
Top 6 of the best animal motion films of all time above will surely help you to understand and feel more sympathetic about the surrounding animals. Don't forget to share with your relatives, friends!

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